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I don't care who you are, this is funny 5 Currentsitguy 1 hr ago
Saw Call of the Wild yesterday. Outstanding. Recommend it for all. 7 joefriday6 3 hrs ago
Pandas 3 Charlie Mike 3 hrs ago
Any wrestling fans here? How about Michael Jackson fans? 0 Charlie Mike 20 hrs ago
Chico... 0 Iron Condor Yesterday
Pigeon Wearing MAGA Hat Attacked By Pigeon Antifa 0 foia Friday
The Stand 4 Boadicea Friday
Who would win in a fight? (Poll) 2 drunk_teddy Thursday
This is hilarious: if Bernie had an Anime series 0 Currentsitguy Wednesday
Hang on to yer hat, RC is on a rip. 12 copy and paste OP's in the past hour. 22 D26-15 Tuesday
LOL @ Aunt Roberta 0 Iron Condor Monday
When prosthesis fail, or did they? 0 Currentsitguy Monday
Space Force camo 4 foia Sunday
DISNEY DISORDERS - A Disney Princess All Have Issues Parody 0 Da Mannn Sunday
State Farm cancels Bloombergs life insurance policy 6 Solesurvivor Sunday
I would totally do this. 0 Charlie Mike Sunday
Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts 2 Charlie Mike Sunday
SNL election night 2016 1 def_con5 Sunday
Mexican vs American 0 Solesurvivor Feb 15
Top 10 Scary Mysterious Towns That Disappeared 0 Da Mannn Feb 14
Dramatic Cats, lol 1 joefriday6 Feb 14
High School Runner Not Feeling Great About Her Chances Against The Girl With The Beard 1 Gunslinger201 Feb 13
The Husbands of Target 0 Charlie Mike Feb 13
In Appreciation For Primary Win, Bernie Promises To Make New Hampshire... 0 Gunslinger201 Feb 12
Real Stable Genius - Mr. Angry Socialist Activist 0 Solesurvivor Feb 12
So, this came across my timeline. 2 Charlie Mike Feb 12
Yea or Nay 2 Charlie Mike Feb 12
Wardrobe suggestion for Pete and entourage for the next campaign victory 0 Currentsitguy Feb 11
Most adorable thing ever! 2 Gunslinger201 Feb 11
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 RCW2014 Feb 10
LOL..Bait Car 3 Iron Condor Feb 10
Arctic Command... 2 Solesurvivor Feb 10
I see our spamalot king in full mommy basement keyboard slamming mode.... 10 Oldgeezer Feb 10
I could use this for some of my kids. 1 Solesurvivor Feb 9
The dreadnought building and fighting game I didn't know I needed. 12 Charlie Mike Feb 9
For our service members 0 Charlie Mike Feb 9
Here, Kitty, Kitty... 4 Da Mannn Feb 9
Try Independence Day in Glacierview, Alaska for something completely different. 1 Nostrings Feb 8
Hearts for DI? 3 akaConcernedCanuk Feb 8
Pelosi achieves sainthood... 0 Da Mannn Feb 8
Brody Dalle 0 Charlie Mike Feb 7
Math! 2 Charlie Mike Feb 7
Trump giving away pens.. 0 Solesurvivor Feb 7
5year old brother fart bombs his sister 0 Solesurvivor Feb 7
Hitler finds out Trump has been acquitted 0 Solesurvivor Feb 6
Live look at Democrats #Acquitted #NotGuilty 1 Solesurvivor Feb 6
My favorite chick rock & rollers 9 Iron Condor Feb 6
Impeach Deez 0 Solesurvivor Feb 5
Some say Madonna offered her Central Park pad to Meghan and the Royal Redhead. 1 Dumper Feb 5
Pelosi Defends Ripping Up Trump's Speech, Saying It Was Just A 'Clump Of Cells' 1 Gunslinger201 Feb 5
The Curious Case of #MiniMike Bloomberg 2 Solesurvivor Feb 5
Here's what losers look like 2 foia Feb 5
Dear Nancy 3 Solesurvivor Feb 5
If morning breath.... 1 Solesurvivor Feb 5
Iowa Dems should've followed Hillary's advice 0 foia Feb 4
Bag of dicks manufacturers see overnight surge in demand 1 foia Feb 4
Flaming Lips 1 Iron Condor Feb 3
Secretary Pompous Quizzes President Dumpie 2 Cold Warrior Feb 3
Language guide 0 Charlie Mike Feb 3
Democrat obesity predicted to rise exponentially in late November 2 foia Feb 2
I must say "John Wick 3" is much better than 2 and looking forward to 4 ... nt 1 RCW2014 Feb 2
StarTrek Picard: CBS All Access free streams premiere episode 4 Iron Condor Feb 2
Every Totinos Ever - SNL 0 def_con5 Feb 1
"I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record" 0 Iron Condor Feb 1
Stop Killing Gorillas 0 Gunslinger201 Feb 1
Are the "kids in cages" @ the border OK? 3 drunk_teddy Jan 31
Dems Who Ran Sham Impeachment Hearings Shocked As Republicans Run Sham Impeachment Trial 2 Gunslinger201 Jan 30
I'm glad I never took up skateboarding. 3 Charlie Mike Jan 30
Open-Minded Parents Bring Kids To Local Library's 'Pennywise The Clown Story Hour' 1 Gunslinger201 Jan 30
You go Jay Sekulow!!! 0 Spitfire Jan 30
Schiff Landing Body Blows on Trump 2 Gunslinger201 Jan 30
She's been gone for 2 years ... look at her dog's reaction when she recognizes her 0 RCW2014 Jan 30
Ducks: How to make them pay 3 Solesurvivor Jan 29
This Jim Croce fellow was quite the artist. 8 Charlie Mike Jan 29
Drunk Scottish Guy Wakes Up In The Wrong House, Gets The Most Scottish Reaction From Homeowners 0 Steelydamned Jan 29
A bad day 0 foia Jan 29
Purdy 2 Charlie Mike Jan 29
LOL CBS news truck gets towed at Wildwood event 4 Solesurvivor Jan 29
Wuhan Virus airport question 6 drunk_teddy Jan 28
SNL: Alan Dershowitz Argues for Trump Cold Open 2 RCW2014 Jan 27
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