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Is anyone here on Social Security Disability? 23 Darkness Falls Oct 2014
System of a Down - Chop Suey 3 Attera Oct 2014
19-year-old dies naked on cell floor of gangrene; lawsuits target deaths in Alabama jail 5 Attila Gorilla Oct 2014
Pets Are More Than Just Animals 4 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Nova Scotia, Canada 4 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
EBOLA IS NOT AIRBORNE!! 18 Attera Oct 2014
No one gets left behind -FFDP 0 Attera Oct 2014
Have you ever... 7 Burl Oct 2014
FYI 2 Attera Oct 2014
Air Force Captain's Proposal To NFL Cheerleader Is The Definition Of All-American Sweetness 4 Juan Rico Oct 2014
What Happens When Second Graders Are Treated to a Seven-Course, $220 Tasting Meal 9 Juan Rico Oct 2014
Nature Rules 1 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Ebola and people with boots on the ground. 0 Hypothesis Oct 2014
Your favorite homemade dessert is? 17 Spitfire Oct 2014
Hey Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving! 7 toast-chef Oct 2014
Life's little surprises 1 Jack Burton Oct 2014
NYPD Officer Knocks Out Black Teen for Smoking Cigarette 16 Attila Gorilla Oct 2014
Delicious food I want to make NOW! 12 Immacolata Oct 2014
What keeps you going when things get tough? 24 Attera Oct 2014
Our first date was the last day of his life 4 Iansa Oct 2014
The Texas sheriff does not have ebola 23 Attila Gorilla Oct 2014
I got married! 9 mdmc1 Oct 2014
White woman defends black man from police 7 Attila Gorilla Oct 2014
All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog 3 Spitfire Oct 2014
You Probably Have a Robotic Cooking Machine in Your Kitchen and Don't Know It 11 Dawes Avenue Oct 2014
Country Style Pork Ribs: Simple and easy {Edit: 10/3/2014} Another recipe if you like Mexican food 6 Dixie Oct 2014
One Horrifying Sentence Explains Why Ebola Has Spread So Quickly 8 Attera Oct 2014
Does anyone know what type of snake this is? 15 Attera Oct 2014
Ebola Panic Inches Closer to Hollywood: Possible Patient Rushed to LA Hospital 3 Attera Oct 2014
Ebola Patient's Dog Euthanized Despite Outcry 2 Attera Oct 2014
NYPD Officers Swing on Black 16-Year-Old With His Hands Raised, Hit Him in Face With a Gun (Video) 13 Attila Gorilla Oct 2014
Stunning Drone Photos of Europe 3 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Who will take care of your pet in case you die? 14 Attera Oct 2014
Has anyone ever got security clearance with poor credit? 6 Cute Kitten Eater Oct 2014
Coast Guard rescues man trying to run to Bermuda in inflatable bubble 3 R2D42 Oct 2014
Men and women should have equal rights. 16 Attera Oct 2014
World's Biggest Cave Chamber 0 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
10 Least Visited Countries 0 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Why 2 Wharton Professors Say We Should Lie More Often 1 Troll2 Oct 2014
The UK Exports Chili Peppers? 7 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Sometimes You Have to Be Firm, Thank You Bill 15 Basset Hound Oct 2014
240lb Seattle woman 'broke into man's apartment pinned him down and raped him while he slept' 28 Attera Oct 2014
Ten Eerie GIFs 1 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
To Improve Your Child's Reading – Take Them to the Park 1 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Wrong side of of heaven 0 Attera Oct 2014
Does anyone else feel overwhelmed lately? 14 Attera Oct 2014
This is what obamacare has done for me. 24 Unicorn_Actual Oct 2014
Anybody here like to bbq? 47 birdseyeview Oct 2014
Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Enchiladas with Caramel Drizzle 2 R2D42 Oct 2014
Measuring the Impact of Ebola: Will it Reach 1.4 Million? 1 Attila Gorilla Oct 2014
Why? 33 Jack Burton Oct 2014
Outside Ramstein AFB 1 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Hopefully, Zimmerman wont do any more damage than he has already done. 36 Attera Sep 2014
Who Should I Put On My Jury BlackList?? 25 Bubba Sep 2014
Record Crops in the South – Poor Ones in the North 2 sargentodiaz Sep 2014
Bean dip 16 Immacolata Sep 2014
Highly unhealthy but satisfied. 15 Stars Sep 2014
Confucius Speaks on Poverty and Wealth 2 LaughingGull Sep 2014
I imagine the advice would be much more constructive at DI. 3 MercATC Sep 2014
Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car 12 Juan Rico Sep 2014
Ghost caught on camera at Espanola police station, officer says 11 Attila Gorilla Sep 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 Attera Sep 2014
Scary home invasion picture 13 Attila Gorilla Sep 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Attera Sep 2014
Something has been buggin me about the beheadings. 24 Guyzilla Sep 2014
5 Amazing Powers of Avocados 7 sargentodiaz Sep 2014
Should GMOs and antibiotic feed be banned? (Poll) 34 Attera Sep 2014
Watch the Heartwarming Moment a Lion Recognizes the Man Who Rescued Her 7 Attera Sep 2014
This weekend's read 1 Jack Burton Sep 2014
All these crime news brought back bad memory personally... 2 lebowski_dude Sep 2014
Charging tech devices in Asia 3 mjrr Sep 2014
Dooooom... 5 Dawes Avenue Sep 2014
Book on Che Guevara 4 Jack Burton Sep 2014
Umm.. there is a warning for funnel clouds in my area 15 Attera Sep 2014
Do people lie in surveys? 7 sargentodiaz Sep 2014
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga sing duet 5 Jack Burton Sep 2014
ACA 17 Attera Sep 2014
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