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Parents May Pass Down More Than Just Genes, Study Suggests 2 Let it go Dec 2015
I've been sick this week but missed work only yesterday, w/ flu from he'll. 2 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2015
Cops hunt for six-year-old girl kidnapped for organ trafficking 1 AmandaMatthews Dec 2015
Utah hosptial reduced costs and reduced patients time in hospital. Bypass cost cut 30% 1 Starbux Nov 2015
Does anyone have experience with Lovenox? 8 Sheherazade Nov 2015
I believed we would face an antibiotics apocalypse - until now 2 AmandaMatthews Nov 2015
Texas women are inducing their own abortions 19 Attila Gorilla Nov 2015
Study Finds More Evidence Coffee Can Be a Life-Saver 8 Let it go Nov 2015
Alarming Study Reveals 3 Women Die Every Day in America--From Childbirth 20 Argentina Nov 2015
A New Ingredient In Some Peanut Butters Is Deadly To Dogs 17 Jack Burton Nov 2015
As a sure sign of changes in the Canadian Political Landscape, here's the Order of the Day. 6 PrimeCustodian Nov 2015
CEO Richard Master Masterminds Full Medicare for All 3 ArkieLiberal Nov 2015
Tapeworm pulled from man's brain ... 3 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 2015
If you're required to take a piss test for drugs, can you demand the results be sent 12 brewens1 Nov 2015
The plague stopped here 1 Agent_86 Nov 2015
Oops he did it again 2 Gunslinger201 Oct 2015
Missed Treatment: Soldiers With Mental Health Issues Dismissed For 'Misconduct' 10 Attila Gorilla Oct 2015
How to be a healthy cannibal (And avoid Prion Disease) 0 Bronxbomber Oct 2015
How to make your own Red Bull™ : 0 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2015
Flu Shot wooooooooooo 23 RattyG Oct 2015
Price-Gouging Pharma CEO Fuming As Rival Creates $1 Alternative AIDS Drug 18 Runner Dude Oct 2015
LBJ's Pedernale Terlingua Red Chili ... 2 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2015
Type 2 Diabetes? Red Wine for Dinner 6 sargentodiaz Oct 2015
Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey critically ill in deterioration that shocks experts 1 Thorson Oct 2015
So I'm about to punch thousands of holes into my skin with needles! Ask me anything! 27 Immacolata Oct 2015
Pharma Giant Funded their Own Study Claiming Drug Was Safe for Kids — It was Actually Deadly 12 Attila Gorilla Oct 2015
Smokers - how do you deal with your butts? 23 akaConcernedCanuk Oct 2015
Exercise in a Pill? Drugs show promise in mice. Cure for Fat? 10 Da Mannn Oct 2015
Does the pathological desire on the left for endless data points indicate a lack of judgement? 10 goodwords Oct 2015
Days later, and looking at the prevailing patterns of these rare but shocking mass shootings: 4 goodwords Oct 2015
Holy cow we have a pretty serious gang problem! How do we pacify these communities? HT Pug-ly!! 0 goodwords Oct 2015
Has anyone noticed or commented at how er.."hefty" the students at the Oregon school are? 18 goodwords Oct 2015
‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli gouged kids with kidney disease before ripping off 7 AmandaMatthews Sep 2015
Question: Does anyone on this site have what is known as Neuropathy? 35 joefriday6 Sep 2015
Demonstrated effects of soy in the modern diet. 2 goodwords Sep 2015
Desperate parents driving national demand for medical marijuana 9 Boadicea Sep 2015
Cara Delevingne models bra for women who have undergone mastectomies 3 LaughingGull Sep 2015
Company hikes price 5,000% for drug that fights complication of AIDS, cancer 4 Attila Gorilla Sep 2015
Noted left wing publication Salon provides positive air cover for paedophiles. From today. 5 goodwords Sep 2015
This message was self-deleted by its author 24 Slayer Sep 2015
Growing a penis at 12: the 'Guevedoce' boys of the Dominican Republic 3 Let it go Sep 2015
Fascinating study: Inuit Study Adds Twist to Omega-3 Fatty Acids’ Health Story 11 Hypothesis Sep 2015
Don’t let lobbyists decide what your children eat at school 2 News2Me Sep 2015
Practical knowledge you won't get in school 3 rahtruelies Sep 2015
Has anyone had a mesh hernia repair? 15 Sheherazade Sep 2015
Extreme preemies make survival gains, 20-year study finds 0 Boadicea Sep 2015
10-year-old’s brain damaged after bug spray 7 akaConcernedCanuk Sep 2015
Shingles....a heads up. 29 Sassyspop Sep 2015
Barefoot Dancer has passed away 10 NO_NO_DOWN_BADBOY Aug 2015
The 12 most ludicrous ideas about women’s health from the GOP field 3 smokingman Aug 2015
Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets 8 Gamle-ged Aug 2015
Can someone please explain what is happening in this ad pic? 12 shortviking Aug 2015
Monsanto Has Known for Nearly 35 Years That GMOs Promote Cancer 8 Ms.Eloriel Aug 2015
Cadillac Tax: A Portion of Obamacare Both Parties Hate 0 Gamle-ged Aug 2015
Save a life. Donate blood. 8 Jack Burton Aug 2015
Ever wonder why there are so many "Humira" commercials on TV...?? 7 frankt8242 Aug 2015
Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines 7 Runner Dude Aug 2015
Ebola vaccine is proving to be 100% effective, hopefully ending deadly scourge 3 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2015
Can sleep explain why black Americans die younger than white Americans? 4 Let it go Jul 2015
Julia Child Chicken 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 2015
Blacksburg principal found not guilty of assaulting student 2 LaughingGull Jul 2015
Okay, I'm hungry ... Red Fred Chili Pie Recipe 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 2015
ACA ... is it possible to browse prices and policies? 2 M41 Jul 2015
Why your pills may be making you angry 1 Gamle-ged Jul 2015
I debated whether or not to post this here but... 27 Immacolata Jul 2015
Brooklyn’s Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest person at 115, thanks sleep for long life 2 Bronxbomber Jul 2015
Vegetarians actually do live longer 5 R2D42 Jul 2015
10 careers with the most psychopaths per capita 13 Hypothesis Jul 2015
The Cost of a Cancer Diagnosis (8 months so far) 6 metroins Jul 2015
Don't Read if You're a Liberal. WOO heavy post - Banned Foods Americans Are Still Eating 12 OMG...JustLookAtThis Jun 2015
Want Better Bowel Movements? Squat, Don’t Sit! 11 joefriday6 Jun 2015
Purify Your System With the Seven-Day Chili Dog Cleanse 5 R2D42 Jun 2015
I have a catfood container with a warning label. 9 Agent_86 Jun 2015
Chips can kill: Official -- Killjoy food boffins issue fried spud acrylamide warning 0 Troll2 Jun 2015
Kristin’s 69-Pound Weight Loss: Food 'No Longer Controls Me' 2 Boadicea Jun 2015
Anyone ever had a tear in their Medial (Interior) Meniscus? 26 MountainDew Jun 2015
Your food is killing you 44 Ms.Eloriel May 2015
Personalized medicine could mean big business for D.C.-area companies 0 Hypothesis May 2015
This message was self-deleted by its author 24 Boadicea May 2015
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