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Does anyone talk about Easter, 2033? 6 Zutak May 2014
Does God Exist? Survey says... 27 melenkurion May 2014
Do you believe in souls? 34 Sibelian the White May 2014
I believe............. [View all] 71 Commipinko May 2014
Welcome to the Spirituality sub-group. Please introduce yourself here: 34 DejaVue May 2014
I don't go to a church, but I believe in a higher power. Here's ONE reason why. 15 Paradigm May 2014
What is your sign? [View all] 87 just say yes May 2014
Happy Birthday, Ralph Waldo Emerson 5 Barefoot Dancer May 2014
Reflections on Brian Green's "The Hidden Reality" 1 marmot84 May 2014
How many times have humans inhabited the Earth? 23 BenghaziOracle May 2014
Born Under a Bad Sign 4 Micrometer May 2014
Making a Commitment to Satan 8 BlackSabbath May 2014
And the Lord said , worship me or die [View all] 59 Satanica May 2014
Is Julian Assange a pleiadian? 2 christopher May 2014
Just moseyed over to ASAH on DU 5 just say yes May 2014
Ridiculous assumptions. 20 southernwriter May 2014
My showdown with god at Valley Christian Junior High School in the 80s 28 JasonTaverner May 2014
I am new to a Buddhist center so I wanted to ask here about hospital visits 5 Maraya-1 May 2014
What does your palm say about your personality? 10 R2D42 May 2014
Would anyone care to share a spiritual experience? 9 DejaVue May 2014
any other astrologers/tarot readers here? 17 wendy the witch May 2014
"Christian Mingle" now brags of 13 million members..... 7 frankt8242 May 2014
Is the New Testement God evil? 28 Dyfar May 2014
9 Ways to Spot a Fake Guru or Spiritual Teacher 7 DejaVue May 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 8 cilantro May 2014
Deepak Chopra "wisdom" generator 6 R2D42 May 2014
African ‘fairy circles’ back in the mystery books after termite theory turned on its head 3 Strange Luck May 2014
Is the future predetermined? (Poll) 5 cilantro May 2014
Penn & Teller on astrology 4 Juan Rico May 2014
What are you bringing to the potlatch? 19 UpstateDown May 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 25 defictus May 2014
Do 5 Gidget May 2014
FSM into the mainstream? 4 Commipinko May 2014
Testing, testing... 12 just say yes May 2014
it's possible that you have never seen what it looks like outside of yourself 8 anotheryou May 2014
Belief? This Woman Says it All 5 Discussioneer May 2014
How do you define god(s)? 33 Lost247365 May 2014
Latest Right-Wing Propaganda Ploy: Bullies of the Christian Right Pretend They're Oppressed 9 Banned Atheist May 2014
When will the United Methodist Church allow Gays to marry and also become members of the Clergy? 12 Rockingnana May 2014
President Ronald Reagan’s Son Says in TV Ad That He’s a Lifelong Atheist 7 BillMaher May 2014
Could the Pope be training exorcists to send to Mars? (Poll) 10 ByTheWatersOfBabylon May 2014
Recent convert to the Lutheran denomination here 4 Sasquatch Buckeye May 2014
If this is for beliefs 48 Viewer_Discretion May 2014
Yay! I did it! 0 just say yes May 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 JasonTaverner May 2014
I think this place needs a sweat lodge 21 UpstateDown May 2014
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