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Must Be the Season of the Witch ... ! :-) 8 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2016
My pastor attacked Hillary Clinton in Bible study and in Church on Sunday 25 mdmc1 Feb 2016
Children of Abraham: Judeo-Christian/Islamic Faiths 35 Dante CoD Feb 2016
Lord of the Flies versus The Coral Island 5 Dante CoD Feb 2016
Food for thought. 6 southernwriter Feb 2016
What percentage current death row inmates attended church regularly 12 Trainman95630 Feb 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 59 Attera Feb 2016
Happy Sunday to you all. 0 outside Feb 2016
Harumpf 4 Dante CoD Feb 2016
God is Logically Impossible :The Argument for Atheism from Incoherence [View all] 109 maximumbrainusage Feb 2016
Where there is big govt and the left, there is no God. 30 Frankenvoter Feb 2016
A Scientific Description of God 16 island4diver Feb 2016
Here are some doocy, or doozy truths. 1 Guyzilla Feb 2016
The Dhimmi Zone 1 Gunslinger201 Feb 2016
Thought experiment for Christians 45 maximumbrainusage Feb 2016
My Questions About Islam 18 sargentodiaz Feb 2016
Woke Up This Morning ... swear I thought it was ground hogg day ... then both Hillary & Cruz said .. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 31 It Guy Jan 2016
Happy Sunday! 2 outside Jan 2016
Flat Earth, The Illuminati, and the Virgin Birth 26 maximumbrainusage Jan 2016
SanFran cops now required to give loyalty oath to the freaks and geeks.....What could go wrong? 3 goodwords Jan 2016
Did Hollywood Predict the 9th Planet some 60+ yrs ago ? 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2016
Is all criticism of the foundations and results of christianity 'bashing' and 'bigotry'? (Poll) 13 maximumbrainusage Jan 2016
Jesus Didn't Exist: A Historian Explains the Evidence That Changed His Mind 46 maximumbrainusage Jan 2016
Fox News (?) : We Live In Modern 'Noah's Ark' Time 19 maximumbrainusage Jan 2016
It's TRUE! He IS a MUSLIM!!! : O 6 wonderwarthog Jan 2016
The (Brainwashed) Mind of the Bible-Believer [View all] 50 maximumbrainusage Jan 2016
christian free will fails the Cosby test 36 maximumbrainusage Jan 2016
How is the God of the Bible tolerant, and loving when... 30 Satanica Jan 2016
CHILLAXE ! Bumper Sticker Campaign Slogan ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2016
0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world, new poll reveals [View all] 59 smokingman Jan 2016
The Sect Of Islam That Is Older Than Both Sunni And Shia, Stricter But More Tolerant 6 Cyberpunk Jan 2016
Do you believe in God? (Poll) 35 Attila Gorilla Jan 2016
Beautiful, Haunting Documentary on Magickal Iceland 2 id-entity Jan 2016
Daniel Dennett on how religion offers an excuse to stop thinking 0 maximumbrainusage Jan 2016
In case you haven't been shamed by a loony liberal for your privilege yet today....Vox obliges!! 1 goodwords Jan 2016
Left hand or right hand path?? (Poll) 19 Attera Jan 2016
Church of England attendance plunges to record low 9 Juan Rico Jan 2016
Sarah Silverman sparks outrage with tweet about Jesus being "gender fluid". 26 moneyshot Jan 2016
Do you believe in ghosts? You might after seeing this video. 12 Immacolata Jan 2016
Rich NY Chardonnay liberal quickly figures out what normal Americans have known for years... 14 goodwords Jan 2016
Climate Cultists make up new story 10 specs Jan 2016
Does anyone remember this? 3 Attera Jan 2016
Why do so many RWNJ's Here @ DI Hate their grandmothers Cankles ? 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2016
The worlds most beautiful places of worship 13 Agent_86 Jan 2016
How many of you believe in Karma? (Poll) 20 Attera Jan 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 12 Attera Jan 2016
Ken Copeland: God Gave Us Private Jets Because You Can't Talk to God in Coach 16 R2D42 Jan 2016
The amazing survival of the Baltic Muslims 1 Agent_86 Jan 2016
Will the circle be unbroken? 3 Doctor_R Jan 2016
ISIS Are "Khawarijites" 11 Cyberpunk Jan 2016
Paul and Damascus - A Basket Case 0 Cold Warrior Dec 2015
Maybe in the beginning it really was Adam and Steve... 6 Runner Dude Dec 2015
Alahu akbar Doesn't Mean What the Media Says it Does 13 sargentodiaz Dec 2015
Did We Ever Figure Out the Color of that Damn Dress ? 6 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2015
Is Islam a religion of peace? (Poll) 40 Konservative Dec 2015
Happy Festivus thread, feel free to air your grievances here. 10 sentient_simian Dec 2015
Merry Christmas 4 It Guy Dec 2015
American Made. MERRY ZAPPA XMAS Everybody !!! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2015
Why does the old testament imply Multiple Gods in the ten commandments [View all] 68 Junglejim43 Dec 2015
"Love thy neighbor as thyself" 12 cilantro Dec 2015
Florida atheists win the ‘war on Christmas’ as Flying Spaghetti Monster replace baby Jesus 7 smokingman Dec 2015
The Radicalization of Luke Skywalker: A Jedi’s Path to Jihad 4 ArkieLiberal Dec 2015
Muslims in Europe 5 sargentodiaz Dec 2015
To all those who think Islam is evil........ 19 southernwriter Dec 2015
George Carlin completely destroys christian theology 26 maximumbrainusage Dec 2015
Happy Hanukkah! 3 southernwriter Dec 2015
After Midnight . . . J.J. Cale Eric Clapton ... 6 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2015
A Moderate Muslim Imam & Professor Says Muslims can Take YOUR Property 14 sargentodiaz Dec 2015
What are some of the best things about being an atheist? [View all] 69 NotWhoUThink Dec 2015
The Trailer for God’s Not Dead 2 is Full of Fake Christian Persecution 34 R2D42 Dec 2015
For Robert Dear, Religion and Rage Before Planned Parenthood Attack 5 smokingman Dec 2015
The Christmas ad that shames all the others 24 The Center Holds Dec 2015
Inscriptions on the Dome of the Rock 1 M41 Dec 2015
Muslim Protestors Disrupt Catholic Mass in Vegas 6 sargentodiaz Dec 2015
Texas Imam Sides With Trump 0 sargentodiaz Dec 2015
Have you ever read the Qur'an? (Poll) 12 metroins Dec 2015
All the worlds major powers, and their military might, are pointed at the ME. 7 Konservative Dec 2015
The purpose of prayer. 15 southernwriter Dec 2015
Pope visits besieged Muslim enclave 3 Agent_86 Dec 2015
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