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Beliefs have consequences 31 orson 1 hr ago
Gods Top 10 Biggest Screw-Ups 5 Cold Warrior 1 hr ago
A Christian reacts to Stephen Hawking's Death 12 Cold Warrior 1 hr ago
Creationist Science: This is the Sad Reality [View all] 59 Cold Warrior 1 hr ago
Warning 2 Agent_86 9 hrs ago
The perfect answer to a theist 26 Cold Warrior 9 hrs ago
'Christ Cleansing the Temple' by Bernardino Mei (1655) 3 Cyberpunk 10 hrs ago
'Medusa' by Alex Lopez 2 Cyberpunk 11 hrs ago
Ok, ok, ok, 'Creationism' must be taken by faith and cannot be proven. 29 Killdozer 14 hrs ago
In the beginning, there was a singularity, even smaller than a single proton, and it [View all] 61 MumblyPeg 14 hrs ago
Another PSA for Creationists [View all] 105 Cold Warrior 14 hrs ago
Paul, Apostle of Christ: Critics Hate It, the People Love It 2 Cyberpunk 14 hrs ago
'Gethsemane' by Carl Heinrich Bloch 1 Cyberpunk 14 hrs ago
Both Christians and Muslims believe in the Second Coming of Christ... 11 Cyberpunk 19 hrs ago
'Peace Is Coming' by Jon McNaughton 0 Cyberpunk Yesterday
Grace, Repentance, and Good Works [View all] 50 Cold Warrior Yesterday
Beware of the Pied Piper. He plays the tunes you want to hear... 0 Cyberpunk Yesterday
Disconnect - Transcend - Reconnect 0 Cyberpunk Yesterday
Hungarian Politician Warns of Anti-Human 'Global Government' 0 Cyberpunk Yesterday
Illustration from 'The Incal' by Jean Giraud (Moebius) 1 Cyberpunk Yesterday
'Nuada' by Jim FitzPatrick 0 Cyberpunk Thursday
Trump signs Executive Order replacing 6th Commandment. 13 uncledad Thursday
'Star Crash' by Frank Frazetta 2 Cyberpunk Thursday
'The Empire Strikes Back' by Boris Vallejo 1 Cyberpunk Thursday
Chinese Communists Create their own Version of Christianity 5 Strange Luck Thursday
Christians and Jews alike visit grave of 'Jewish saint' in Brazil's Manaus to pray for miracles 1 Strange Luck Thursday
Girls cant get discount on marriage registration fees that boys are entitled to, NGO finds 1 Strange Luck Thursday
What do you hope for in the "afterlife"? ( non-believers plz dont reply) 32 Attera Thursday
“Angel” which saved British troops in WW1 “may have been UFO” 8 Strange Luck Thursday
Did we exist before birth? [View all] 57 Attera Thursday
Austrians worshipped bearded woman 1 Strange Luck Thursday
I keep having dreams about tornadoes 19 Attera Thursday
The second-largest religion in each state 8 Strange Luck Thursday
Is the past postdetermined? (Poll) 6 cilantro Thursday
Interesting quote I came across on twitter today re:god 2 Strange Luck Thursday
Hitler: The Atheist (Video: Some Strong Language) 5 Cold Warrior Wednesday
'Chronicles of Amber' by Boris Vallejo 11 Cyberpunk Tuesday
'Ilian of Garathorm' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Tuesday
'Sword of the Gael' by Melvyn Grant 0 Cyberpunk Tuesday
'King Nuada and his Famous Sword of Light' by Jim FitzPatrick 0 Cyberpunk Tuesday
His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns... 1 Cyberpunk Tuesday
The sad story of Kurt Wise 5 Cold Warrior Tuesday
New American Bible. 22 Bubba Tuesday
The physics of stopping the Sun and Yahweh's Prime Directive 18 Cold Warrior Monday
Go home and know. 1 outside Monday
'Chase the Dragon' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Sunday
War is on the horizon 6 Cyberpunk Sunday
Mary Magdalene 5 Cold Warrior Sunday
Well ... duh, no wonder pork belly prices are so high ! 2 RATFINK_5.0 Sunday
Billy Graham's casket. 4 outside Sunday
Spirit of Renaissance 0 Cyberpunk Saturday
This is a test 0 Cyberpunk Saturday
'St Patrick' by Jim FitzPatrick 0 Cyberpunk Saturday
Hopium 1 Cyberpunk Mar 16
The Dr. Kent Hovind Show - March 15 - 2018 7 Cold Warrior Mar 16
Atheists shouldn't have rights - Fox News 3 Cold Warrior Mar 16
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Cyberpunk Mar 14
The Hydra 5 Cyberpunk Mar 14
Faith... 1 Cyberpunk Mar 14
The Dr. Kent Hovind Show - March 09 - 2018 1 Cold Warrior Mar 13
Fire breathing dragons explained. 8 SatansSon666 Mar 13
"Porn star? What porn star?" 5 orson Mar 13
Could 9/11 have been pulled off by a guy in a cave halfway around the world? No. 5 JaimeBondoJr Mar 13
Calling DU 9/11 Troothers now wandering around DI 1 fszwfnj Mar 12
Sure wish Pres Trump would focus on the important issues... 2 quad489 Mar 12
Special Investigation: Evolution OR Discussing Science with a Creationist 14 Cold Warrior Mar 12
Happy Sunday. Jesus is calling. 2 outside Mar 11
Gods can have fun too. 4 SatansSon666 Mar 11
'You Can Not Pass' by Jian Guo 0 Cyberpunk Mar 11
'In View of Camelot' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Mar 11
On the nature of Yahweh: Ketchup or Mustard. 25 Cold Warrior Mar 10
My Short Story, Tower Of Babel, Now For Sale On Amazon! 6 Bubba Mar 10
Creationists vs. T-rex blood. 7 SatansSon666 Mar 10
Is there free will in heaven? 40 SatansSon666 Mar 8
Top 5 Things I Have Learned About Christianity Here [View all] 102 Cold Warrior Mar 8
The Second Law of Thermodynamics 12 Cold Warrior Mar 7
'Be Watchful' by Rodney Matthews 1 Cyberpunk Mar 6
So does Trump now get people to say stupid stuff for him ? 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 5
There are SIX types of evolution! NSFW 13 Cold Warrior Mar 5
PSA for Creationnists [View all] 61 Cold Warrior Mar 5
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