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It's starting!!!! 21 Boadicea 58 min ago
Solar eclipse map 6 Boadicea 5 hrs ago
Today's the total eclipse and I'm directly in its path. 2 Immacolata 5 hrs ago
Might be here a lot less for a while 32 wonderwarthog 17 hrs ago
Eclipse plans? 19 Stars 17 hrs ago
Kudzu!! 23 Tolk 22 hrs ago
I knew this was going to happen 7 imwithfred Yesterday
the Super Chief (1951) 0 imwithfred Saturday
Pilot flies 750 miles to save Dog with 24 hours to live 5 Gunslinger201 Friday
If we continue discrimination, this is where we wind up 7 Attera Thursday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Boadicea Thursday
Roofing contractor is a winner! 11 bernt-toast Thursday
Be the hammer 6 Cold Warrior Thursday
So I've pretty much confirmed my father is dead 2 bernt-toast Thursday
Genealogy question 4 Boadicea Wednesday
Light rain 3 Grateful Bread Wednesday
It's a Beautiful Day 3 Grateful Bread Tuesday
I made dinner tonight 19 orson Tuesday
IMO, I thought it nice Trump @ least went through the motions to appear as conciliatory. 3 RATFINK_5.0 Tuesday
Looking at all this shit going on all over. 3 Grateful Bread Tuesday
Don't mess with this bus driver. 1 Daves Not Here Man Monday
Want! Vegan purse: 9 Immacolata Monday
Heather Heyer, God Bless & Godspeed this Gentle Soul. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Monday
Hatch Chilis - Gardening question 11 Grateful Bread Aug 13
"a rich man's war and a poor man's fight." 3 rampartb Aug 13
Is it really a "bloody Mary" if you don't use Tabasco sauce... (Poll) 5 RCW2014 Aug 13
Eight days a week 6 Agent_86 Aug 12
Heart wrenching picture of devastating crash. NSFW 7 Daves Not Here Man Aug 11
The Letter by Mary Cassatt 4 Immacolata Aug 11
Man and baby lions - holding kisses and cuddles 1 Attera Aug 10
Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S. 38 orson Aug 10
Man Broken Hearted from a Breakup Finds Stray Kitten Meowing Outside His Door for Help... 5 Attera Aug 9
105 in Austin today. If you graph temp versus time here, 26 Aldar Aug 9
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 Attera Aug 9
Gun afficianados : what is a "replica"??? 32 Attera Aug 9
Anyone know what a F.I.E Miami FL stands for?? 16 Attera Aug 8
Another song I love(d) from Crvena Jabuka x 0 Attera Aug 8
A new high for marijuana 5 orson Aug 8
Intense heat to make human survival difficult in Pakistan by 2100 15 orson Aug 7
This message was self-deleted by its author 7 Aldar Aug 7
I saw the "Dunkirk" movie today! 32 Gunslinger201 Aug 5
An old picture 5 Boadicea Aug 5 2 Immacolata Aug 4
A much cheaper alternative to Kitchenaid 11 Immacolata Aug 4
Pet peeves 13 Boadicea Aug 3
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got my Percutaneous Abdominal Drain out! 19 Currentsitguy Aug 2
So many of you, of us, have been absorbed into politics 10 Attera Aug 1
So I met Nicolas Cage doppelganger last night! 33 Attera Aug 1
Dog & hooman rescued from raging floodwaters in CO 0 bernt-toast Aug 1
Craps. I decided to advertise my shed for sale a few minutes ago 5 bernt-toast Jul 31
changes are needed in corporate governance 29 rampartb Jul 31
Fire in the hole 3 Cold Warrior Jul 31
Thank you from under the Willow Tree 2 Grateful Bread Jul 30
Missing my ex.. :( 8 Attera Jul 30
I put this in life not politics because it is deeper. 9 DDKick Jul 30
Willow tree thoughts 8 Grateful Bread Jul 30
Noritake Jardin Fleuri 7 Immacolata Jul 29
415F - Final Report 6 His Daughter Jul 29
I need a table lamp but this would be something different: 2 Immacolata Jul 29
I need vacation, but can't go away. Looking for netflix movies or books 9 bernt-toast Jul 28
The contractor who was going to re-tile my shed roof is making a mistake 6 bernt-toast Jul 28
The DNA results are in 11 Agent_86 Jul 28
goofy appraisal 7 def_con5 Jul 28
My closet wants this dress! 1 Immacolata Jul 27
Duh. 0 Daves Not Here Man Jul 27
Write the saddest story using only 4 words. 49 Boadicea Jul 27
Let's call this thread # smash 8 Attera Jul 27
Anyone else getting Apple/Amazon phishing emails? 6 Cold Warrior Jul 27
Hammerhead takes on kayaker 3 Daves Not Here Man Jul 26
Man dragged underwater by dangerous predator. 11 Daves Not Here Man Jul 26
Should I go and see Dunkirk? 8 def_con5 Jul 25
HELP!!!!!!!!! The Great Pyranees pup at our shelter is stealing my heart 18 bernt-toast Jul 25
The TRUTH About Universal Healthcare 7 MumblyPeg Jul 25
Gorgeous dining chair 11 Immacolata Jul 25
Has anyone ever wondered what will happen if get hit with a huge EMP?? 25 Attera Jul 24
Living in Austin - Weather Forecast 2 Aldar Jul 22
415F Update 6 His Daughter Jul 22
Please explain any thoughts on this 14 def_con5 Jul 22
Denial is not just a phonetic name of a river 1 Attera Jul 22
Sabado Bueno Siesta Skullz! Time for wakey bakey: Mary Poppins does Death Metal ! 4 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 22
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