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Obviously, next crisis is Thermonuclear War Dance ! 6 RATFINK_5.0 4 hrs ago
Revelation of the Method, Predictive Programming and the Prime Directive 3 Cyberpunk 6 hrs ago
But I thought only blacks were slaves... 5 quad489 17 hrs ago
Happy Sunday. 0 outside Yesterday
Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness 15 Cyberpunk Yesterday
I, for one, am certainly looking forward to the future ! 3 RATFINK_5.0 Saturday
Hopelessly Blind, and Stupid and Consumed by Hate 1 Cyberpunk Thursday
Is Jesus a false messiah? 10 SlayerNut Tuesday
Matthew 12:40 a Common Idiom? [View all] 51 rstrats Tuesday
We Have Gone Through the Looking Glass, Alice . . . 0 RATFINK_5.0 Monday
Who REALLY rules the world? (Poll) 6 Cyberpunk Monday
Obviously POTUS Obama is the better man. 6 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 13
Conspiracy theorists believe that many events in the news are staged 13 Cyberpunk Aug 13
Will my haters go to the same hell? Or separate hells (Poll) [View all] 67 Attera Aug 12
A Driver's Liscence is a 'Privilege' , not a 'Right' ! 3 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 12
Strawberry Fields Forever - Restored HD Video 0 Cyberpunk Aug 12
Spiritual Safety Tip 5 Cold Warrior Aug 12
Here we go again. 1 outside Aug 11
"Faith Alone" or "Faith and Works"? (Poll) 10 Cyberpunk Aug 11
Koran vs Bible vs Talmud... Which is the best? (Poll) 12 Cyberpunk Aug 11
Every type of predictive programming is flashing RED for a big war. 9 Cyberpunk Aug 10
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Cyberpunk Aug 10
If you traveled back in time to just before 9/11... 19 Cyberpunk Aug 9
Is Donald Trump Great, or the Greatest? (Poll) 7 Cyberpunk Aug 8
The Awakening Will Not Be Televised... 0 Cyberpunk Aug 8
The balance of power has already shifted to our two main allies 6 Cyberpunk Aug 8
We were lured by the light at the end of the tunnel... 8 Cyberpunk Aug 6
Thesis - Antithesis - Synthesis 3 Cyberpunk Aug 6
The good old way. 1 outside Aug 6
The conspiracy theorists are predicting it's going to be Seattle 12 Cyberpunk Aug 6
Reconquista? 9 Cyberpunk Aug 5
Are U.S. muslims more accepting of homosexuals than white Evangelicals? 36 SlayerNut Aug 5
Are we witnessing politics as a form of Pro Wrestling? 5 Cyberpunk Aug 4
Was Marxism an attempt to replace Christianity 13 Cyberpunk Aug 4
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Cyberpunk Aug 4
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Cyberpunk Aug 3
The Islamization of History 9 steve brown Aug 2
Fat Angel Nork ICBM's Splash down near Air France flightpath 0 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 2
The predictive programming for the next intended event 4 Cyberpunk Aug 2
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Cyberpunk Aug 2
What is LOGOS? 23 Cyberpunk Jul 31
What do the other Abrahamic faiths say about Jesus? 8 Cyberpunk Jul 31
Trump now being used as Alien Contact. Troubled about attention aliens receiving: 4 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 31
California Imam prays for Allah to annihilate the Joos (oopsie, your mask slipped!) 14 Gunslinger201 Jul 30
Happy Sunday from the UK 1 Cold Warrior Jul 30
So now there's the Pastafarians and Flat Earthers... 3 Cyberpunk Jul 29
Is the Passion of the Christ worth watching? 9 Cyberpunk Jul 29
Who is destroying Christianity 16 Cyberpunk Jul 28
"Chromosomes don't lie." Is this a true statement? (Poll) 13 JaimeBondoJr Jul 27
Are We Living In A Simulation? What Is The Matrix? 10 Cyberpunk Jul 27
The Unquestionable Idea 0 Solesurvivor Jul 26
And another lefty shows her ignorance.......... 1 quad489 Jul 26
********************* FAKE NEWS ALERT************ 8 Cold Warrior Jul 26
"I said goodbye to the spiritual community" 9 Sibelian the White Jul 25
Islam: Friend to the homeless, the LBGTQ, and Berkeley students 4 Cold Warrior Jul 25
What are liberals good for? 27 Aldar Jul 25
Muslim Refugees Caught Aiding ISIS Invoke Legitimate Warfare as Defense 2 Gunslinger201 Jul 24
Happy Sunday from the UK 0 Cold Warrior Jul 23
What do you believe in? 13 Attera Jul 22
Should it Be a Crime to Hurt Allah's Feelings? 13 Cold Warrior Jul 22
Islam is...... (Poll) 30 Gunslinger201 Jul 21
If God created the sun on the 4th day, [View all] 65 SlayerNut Jul 19
A question for Catholics here. 11 TM999 Jul 18
Yahweh and the Prime Directive 5 Cold Warrior Jul 17
Happy Sunday from the UK 11 Cold Warrior Jul 17
Kansas State's Scott Frantz reveals he's gay..........and??? 9 quad489 Jul 15
Can someone explain this? 7 def_con5 Jul 15
Jesus loves me ... & trump, but he wants my money :( according to 700 Club. The Antidote: 2 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 13
Happy Sunday from the UK 5 Cold Warrior Jul 9
Israeli blacklist points to growing rift among rabbis 0 Troll2 Jul 9
Happy 4th of July to all of us American Patriots, who didn't vote for the Traitor God-Emporer, trump 17 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 8
Michelle Obama IS A MAN and Barack Obama IS GAY: THE MOVIE 4 Lewiz Kevin Jul 7
The Great Dance of Death 0 Cold Warrior Jul 4
Nabra Hassanens death offers lessons on how Muslim communities can respond 5 Salaam Jul 4
Exhibit showcases the earliest stirrings of American religious diversity 1 Salaam Jul 3
Happy 4th of July! 2 outside Jul 3
Christian beliefs. [View all] 83 SlayerNut Jul 2
Happy Sunday from the UK 3 Cold Warrior Jul 2
I apologize. 9 outside Jun 30
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