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Don't be such a fucking dishrag! Live by your own rules! [View all] 107 Grateful Bread Jan 2018
Snowflakes, are you listening... [View all] 86 His Daughter Dec 2017
Why would anyone approve of trophy hunting in Africa? [View all] 82 Attera Nov 2017
Fuck this bullshit. [View all] 78 TM999 Sep 26
So Meowmenow is gone... [View all] 66 wonderwarthog Dec 2018
I am taking a break. [View all] 65 TM999 Sep 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author (Poll) [View all] 62 Attera Mar 2017
What's the most awesome historical place you've visited? [View all] 57 fools_gold Sep 2018
Im watching "My 600 lbs life" and keep wondering [View all] 56 Attera May 2017
So.... who's married? How long? Happy? (Poll) [View all] 56 Grateful Bread Jan 2018
Who did it better? (Poll) [View all] 55 Boadicea Jan 2018
I'm cleaning up... because the [View all] 53 MumblyPeg Sep 2018
Just called the cops on my next door neighbor assholes [View all] 52 bernt-toast Sep 2017
Write the saddest story using only 4 words. 49 Boadicea Jul 2017
Anyone who travels thousands of miles, to kill a wild endangered cat is by all means and purposes, 49 Attera Nov 2017
Three dots (No kidding!) were just alerted as personal attack. Is this O.K.? (Poll) 48 Will Morningstar Sep 2018
Son of Cecil the Lion is shot dead by a big game hunter two years after his father was killed 47 Attera Jul 2017
Things Millenials (and younger) will never experience or understand 47 Currentsitguy Feb 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 45 Attera May 2017
Are you happy? 45 Grateful Bread Jun 2017
Question: You open your door and there is a rattlesnake directly in your path (Poll) 45 oflguy Nov 2017
Wonderwarthog may have left the building 45 Butchie_T Jan 2019
So Konservative & i verglas had a duel and they knocked 42 AmandaCMatthews May 2017
I am a straight, white male gun owner. 41 Grateful Bread Jan 2018
Looking to buy a fridge, looking for suggestions 41 Currentsitguy Jul 2019
Gay dads split, one dating daughter's ex BF (Poll) 40 Frankenvoter Nov 22
The Star Spangled Banner...who sings it the best? 40 Tolk Jul 2017
Flu anybody? 40 Summer Jan 2018
Septic systems 40 Solesurvivor Jun 2018
Vegan hot dogs made out of carrots? Does it work? 39 Immacolata Apr 2017
And another season comes to an end... 39 Grateful Bread Jan 2018
Wow - don't know how I missed this. 39 Grateful Bread Dec 2017
What do you do for New Year's? 39 Currentsitguy Jan 2018
PSA: DO NOT advance on police while waving a knife and babbling incoherantly. 39 goodwords Mar 2018
Guilty pleasures 39 Boadicea Jul 2018
Serious question about alerts - I'd like honest input here (Poll) 39 MumblyPeg Aug 2018
fuckin lefty fuckers 39 SatansSon666 Nov 2018
How will you be laid to rest? (Poll) 38 Daves Not Here Man Apr 2017
Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S. 38 orson Aug 2017
<Sigh> My First Hidden Post 38 Bubba Dec 2017
How come none of you "goody 2 shoes" admins have emerged 37 Attera May 2017
A new year 37 Boadicea Jan 2018
We had another unhappy camper group on the property over the weekend. 37 His Daughter Sep 2019
Somebody give Mumbles a tranquilizer 36 Meowmenow Oct 2018
Pinboy3Niner of D.U. has died 34 wonderwarthog Apr 2017
Do you ever get PMs from other DIers? I got these last night. Enjoy! 34 JaimeBondoJr Jan 2018
NYC recommendations please 34 Boadicea Feb 2018
So I met Nicolas Cage doppelganger last night! 33 Attera Aug 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 33 Attera Nov 2017
Crossing into Canada by car 33 Boadicea Aug 2018
Gun afficianados : what is a "replica"??? 32 Attera Aug 2017
I saw the "Dunkirk" movie today! 32 Gunslinger201 Aug 2017
Might be here a lot less for a while 32 wonderwarthog Aug 2017
I'm new and jumped right in so.. 32 SatansSon666 Nov 2017
Synthetic oil 32 Boadicea Nov 2018
Hints on how to start a go fund me? 32 akaConcernedCanuk Feb 2019
Trying to upload a photo 31 Summer Mar 2018
Pulled another Pit Bull out of the hood today 31 Red Bull Jul 2018
What the hell is it with fast food, tomatoes and getting my order right: A rant. 31 Currentsitguy Sep 2018
Going to my first campaign rally today 31 shogun Oct 2018
a reminder to the primitives on Skins's island 31 imwithfred Mar 2019
Standards for food service employees 30 Frankenvoter Apr 2018
What's for supper? 30 Boadicea Jun 2018
Whats for thanksgiving dinner? 30 Boadicea Nov 2018
Disillusioned And Betrayed. 30 Bubba Sep 2019
changes are needed in corporate governance 29 rampartb Jul 2017
Spent all day "evicting" a mouse that had moved INTO our oven 29 Currentsitguy Dec 2017
At long last, I'll be putting a deposit on a puppy this pm.... 29 bernt-toast Apr 2018
Goofy question, to spark some nostalgic conversation. When you were young and poor... 29 Currentsitguy Jun 2018
Is DI on the way out or being eliminated? 29 MumblyPeg Sep 2018
Wow... 9:15PM Eastern YouTube is DOWN 29 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
My 28 Boadicea May 2017
It's starting!!!! 28 Boadicea Aug 2017
One Small Nightmare 28 Grateful Bread Sep 2017
Risen 28 Cold Warrior Apr 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 28 Will Morningstar Sep 2018
So my best buddy has ehlrichia 28 Tolk May 2019
Maybe Human Extinction would be better for the Universe. 27 Social_Justice Jun 2017
Daniel prayed 27 Boadicea Jul 2017
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