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I wish all the best to everyone here, 36 Attera 1 hr ago
capitalism as a looting machine 15 rampartb 2 hrs ago
Pinboy3Niner of D.U. has died 34 wonderwarthog 8 hrs ago
Happy Birthday, Melanija Knavs! 3 Bubba 10 hrs ago
Hi neighbor 3 oflguy 19 hrs ago
What's for dinner? 12 Muddling Through 21 hrs ago
So pretty 0 oflguy 23 hrs ago
What are your vacation plans for this year? 18 Runner Dude Yesterday
How come none of you "goody 2 shoes" admins have emerged 27 Attera Monday
Something is terribly wrong in my state. Learned of another tragic death. 11 RATFINK_5.0 Monday
Vacation 8 D26-15 Sunday
Vegan hot dogs made out of carrots? Does it work? 39 Immacolata Sunday
Bruce Jenner Lops off his manhood and plans to pose...NUDE. 8 Da Mannn Saturday
RIP my precious puppydo, Jakey. 10-11/04 - 4/16/17 2:15 pm 19 bernt-toast Friday
Help please...Free online photo album site 5 bernt-toast Wednesday
Every MAN I know has a mother. Probably a sister or a daughter too . 19 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 18
Flagship Detroit, waiting for takeoff. 6 Agent_86 Apr 18
What a Wonderful World 4 MedusasRage Apr 18
I have 90 min. to Mow My Lawn starting in 15 min. Storm coming, sun setting ... 7 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 18
Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck 26 bernt-toast Apr 17
The latest DUmmie gofundme scam 19 MumblyPeg Apr 17
why am i "strangely silent" about how muslims treat gays 9 rampartb Apr 17
Happy Easter Monday 3 Cold Warrior Apr 17
This is different... 2 Immacolata Apr 15
Science helps verify an unbelievable Holocaust escape account 1 MumblyPeg Apr 15
Aww, April is having her baby............ 1 quad489 Apr 15
Came home from emergency visit to vet a short while ago... 18 bernt-toast Apr 14
Not United Airlines first rough handling incident 14 Gunslinger201 Apr 13
Charlie Murphy Dead at 57 After Leukemia Battle 1 MumblyPeg Apr 12
has trump called anyone an islamic terrorist lately? 4 rampartb Apr 12
Reports: Caitlyn Jenner's new memoir says she had sex-change surgery 3 Gunslinger201 Apr 12
Gramps sees color for the first time..... 7 Boadicea Apr 12
J. Geils found dead. 5 KAT Apr 12
Got ready for some serious brewing this weekend 6 Currentsitguy Apr 11
I love this quilt! 7 Immacolata Apr 11
Kids playing in the street 1 Magyar Heidinn Apr 10
feral child raised by monkees in india? (Poll) 9 rampartb Apr 9
Pretty blue and white bowls 6 Immacolata Apr 9
Alright. Let's settle this shit right now. (Poll) 17 Daves Not Here Man Apr 9
Went to big annual gun show last wknd. Disappointed ! 5 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 9
How to escape a zip tie in less than a minute 10 Boadicea Apr 8
Goldman Sachs says mining platinum from asteroids is a realistic way for bankers to earn BILLIONS 2 def_con5 Apr 7
Don Rickles has died. 6 outside Apr 6
I want to make a powerpoint presentation for my son's wedding with this song but he does not want it 9 oflguy Apr 6
Who are the worst: (Poll) 19 Attera Apr 4
An associate died during DFW approach. 6 Agent_86 Apr 4
Is anyone on here involved in insurance 12 Ravenquills Apr 4
OMG it got Grandma! 3 Gunslinger201 Apr 4
I'm in Baltimore for the week. 6 Daves Not Here Man Apr 4
GENIUS See This Incredible Artist Draw a Whole City From Memory 6 Boadicea Apr 3
I love the night, rain, winds, clouds, storms, lightning.. 1 Attera Apr 3
Gorgeous quilt set! 4 Immacolata Apr 1
The most expensive, BY FAR, hobby I have is: 15 Shkreli Mar 30
What is the easiest/cheapest way to ship freight cross country? 13 The Center Holds Mar 30
Robo and SCAM phone callers 2 MumblyPeg Mar 30
will a wall or effective barrier to immigration be built in the next century? (Poll) 7 rampartb Mar 30
The closer you get to the truth, the louder the shrieking gets... 3 Shkreli Mar 29
So what'cha doin' tonight? 6 Currentsitguy Mar 29
Cool, I just spoke to Buzz Aldrin. 4 Agent_86 Mar 29
The house next door has succumbed to progress. 15 Agent_86 Mar 29
"Sovereign Citizens" 3 msv Mar 28
Headless Uber involved in crash (Poll) 6 def_con5 Mar 28
I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints 8 Cold Warrior Mar 27
An Ode to Palinka 13 Cold Warrior Mar 26
A beautiful sunny day in London 3 Cold Warrior Mar 26
I want to thank EVERYONE for their kind thoughts. My Pop underwent FIVE hours of surgery today. 20 JaimeBondoJr Mar 25
Best sentiment ever 0 Cold Warrior Mar 25
Former Boston Drummer Sib Hashian Dead at 67 0 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Take a flight on the last commercial 707 6 Currentsitguy Mar 24
Thursday Smile Break-Boy With Vitiligo Befriends Dog With Similar Condition 1 Gunslinger201 Mar 23
anybody wanna argue about the Oxford comma? (Poll) 16 i verglas Mar 23
By Returning To Farming's Roots, He Found His American Dream 6 Boadicea Mar 22
Warren Zevon already predicted it. Lawyers, Guns & Money & Ruskies too: 2 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 22
A river in Georgia was suspected of harboring a large "sea monster" 1 oflguy Mar 21
A river in Georgia was suspected of harboring a large "sea monster" 0 oflguy Mar 21
Dang, I come in here and scroll the topics 3 Gunslinger201 Mar 21
NS Woman dies and leaves 300 descendants 9 gowiththrottleup Mar 21
For Every View of This Video, Purina Will Donate One Pound of Food to an Animal Shelter 5 It Guy Mar 20
For over 40 Years, This Guy Photographed the Same Buildings as he Watched them Decline 7 Boadicea Mar 20
shrekli calls for a lower standard of living to perpetuate prosperity and flourish 17 rampartb Mar 20
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