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(Warning - Not Political) Out of town this weekend to attend a wedding back in California. 2 His Daughter 3 hrs ago
the world's five most dangerous airlines 2 imwithfred 14 hrs ago
ALERTERS - Educate yourselves! - 13 akaConcernedCanuk 15 hrs ago
A German roofer working on a cathedral found a message in bottle, written by his grandfather 0 Agent_86 Thursday
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 Will Morningstar Wednesday
National Cheeseburger Day! 9 TheShoe Wednesday
Aviation photographs 0 Agent_86 Wednesday
Sigh... We have such a great electric company 10 Currentsitguy Wednesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 28 Will Morningstar Tuesday
I am number four, high school bullying 13 Boadicea Tuesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 15 Will Morningstar Tuesday
i will no longer vote... 7 jimiray Monday
'The pain never ebbs. The tears never dry.' 0 Agent_86 Monday
JEEZ! What a bunch of babies. 2 Charlie Mike Sunday
My sister took her car for free upgrade UPDATE 18 Summer Sunday
Post modern junkies 1 RATFINK_5.0 Sunday
Question to those in the dead zone... 4 MumblyPeg Sep 14
be aware .... Low Spark .... Of High - Heeled Boys ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 13
be aware .... Low Spark .... Of High - Heeled Boys ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 13
Lawyer For Good Samaritan Homeless Man Says All Money From Viral Fundraiser Is Gone 7 RCW2014 Sep 13
Is DI on the way out or being eliminated? 29 MumblyPeg Sep 13
What's being done to help the homeless and sick ahead of Hurricane Florence 0 RCW2014 Sep 13
so tired of the hype 3 def_con5 Sep 12
Hurricane Florence From Space 1 MumblyPeg Sep 11
We were having some work done on the house last week 6 Currentsitguy Sep 11
Tomato time! (Poll) 9 TheShoe Sep 10
Anybody here play Pathfinder or similar RPG games? 2 His Daughter Sep 10
rampart 2 oflguy Sep 10
Dash cam video - Cops caught abusing unarmed man and his wife 14 MumblyPeg Sep 8
ACK! 11 MumblyPeg Sep 8
What drives America now? 4 MumblyPeg Sep 7
Dirty rotten filthy racist black-hating trigger happy good for nothing cops 0 MumblyPeg Sep 7
Hurricane Florence, First Major Storm(CAT 4) Of Atlantic Season, Could Hit East Coast Next Week 1 RCW2014 Sep 7
Beleive this pistol will be added to the collection! 17 Magyar Heidinn Sep 6
No good deed 4 def_con5 Sep 6
Nike products 14 Boadicea Sep 6
I am taking a break. [View all] 65 TM999 Sep 5
English or American lab? 9 TheShoe Sep 4
What's the most awesome historical place you've visited? [View all] 57 fools_gold Sep 4
United healtcare sucks 7 def_con5 Sep 4
What kind of insufferable asshole would make fun of this guy for actually working? 3 MumblyPeg Sep 4
I'm cleaning up... because the [View all] 53 MumblyPeg Sep 3
Three dots (No kidding!) were just alerted as personal attack. Is this O.K.? (Poll) 48 Will Morningstar Sep 3
How many here keep a journal ? 13 fools_gold Sep 3
Whiskey (Poll) 17 TheShoe Sep 2
Sous Vide bison rib eye 8 TheShoe Sep 2
Full Aretha Franklin funeral broadcast details: 2 Will Morningstar Aug 31
I must say that the Aretha Franklin funeral is much more rewarding to watch than 1 RCW2014 Aug 31
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Spanish Ladies Aug 31
Serious question about alerts - I'd like honest input here (Poll) 39 MumblyPeg Aug 30
Woohooo.. House to myself. 9 SatansSon666 Aug 30
I'm not running scared 6 Agent_86 Aug 29
Missouri Enacts Law Protecting Citizens From Unwittingly Buying Fake Meat 11 RCW2014 Aug 29
Seems there is a spike in unhealthy fornication. 9 Magyar Heidinn Aug 29
Kennmore Vs Samsung 13 Solesurvivor Aug 28
Went to an amazing restaurant yesterday that basically serves nothing without Bacon! 2 Currentsitguy Aug 27
Mr. McCain's final public words 7 Agent_86 Aug 27
Taste test review: the "Impossible Burger" 8 Currentsitguy Aug 27
Trial by Fire (Navy Training Film) McCain's Plane was hit by the Zuni Rocket 10 Gunslinger201 Aug 26
A truth 4 Boadicea Aug 26
Blind veteran rowing from California to Hawaii prepares to ride out hurricane 5 Agent_86 Aug 26
Texas Teachers Controversial Homework Policy Draws Fierce Support, Goes Viral 4 RCW2014 Aug 24
An interesting wild cat species in Morocco, which I had never heard of. 6 Nostrings Aug 24
Instant Pot? 7 Currentsitguy Aug 24
Damn, this looks good. MMMMMMMMMM Bacon (and eggs) 3 Currentsitguy Aug 24
Anti-vegan group eating raw meat trolls vegan festival in Netherlands 3 Meowmenow Aug 23
What state has the best peaches? (Poll) 16 TheShoe Aug 23
Damn trees! 2 Currentsitguy Aug 23
So we are on the Keeshond puppy waiting list 12 Currentsitguy Aug 22
Ratfink_5.0 is now upgrading. Allow for download & installment. 'Do you Accept' ? 1 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 22
Crossing into Canada by car 33 Boadicea Aug 22
Can't we all just get along? 7 MumblyPeg Aug 21
Some left over BBQ tri tip over rice 18 His Daughter Aug 20
Whats for supper? 20 Boadicea Aug 20
Father and Son escape from Howe Ridge Fire 3 Gunslinger201 Aug 20
I know that it doesn't matter, but I just lost any respect I had for you when 13 D26-15 Aug 16
"You clothed me when you saw me naked... " 4 wonderwarthog Aug 13
How do you deal with your zucchini? 26 TheShoe Aug 13
Unconditional love 4 Red Bull Aug 12
Question for any current EMS or especially active LEO 2 MumblyPeg Aug 9
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