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Okay, Now Y'all Done & Gone Did IT !! I'm hungry for CANDY. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 2017
A hundred bucks to get off? 4 Scary Red Apr 2017
Hyper-feminized American men are not growing: Estrogen or just the weak ones breeding? 7 Shkreli Apr 2017
Female menstrual cycle in a dish 1 Troll2 Mar 2017
What about intersex and androgyny? 7 Scary Red Mar 2017
Olberman bucking for an intervention 6 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
I hope 4DDonny is watching "The Dr's" on NBC right now... 1 frankt8242 Mar 2017
'I know they are going to die.' Trehis foster father takes in only terminally ill children 6 AmandaCMatthews Mar 2017
Coming soon to a neighborhood near you...West Nile Virus. 3 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2017
Could a soy heavy vegan diet be causing hypogonadism on left wing folks?? 6 Shkreli Feb 2017
China urges Japan to explain its Fukushima plan amid reports of lethal levels of radiation 13 AmandaCMatthews Feb 2017
Baby brain scans may reveal autism risk: study 5 Troll2 Feb 2017
Mental Health Professionals Declare Trump is Mentally Ill And Must Be Removed 31 fishlore Feb 2017
What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash 11 Boadicea Feb 2017
How much overhyped, overpriced education does a woman need to be a good mom? 2 Shkreli Feb 2017
cvs introduces lower priced alternative to epipen 3 rampartb Jan 2017
Got my x-rays back. The source of my cough is worse than I thought. 7 It Guy Jan 2017
The story of a solitary marijuana plant of an 81-year-old grandmother. 13 PrimeCustodian Jan 2017
Look, if you are going to claim to be a "mental health professional" and remote diagnose 5 Shkreli Jan 2017
BREAKING N.E.W.S.: Trump has renamed his ACA replacement, Healthcare for Everyone, renamed hence 2 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2017
Volunteers Wanted for PTSD Study of Treatment Some Call a Miracle 1 sargentodiaz Nov 2016
So, howcum when I saw this article, I thought of this place? 3 Scary Red Nov 2016
Is it normal for a cortisone shot to act like Viagra? 10 wonderwarthog Nov 2016
Potatoes and cereals are health risk, while dairy is good for you, says new study 15 Aldar Nov 2016
Daily Cup of Coffe could keep you from going BLIND 9 Da Mannn Nov 2016
Making a killing under Obamacare: Insurance companies are reaping massive profits 10 Attila Gorilla Nov 2016
Have humans already created the next plague? 1 Attila Gorilla Nov 2016
Flu shot age question 16 def_con5 Oct 2016
Clinton Global Initiative made secret deal with Big Pharma to keep AIDS drug prices high 21 AmandaMatthews Oct 2016
prostate cancer treatment linked to dementia 0 orson Oct 2016
Are You Suffering from this DELUSION 6 sentient_simian Oct 2016
FLESH EATING WORMS return to FLORIDA 1 wonderwarthog Oct 2016
Hurricane Matthew in Cuba 2 sargentodiaz Oct 2016
Remember boys and girls that when Hurricane Matthew hits the east coast ... 1 PrimeCustodian Oct 2016
Have you known anyone thats had a 4 hour erection? (Poll) 11 Xray Sep 2016
G-d ! For What Happens Next ... I need to exercise. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2016
Pneumonia Vaccination...I just want to say thank you to President-to-be Clinton for this- 8 graham4anything4HC45 Sep 2016
The alleged pedaphile that thinks he is above the law. 24 DDKick Sep 2016
Interesting how something is called an epidemic 1 DDKick Sep 2016
WTF is wrong with Hillarys left eye? 10 Gunslinger201 Sep 2016
US teens often forced to trade sex work for food, study finds 9 AmandaMatthews Sep 2016
Space hopper-sized tumour weighing 68lbs removed from woman's stomach 0 Bronxbomber Sep 2016
Learned how to administer Narcan today 25 wonderwarthog Sep 2016
Can someone with some medical knowledge please fill me in? 2 Currentsitguy Sep 2016
Blue Lenses are for seizure protection 7 Gunslinger201 Sep 2016
Matching lens color to your activity 1 Agent_86 Sep 2016
My understanding is pneumonia has two types of infection: 8 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2016
Valium addiction? 1 id-entity Sep 2016
I was admonished for not warning about a potential triggering from pictures in one of my presentatio 15 His Daughter Sep 2016
DEA looking to justitfy its existance. As pot becomes legal they need new things to focus on 7 DDKick Sep 2016
Last post about this 5 Bushmaster330 Sep 2016
14 million people will pay the fine to stay out of Obamacare this year 1 oflguy Sep 2016
Update: My wife's surgery did NOT exactly fail 8 Currentsitguy Sep 2016
State Scrutinizing Detroit Medical Center After Report 8 AmandaMatthews Aug 2016
Because Mosquetoe starts with Mosque ...... 4 sentient_simian Aug 2016
Conspiracy – engineered mosquitoes. 4 sentient_simian Aug 2016
Somebody needs to ask Hillary what was cut out of her mouth 12 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
Breakthrough as scientists create first drug to halt Alzheimer's disease 10 Troll2 Aug 2016
Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds 3 AmandaMatthews Aug 2016
RFID Chip will poison and kill you!!! 8 sentient_simian Aug 2016
Free shots at gay bars. 8 outside Aug 2016
It's official, my wife's surgery has failed 47 Currentsitguy Aug 2016
I Went to the Gym Today 4 wonderwarthog Aug 2016
Boy born with no Eyelids, Dr uses Foreskin Tissue 4 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
Flossing teeth does little good, investigation finds as US removes recommendation from health advice 6 Troll2 Aug 2016
Some ruminations on the state of US emergency medicine 1 His Daughter Jul 2016
the population will be reduced 11 sentient_simian Jul 2016
Does Marijuana have beneficial health benefits.? 4 gonzoland Jul 2016
Using Ecstasy to Cure PTSD? 7 sargentodiaz Jul 2016
Mentally Ill People Dealing With "Sane" People's Violence 2 Barefoot Dancer Jul 2016
Hallucinogens Like Psilocybin For Mental Illness Treatment 3 Barefoot Dancer Jul 2016
Study Shows Why Stress Triggers Depression In Some, Resilience In Others 3 Let it go Jul 2016
Studies find 'Super Bacteria' in Rio's  Olympic venues, top beaches 9 Gamle-ged Jul 2016
Idiots take their kid to the emergency room for a small cut on a finger, get billed $629 21 shortviking Jul 2016
I'm OK with Asians being smarter than me! (biologically speeaking of course) 9 goodwords Jun 2016
Young Docs Shun Primary Care 3 sargentodiaz Jun 2016
No More Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine 22 Boadicea Jun 2016
Transgender Persons are Struggling Psychologically 8 Lloyd Jun 2016
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