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Number of Americans Who Say They Have No Religion Hits Record High, Survey Finds 11 smokingman Apr 2015
Did God Choose Barack Obama as President? 21 Strange Luck Mar 2015
The Devil shouldn't exist. 27 Hades Mar 2015
Did any of you watch "Going Clear" on HBO? 12 MrSlayer666 Mar 2015
Mars, ... 4 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2015
Noah's Ark [View all] 108 Hades Mar 2015
ODE TO YAHWEH 4 smokingman Mar 2015
Why did christians stop having religious wars? (Poll) 8 smokingman Mar 2015
"Mr. Hinn, our diagnosis confirms that your left ventrical is clogged with other people's money..." 7 R2D42 Mar 2015
The Bible should be X-rated: The Good Book is loaded with sexy sin – someone tell Mike Huckabee 13 smokingman Mar 2015
Proper Prayer 2 sentient_simian Mar 2015
CNN airs controversial atheist ad promoting Freedom From Religion 29 R2D42 Mar 2015
What Comes After Religion? 35 smokingman Mar 2015
Why was a 9th century Viking woman buried with a ring that says 'for Allah' on it? 13 Agent_86 Mar 2015
400 Men Cut Their Balls Off Believing It Would Help Them Meet God 16 R2D42 Mar 2015
Pre Mortis Beatification, Recognition of My Sainthood, while I am still on earth. 4 sentient_simian Mar 2015
Imperial religion drives millions from church 3 Agent_86 Mar 2015
I wondered weather ... 3 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2015
Will religion ever disappear? 34 smokingman Mar 2015
Hovind's 'fight' continues in court.(Creationist and tax cheat) 6 smokingman Mar 2015
Creationist Debate Stalls South Carolina State Fossil Bill 14 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
The man who could help prevent a holy war 22 Agent_86 Mar 2015
7 Simple Rules for Dating My Christian Daughter 13 smokingman Mar 2015
I believe history will record today as the first official day of the 17 joefriday6 Mar 2015
building the third temple 14 rampartb Mar 2015
President agrees U.S. not a christian nation. Many doubt his christian faith. 35 smokingman Mar 2015
Empty Churches Go On Sale in Europe as Christian Faith Declines 12 R2D42 Mar 2015
We must offend religion more 8 smokingman Mar 2015
British Muslim Group issues Billboard to stop Insults to Islam 5 Gunslinger201 Mar 2015
Where are the perfect christians? 41 smokingman Mar 2015
Are islamists more intolerantly violent today, by f-a-r, than Christians (or any other religion)? [View all] 59 starcat Mar 2015
Second largest religious traditions in each state (2010). 16 Slow Slicing Mar 2015
Four Blood Moons The Movie - Trailer 5 smokingman Mar 2015
Otherwise, it could be a tripod ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2015
Question- how come the killing of the Russian opposition leader was immediately labeled a conspiracy 4 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2015
If Atheists Acted Religious 3 smokingman Mar 2015
Hunt for American pastor accused of sexual assault took months 1 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
Saudi court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith 8 Juan Rico Mar 2015
The Book of Bart 2 Attila Gorilla Feb 2015
Islam and the Big Bong Theory 0 smokingman Feb 2015
ISIS IS Islamic 40 NoGods4Me Feb 2015
The Western bargain for religious peace 23 Troll2 Feb 2015
Just what would a free-market Bible look like? 6 smokingman Feb 2015
Christian Apologetics: Hitler can't help you. 7 smokingman Feb 2015
Mormon Nazis: New book uncovers LDS support for the Third Reich 2 smokingman Feb 2015
Opinion: Manifesto for a modern Islam 4 Troll2 Feb 2015
What Would Jesus NOT Do? 1 smokingman Feb 2015
Jephthah 1 smokingman Feb 2015
Just watched "The Machine" on Netflix. A question. (Poll) 20 MercATC Feb 2015
Abdul-Jabbar: 'Islamic State' Is As Islamic As The KKK Is Christian (VIDEO) 12 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2015
Riot kills 29 christians. Troops deployed to restore order. 2 smokingman Feb 2015
Is The Bible More Violent Than The Quran? 25 Attila Gorilla Feb 2015
Dr. Ben Carson removed from extremist watch list 16 Gunslinger201 Feb 2015
Surge in atheism amongst young Britons bolsters case for a secular UK 1 Juan Rico Feb 2015
God Whispers 3 joefriday6 Feb 2015
Where is Sodom? 13 smokingman Feb 2015
"Something cannot come from nothing." 16 smokingman Feb 2015
The Secret Lives of Atheists. 8 smokingman Feb 2015
Scientology-aphobia , PeoplesTemple-aphobia 6 NoGods4Me Feb 2015
Georgia public school teachers humiliate kids for not praying to ‘God our Father’: lawsuit 4 Juan Rico Feb 2015
Vatican mulling new department to tackle environmental issues 9 Attila Gorilla Feb 2015
Church of Scientology targets film critics over Going Clear documentary 17 Juan Rico Feb 2015
Religious Freedom Day event on hold in dispute over Satanic coloring book 9 Juan Rico Feb 2015
My second favorite holiday is today 3 R2D42 Feb 2015
The murders in North Carolina and the conservative reaction on this forum provide an opportunity. 23 Muggles Feb 2015
Why there might or might not be a God and why it doesn't matter if you believe in Him or not. (Poll) 28 Dr. Funkenstein Feb 2015
BuzzFeed’s ’22 Messages From Creationists gets translated by science lovers 32 R2D42 Feb 2015
Who should be the King of Jerusalem? 12 smokingman Feb 2015
Atheist groups join forces to call for end of blasphemy laws around the world 9 Juan Rico Feb 2015
Super Bowl Commercial Video From Carnival Cruise Lines Has Creationist Ken Ham Hating The Evolution 6 Juan Rico Feb 2015
Fox ‘historian’: More evidence than atheists would ever imagine that Jonah was swallowed by a whale 18 Juan Rico Feb 2015
Edei 0 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2015
What about warlocks? 4 smokingman Feb 2015
Where do atheists get their moral code from 49 Trainman95630 Feb 2015
Is the problem guns, or is the problem whiney ass gun victims who thank God to be alive? (Poll) 25 cilantro Feb 2015
Stephen Fry’s stunning drop the mic reply when asked what he’d say if he meets God when he dies 10 R2D42 Feb 2015
Creationism proven in under ten minutes!!!! 17 smokingman Feb 2015
Mr Deity and the Atheist 1 R2D42 Feb 2015
Iceland is building a temple to worship Thor 6 Troll2 Feb 2015
For atheists only...A question for you: [View all] 57 9 magenta ray Feb 2015
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