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Name something more FUN than POLITICS contest 3 wonderwarthog 13 hrs ago
Traveling to Pittsburgh in July. 8 Muddling Through 14 hrs ago
Unexpected Sabaton thread 1 TendiesForBreakfast 15 hrs ago
Super Dave Osborn 2 Da Mannn 16 hrs ago
Fake rat prank, NSFW due to language and screaming 0 Cynical Yesterday
MURICA!!! [Nitro Circus] 3 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Just Bought the Last Tube Radio Zenith Made - 1969 6 wonderwarthog Friday
Dozens of White Houses Materialize from Temporal Vortex 1 Cold Warrior Friday
We've finally learned what Presidents Putin and Trump discussed in private! 2 Dumper Friday
Anyone notice how a stitch in time still saves only nine 8 Cold Warrior Friday
The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe 1 MumblyPeg Friday
She Guevara stars in "Socialism ALWAYS Fails!" 1 Da Mannn Thursday
CNN Anchors Speechless After Guest Goes On Long, Coherent Thought 0 Troll2 Thursday
Facebook Apologizes for Giving Mark Zuckerberg a Platform 0 Cold Warrior Thursday
Sometimes, an OP just feels like this. 5 Nostrings Thursday
First Man (Trailer) 0 Iron Condor Thursday
Occasionally things get TOO real... 1 Gamle-ged Thursday
That Kyle Clark again 0 TheShoe Wednesday
Before end of today, might need mossberg shotgun to get back into house ... 3 RATFINK_5.0 Wednesday
Good Kisser (2018) 3 Agent_86 Wednesday
Hi I'm the CIA 3 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Is this you too? 1 It Guy Wednesday
Who did the best Moon Walk (Poll) 3 Mad Dog 20-20 Wednesday
The only hacking that went on that day.. 0 Solesurvivor Tuesday
New Tesla Fitted With Road Rage Feature That Shouts Pedo At Motorists When It Gets Cut Off 0 Aquila Tuesday
What Kind of Bird Is It That Can't Fly? 15 wonderwarthog Monday
I'm down to zero hides tomorrow, any ideas on topics I can ride the edge of jury duty with? 11 Frankenvoter Monday
The Most IMPOSSIBLE Coin Magic Trick FOOLS Penn and Teller! 2 Da Mannn Monday
The old C.I.A. "Russian Whisperer" 2 wonderwarthog Monday
Oh Dee-You, please keep being you :) 5 stygmata Monday
Well, I finally did it. 10 Hades Sunday
New Rules: Noah's Ark, God and Religion 1 Cold Warrior Sunday
Art Bell - Somewhere in Time, 840 A.M. 5 wonderwarthog Sunday
America! Fuck Yeah! Fun Fact 3 It Guy Sunday
Surfer girls! 1 Iron Condor Sunday
This is pure AWESOMENESS!!!!! 1 Ilovestx Sunday
9.925 Mhz 31 meters KBC Rock and Roll, NOW! 0 wonderwarthog Jul 14
Brother Stair - Giving the Shortwave Devil His Due 2 wonderwarthog Jul 14
Gone fishing!! 4 Summer Jul 14
Nathan Thurm for the EPA administrator? 0 myohmy Jul 14
The Argument Clinic 1 Agent_86 Jul 13
not funny... 5 myohmy Jul 13
How German News Covered Trump's NATO Visit 4 Agent_86 Jul 12
C.B. ACTION! 20 wonderwarthog Jul 12
Democratic Socialism 0 Solesurvivor Jul 12
The rejected cast of Red Dawn 29 Boadicea Jul 11
PLEASE STOP!!! 3 Solesurvivor Jul 11
Washing your hair in space. 0 Daves Not Here Man Jul 11
Went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this morning. Stayed for 25 minutes then left. Movie was 2 joefriday6 Jul 11
The most evil invention contest. 3 Daves Not Here Man Jul 11
Route 66 2 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 11
CANADA: First Nations Man Wakes Up White After Status Card Revoked 1 Will Morningstar Jul 10
Let's Get This Party Started !!! Soul Train . . . 3 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 9
Where Have All the Average People Gone? 31 wonderwarthog Jul 9
What's your vodka? 44 TheShoe Jul 9
Thomas Jefferson meets Sally Hemmings 3 wonderwarthog Jul 8
Japanese hairstyles through the ages... 14 Solesurvivor Jul 8
Does he bite? 3 Solesurvivor Jul 8
Hi, agent Mike! How's your summer? 0 Micrometer Jul 7
Chief spreading bull 4 Solesurvivor Jul 7
Rocket Raccoon 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 7
Rolling Stone 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 7
Estrogen or testosterone? (Poll) 24 myohmy Jul 7
Machine of Death Predicts Cause of Death 1 It Guy Jul 7
Nobody ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 7
I just walked the into a local lefty run bookstore and asked for Trump's new immigration 4 Dumper Jul 7
TGIF ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 7
CAUTION: Hamburgler Has Escaped Fed Penn. 2 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 6
if you can't beat 'em... 11 myohmy Jul 6
Texas mom shoots man trying to take car with her kids inside at gas station 9 WTFhappened Jul 6
Hello, can I talk to you about... 17 Solesurvivor Jul 5
Scary Booby Traps of Vietnam 5 wonderwarthog Jul 5
Latest & greatest trigger 5 foia Jul 5
I said Lord, hide me 1 Micrometer Jul 5
Just in time for the 4th celebration. Rifles Rilfles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifle 31 Magyar Heidinn Jul 5
Nobody's in right field. 0 Micrometer Jul 5
Happy Columbo day! 2 Micrometer Jul 5
I love how his glasses go flying 6 Solesurvivor Jul 5
I went with Hot Pepper Red 1 MumblyPeg Jul 5
Hate Me? 8 wonderwarthog Jul 5
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