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Update on my BIL and the corona 8 Boadicea 1 hr ago
In honor of out 1st month of "stay at home" 1 Currentsitguy 2 hrs ago
Now I'm an idiot 1 def_con5 12 hrs ago
Tin Pot dictators 3 def_con5 12 hrs ago
Thanks all (mole on my arm) 6 def_con5 23 hrs ago
Did I miss something? 4 imwithfred Yesterday
Need some Advice... 25 Solesurvivor Yesterday
Welcome my Grand Nephew into this world :) 6 Solesurvivor Yesterday
1st Hand Sanitizer run just about done 13 Currentsitguy Tuesday
My Niece is going into labor :( 9 Solesurvivor Monday
Big Grip Blue Shop Towels work in home made masks 7 Butchie_T Monday
My family is coming to visit 27 His Daughter Monday
Police break up funeral for Brooklyn rabbi... 1 RCW2014 Sunday
Louisiana church holds services, defying coronavirus stay-at-home order 0 RCW2014 Sunday
When the sun shines it shines bright. Three Steyrs at once! 4 Magyar Heidinn Sunday
Stats in My Neck of the Woods-NC 4 HerasHeaddress Sunday
How I spent my weekend 8 wonderwarthog Friday
The good ole days 3 foia Friday
Oh Noes! Semi tractor-trailer carrying toilet paper catches fire 5 Gunslinger201 Friday
This press conference is what it looks like when.... 4 Butchie_T Thursday
My circle is getting tighter 11 Boadicea Thursday
My wife's hospital just fired all their nurses 11 def_con5 Mar 31
Ohio gas 97 cents California gas 3.70. 4 joefriday6 Mar 30
How many gloves, masks, wipes, sanitizers, etc. to stock? 4 fools_gold Mar 29
Parents refuse to let 21 year old back in house after kid insists on spring break trip 2 Let it go Mar 29
Louis has an Apple product repair channel and he lives in New York... 3 It Guy Mar 27
We had our first bozos by the house today 10 His Daughter Mar 26
Maybe the hoarders are sated 0 def_con5 Mar 25
Hope the Shooters here were able to stock up on supplies. 8 Magyar Heidinn Mar 25
PSA: Good Hand washing tutorial 6 Solesurvivor Mar 25
A chat with the night doctor 3 def_con5 Mar 24
today in the South 3 Boadicea Mar 24
My wife had a tough time last night 4 def_con5 Mar 24
Started watching SIX on Hulu this evening. 0 Magyar Heidinn Mar 23
Hooray, the lines are gone 1 def_con5 Mar 22
My favorite Roger's song 2 def_con5 Mar 21
Wal-MArt pick up 4 def_con5 Mar 20
Looking glass. 0 outside Mar 20
DC Restaurant Delivers Free Steak Dinners to Trapped Seniors Ellie BufkinEllie BufkinPosted: Mar 1 0 def_con5 Mar 19
I'm self quarantining UPDATE 3 Summer Mar 19
What are your plans if they quarantine everyone at home? 20 Boadicea Mar 18
We old folks might die from the Pandemic 5 def_con5 Mar 18
If you could forget about a book you read or series of books which ones would they be? 9 Solesurvivor Mar 17
Haha I love Mel Brooks. 2 Let it go Mar 17
A good time today. 2 Magyar Heidinn Mar 15
Might be arrested Sunday 9 def_con5 Mar 14
Report from the front lines 2 def_con5 Mar 14
Outbreak is popular on Netflix so Im watching it... 2 It Guy Mar 14
OTOH, my daughter is getting rich 0 def_con5 Mar 13
People are really starting to panic 10 def_con5 Mar 13
Grin and bear it 3 def_con5 Mar 12
History repeats itself - 100 yrs ago Stanley cup playoffs were cancelled 2 akaConcernedCanuk Mar 12
MGM to temporarily close Vegas buffets as virus precaution 2 RCW2014 Mar 12
Tomorrow, Hell shows its face! 3 joefriday6 Mar 9
6 Years old! SIX! 4 Gunslinger201 Mar 8
Agoraphobia setting in in many cities, including mine. 6 joefriday6 Mar 8
Took a nostalgic journey back to my childhood today. I found this on Amazon, it's back 6 Currentsitguy Mar 7
Now here is a bouncy DU can be proud of 5 Butchie_T Mar 7
Anyone deal with custody hearings? 12 Solesurvivor Mar 6
PSA: 1800Pedmeds offers a generic FrontlinePlus 2 bernt-toast Mar 5
Shed hunting and a little roe venison. 1 Magyar Heidinn Mar 3
How to post a controversial post without fear of a hide 7 Cold Warrior Mar 2
Day 40 6 Cold Warrior Mar 1
Just had one of those locust like were in Africa and now in China land on my front screen door. 9 joefriday6 Mar 1
Dinner, Mmmm - Reverse seared Ribeye Steak! 8 Spitfire Mar 1
Does anyone else constantly type wrong spelling 12 DDKick Feb 29
A serious question of ethics 17 Cold Warrior Feb 29
Missing Members: Grateful Bread 0 Cold Warrior Feb 28
Hate that empty feeling... 6 Solesurvivor Feb 27
What I learned about DI today 8 Cold Warrior Feb 27
Update on cousin in Italy 6 Solesurvivor Feb 26
Richard Grenell now highest-ranking openly gay official in US government history 4 Butchie_T Feb 26
How insecure is a poster who 6 Cold Warrior Feb 26
Now i'm getting concerned 8 Solesurvivor Feb 25
Got me again Chuckie 1 Cold Warrior Feb 25
Day 35 4 Cold Warrior Feb 24
Dangerous games: US NUKES Russia in mini exercise attended by Pentagon chief 2 RCW2014 Feb 23
Why do you love or hate America? 9 Boadicea Feb 22
KFC Apologizes for 'Sexist' Ad that shows young boys staring at woman's breasts (Australia) 7 Gunslinger201 Feb 20
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