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Cruising Down The Street In My 69 6 Iron Condor 45 min ago
My New Vintage Record Player 15 wonderwarthog 3 hrs ago
The Swamp Witch - a Story 2 wonderwarthog 4 hrs ago
Marble machine! This was posted over a year ago, just ran into it again. For those who missed it ... 7 Gamle-ged 5 hrs ago
Fresh, creamy bouncy at the Carvel 1 stygmata 9 hrs ago
Rappin' for Jesus 5 Immacolata 16 hrs ago
Baron Saturday 0 wonderwarthog 18 hrs ago
Psycho a Go - Go 4 wonderwarthog 19 hrs ago
I Demand a Fairness Policy - Stop Lefty from Spamming D.I.! 14 wonderwarthog 20 hrs ago
Dodgebull. 3 Daves Not Here Man Yesterday
Its not just a job...... 15 Gunslinger201 Yesterday
I don't always stay woke 2 Carlos_Danger Monday
Tofucken: The Vegan Turducken 6 Immacolata Monday
Mastiff wins "World's Ugliest Dog" contest 20 wonderwarthog Monday
BBC One: Tracey Ullman breaks the news featuring The Donald Live on Skype 0 Aquila Monday
Like him or dislike him... 4 Solesurvivor Monday
We got all kinds of taxes Forrest 2 Solesurvivor Monday
Cool vid of Saint Barth airfield 2 Iron Condor Monday
Unforgivable Sin Actually Dancing, Baptist Scholar Claims 9 Lefty Monday
Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd 10 Jack Burton Sunday
It's a Beautiful World 5 Grateful Bread Sunday
"Have You Forgotten the Lessons of the Ancient War?" 0 wonderwarthog Sunday
The Hitchhiker - Jim Morrison 0 wonderwarthog Sunday
When "bash the fash" turns into crying on the ground like little girls. 4 Solesurvivor Saturday
Truer words never spoken 1 Grateful Bread Saturday
PSA for lefty 0 Aldar Saturday
Is "Mineral Man" posting here 49 wonderwarthog Saturday
Anyone watching Glow? 1 Immacolata Saturday
The Mummy 0 Agent_86 Saturday
It's official, "journalists" searching for outrage are grasping at straws 0 Frankenvoter Saturday
3 Little Pigs as read by Christopher Walken : 1 RATFINK_5.0 Saturday
What is you favorite gun type - not situational (Poll) 16 drunk_teddy Saturday
On a lighter note: Whats your favorite movie quote? Here is mine, gets me every time: 22 Shkreli Friday
Watching "The Mist" 21 Immacolata Friday
Alex Jones wannabe? 0 MumblyPeg Friday
Bear warning sign 3 Ursus Magnus Friday
Friday, Fun, Humor, Jokes 17 Ravenquills Friday
I'm a superstar! 8 Shkreli Friday
I have a new celebrity hero! 0 Ursus Magnus Friday
BBC: The Queen of England was reported to West Yorkshire Police for 'not wearing seat belt' 2 Aquila Friday
Somewhere a mountain is moving... 0 wonderwarthog Friday
Why can't we be friends? 0 wonderwarthog Friday
So it's seems that the RWNJ's have finally taken over the Discussionist board. 28 AmandaCMatthews Friday
perverted robotic arm sexually assaults two men. 2 Daves Not Here Man Thursday
Trump is the first President in 125 years not to have a pet.... 18 Solesurvivor Thursday
Go buy a lottery ticket right the fuck now. 5 Daves Not Here Man Thursday
George Benson - This Masquerade 6 Immacolata Thursday
Attack Cardio With Vinnie Jones 0 Daves Not Here Man Thursday
Like Stoned 2 wonderwarthog Thursday
When convicted, would you rather see Amor M. Ftouhi (terrorisst canadian stabber) (Poll) 2 drunk_teddy Thursday
*Warning* Little Johnny Joke (but funny!) 10 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Human toe used for cocktail at Canadian bar is stolen 2 def_con5 Wednesday
She's a Lady 3 Agent_86 Wednesday
"Give the Anarchist a Cigarette" 0 wonderwarthog Wednesday
No Joy in Mudville 0 wonderwarthog Wednesday
Sing it Ray, Sing it! 0 DoDaMan Jun 20
This is a helluva lot of engine for a canal boat. 0 It Guy Jun 20
2 dogs, 1 tennis ball, one happy kid 3 Iron Condor Jun 20
Name a song you love but would turn down/off if someone was nearby. 10 Daves Not Here Man Jun 20
Green Bay fanatic marries woman named Marie Packer in team-themed wedding 4 SummBoddie Jun 20
Upload test 0 Ursus Magnus Jun 20
Would you eat this hotdog? :P 1 Iron Condor Jun 20
Just take a lil off the sides, please. 3 Daves Not Here Man Jun 19
Battle of the "Bills" (Poll) 6 drunk_teddy Jun 19
How the Wheel Was Invented 6 It Guy Jun 18
What to get for the man who has everything... 0 Immacolata Jun 18
A few new memes 2 Frankenvoter Jun 18
Marksmanship 19 Solesurvivor Jun 18
Hold my beer, I've got an idea. 2 Daves Not Here Man Jun 17
Garfunkel and Oates - Weed Card 2 Grateful Bread Jun 17
Here's another gem from the DUMP 4 stygmata Jun 17
Biking in bear country 9 Daves Not Here Man Jun 17
Love Trumps Hate.... 5 Solesurvivor Jun 17
Old favorite song of mine 6 Grateful Bread Jun 17
Roxy Music - Avalon 1 Grateful Bread Jun 16
Mork calling Orson, Mork calling Orson, come in Orson 3 bruiserboy Jun 16
Funny movie scenes... 5 Boadicea Jun 16
Classic rock at it's best : Blue Oyster Cult - live 9 Attera Jun 15
Gun nut shoots dog for no reason at all. 2 Daves Not Here Man Jun 15
Slipknots Corey Taylor on Trump: Would you just fucking get impeached already? 39 wonderwarthog Jun 15
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