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"am i my brother's keeper?" cain 13 rampartb Jul 2018
"At night I see their faces, all the men I've killed..." 11 wonderwarthog May 2018
"Chromosomes don't lie." Is this a true statement? (Poll) 13 JaimeBondoJr Jul 2017
"Denver Cancels Saturday's Global Warming March... 12 quad489 May 2017
"Faith Alone" or "Faith and Works"? (Poll) 12 Cyberpunk Sep 2017
"First of all, I want to thank my Lord and Saviour." 20 outside May 2018
"Free Will" 20 wonderwarthog Sep 2018
"He'll dive for your sins" 2 SatansSon666 Sep 2018
"Hopelessly Patriotic" 0 wonderwarthog Apr 2017
"I said goodbye to the spiritual community" 9 Sibelian the White Jul 2017
"Inverted Landscapes" by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk May 2017
"It began with Donald Trumps campaign. 9 bobsal Jun 2018
"It's God's plan" 12 orson Sep 2017
"One" 3 wonderwarthog Sep 2017
"Porn star? What porn star?" 5 orson Mar 2018
"Principles of an Eagle." 4 Lumster Jul 2019
"Sodomites not welcome in the church" 9 Frankenvoter Dec 2018
"Terra" by Philippe Druillet 3 Cyberpunk Dec 2017
"The True Teacher" 5 wonderwarthog Nov 2018
"unimaginable level of cruelty"...LOL!!! 5 quad489 May 2017
"We inherited this land from god" 4 rampartb Sep 2018
"What Happened" author's doppelganger? 1 quad489 Sep 2017
"Whoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death!" Exodus 22:19 9 Dumper Feb 2019
"Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican" 6 orson Dec 2017
"You knew I was a snake before you let me in". 3 Cyberpunk May 2017
#WalkAway 0 Cold Warrior Oct 2018
"And all of this was done in Jesus' name." (Poll) 1 smokingman Oct 2015
"And it's time now to sweep the future clear" 0 smokingman Jul 2015
"Clockmaker" Ahmed Mohammed is son of a Muslim Activist, well color me shocked! 49 Gunslinger201 Sep 2015
"Forgiveness is more powerful than any weapon of war," 3 outside Sep 2015
"God wants us to help everybody" 2 cilantro May 2015
"Have you ever stood in the April wood and called the new year in?" 0 smokingman May 2015
"He said to the rich, "Give your money to the poor", but they laid Jesus Christ in his grave." 6 smokingman Jan 2015
"Interesting that you should bring that up." 15 cilantro Dec 2015
"Love thy neighbor as thyself" 12 cilantro Dec 2015
"Mr. Hinn, our diagnosis confirms that your left ventrical is clogged with other people's money..." 7 R2D42 Mar 2015
"On Freedom of Religion and Contempory Idolatry." 0 cilantro Feb 2016
"Something cannot come from nothing." 16 smokingman Feb 2015
"Though you came with sword held high, you did not conquer, only died." 2 smokingman Aug 2015
'All Churches in America Have Muslim Spies in Them' Who Are 'Cataloging' Every Jew and Christian 24 smokingman Jun 2015
'All the Worlds to See' by Julie Dillon 1 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Be Watchful' by Rodney Matthews 1 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Beneath the Wall' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Jan 2017
'Brides of Christ' do NOT need tobe virgins, Vatican: New rules state that chastity is not essential 1 Troll2 Jul 2018
'Bring Your Bible To School Day' - October 5th, 2017 11 RCW2014 Oct 2017
'Celtic Warrior' by Jim Fitzpatrick 0 Cyberpunk Feb 2017
'Cerberus' by William Blake 0 Cyberpunk Aug 2018
'Chase the Dragon' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Chimera' by Jacopo Ligozzi (1590 AD) 1 Cyberpunk Aug 2018
'Christ Cleansing the Temple' by Bernardino Mei (1655) 3 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Chronicles of Amber' by Boris Vallejo 11 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Don't Fence Me In' ... Roy Rogers, Trigger, Sons of Pioneers. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2017
'Excalibur' 5 Cyberpunk Nov 2016
'Floating City' by Moebius 2 Cyberpunk Feb 2017
'Galactic Garden' by Tim White 0 Cyberpunk Feb 2017
'Gethsemane' by Carl Heinrich Bloch 1 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'He shall judge between many peoples 3 Cyberpunk Mar 2016
'He' came out in support of a Christian scientist!: 2 Killdozer Mar 2018
'Ilian of Garathorm' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'In View of Camelot' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Jesus Never Charged A Leper A Co-Pay': The Rise Of The Religious Left 23 RCW2014 May 2018
'King Arthur' by NC Wyeth 0 Cyberpunk Feb 2017
'King Arthur' by Rodney Matthews 0 Cyberpunk Jan 2017
'King Nuada and his Famous Sword of Light' by Jim FitzPatrick 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Medusa' by Alex Lopez 2 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Medusa' by Rodney Matthews 2 Cyberpunk Jan 2017
'member when Jebus said to love each other. (Poll) 4 SatansSon666 Aug 2019
'Nuada' by Jim FitzPatrick 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Paradise Lost' by John Milton 2 Cyberpunk Sep 2016
'Peace Is Coming' by Jon McNaughton 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Perception' 5 Cyberpunk Jan 2017
'Sailing Laniakea' by Julie Dillon 0 Cyberpunk Feb 2017
'St Patrick' by Jim FitzPatrick 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Star Crash' by Frank Frazetta 2 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Sword of the Gael' by Melvyn Grant 0 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'Tanelorn' 2 Cyberpunk Jan 2017
'The Beast Out Of The Sea' by Rodney Matthews 1 Cyberpunk Jan 2017
'The Empire Strikes Back' by Boris Vallejo 1 Cyberpunk Mar 2018
'The Light of the World' by William Holman Hunt 1 Cyberpunk Apr 2018
'The Mines of Moria' by the Brothers Hildebrandt 3 Cyberpunk Feb 2017
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