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Has Fiona Hill always been a women? n/t 6 drunk_teddy 1 hr ago
Does anyone else wonder what Schiff is staring at when 8 D26-15 3 hrs ago
The comments on the new Tesla truck are killing me 0 Let it go 11 hrs ago
Judges Fight in White Castle Parking Lot! 2 Micrometer 12 hrs ago
Take 4 minutes and absorb the cool 1 Currentsitguy 19 hrs ago
Don't know if this is from Clint or not but it sure puts things into perspective 0 Solesurvivor Yesterday
It's LT COL 0 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Its Lt Col Karen... 1 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Day 25 (Poll) 9 imwithfred Wednesday
Apparently there's an entire Twitter account of nothing but woman vs cat memes 5 Charlie Mike Tuesday
Congressman Swalwell, please, excuse yourself, and come back when you feel better 1 Frankenvoter Tuesday
DAYUM! Ninja got dimed out. 1 Charlie Mike Tuesday
I found a new way to terrorize your pets 10 Crazy D Tuesday
8 Miles High 0 wonderwarthog Monday
Amazing Ghost Plane Created By 800 Drones At Air Show 1 JanetS Monday
One Of The Best and Most Detailed Model Railroad Layouts in the World 4K UHD 4 Da Mannn Monday
My dude 4 Charlie Mike Sunday
Hillary Clinton: 'The Only Crime I Ever Committed Was Stealing The Hearts Of The American People' 8 JanetS Friday
Time to get into the spirit... 0 myohmy Friday
You comfort me? I comfort you. 3 Charlie Mike Friday
art imitates life.. 0 Solesurvivor Friday
The Meme that won't die 0 Solesurvivor Friday
Day 20 0 imwithfred Friday
Master Sgt. beats discrimination charge by proving he hates everyone equally 5 Solesurvivor Nov 14
Did you watch the impeachment hearings? 7 Solesurvivor Nov 14
Tie Rone - Rocket Man 5 Qukid Nov 14
Magical unicorn puppy: 10-week-old golden retriever puppercorn born with tail on forehead 1 Da Mannn Nov 14
Remastered- The Who Live from 1978. We dont get fooled again! 5 Gunslinger201 Nov 14
Strange that we can watch a clown show for four and a half hours 8 D26-15 Nov 13
Reagan tells Russia jokes! 5 wonderwarthog Nov 13
I won't get to watch folks make fools of themselves on The Price Is Right today... 0 D26-15 Nov 13
Nutraloaf, LOL, there's nothing cruel and unusual about it (Poll) 1 Frankenvoter Nov 12
Led Zeppelin - Mercury in Retrograde 4 wonderwarthog Nov 11
Something DECENT and MILITARY! 2 wonderwarthog Nov 11
F*** your couch, Eddie Murphy!! 0 Frankenvoter Nov 11
Special effects for new Jurassic Park film look really bad. 3 Charlie Mike Nov 11
Is this much floof even legal? 0 Charlie Mike Nov 11
Wouldn't you like to be a 'fly on the wall' when the liberals get together 9 D26-15 Nov 10
Fried Rattlesnake (warning: skinning and cleaning involved) 0 Da Mannn Nov 10
Well done, gentlemen. Well done. 0 Charlie Mike Nov 10
Monty Python - Zulu Wars 2 wonderwarthog Nov 10
Good boy 0 Charlie Mike Nov 10
Purling Hiss 0 wonderwarthog Nov 10
Correct me if I'm wrong but - there's something magical about a dog. 9 Charlie Mike Nov 9
Monty Python could not have done better 3 Currentsitguy Nov 9
What does Dale Earnhardt Sr & Pink Floyd have in common? 4 drunk_teddy Nov 9
Man uses 1yr old as shield, cops taze him anyway 4 Frankenvoter Nov 9
The View 1 Solesurvivor Nov 9
KK Downing playing some Priest 0 Frankenvoter Nov 9
Sure. Why not? 0 Charlie Mike Nov 9
The revised cover of Don Jr.'s new book... 11 DillyDilly500 Nov 9
If anyone needs any free legal advice let me know... N/T 2 drunk_teddy Nov 8
Just a Guy Playing Fetch....With a Beluga Whale 3 Gunslinger201 Nov 8
A facebook memory from 3 years ago.... 16 Boadicea Nov 8
Is this white supremasy? 2 D26-15 Nov 7
Day 10 8 imwithfred Nov 7
a nice start to the day 0 Gunslinger201 Nov 7
So our stupid cat (one of the 4 really is stupid) tried to burn our house down Sunday morning. 17 Currentsitguy Nov 5
Attn: Salami 0 imwithfred Nov 5
Tulsi 0 Solesurvivor Nov 5
Scarred for life 0 Charlie Mike Nov 5
Tie Rone stands 5 Qukid Nov 5
Wichita lineman 1 oflguy Nov 4
Before there was Elvis... 1 Currentsitguy Nov 4
Oh my 4 Charlie Mike Nov 4
Breaking News: Do NOT drink Sea Monkey water! 4 Da Mannn Nov 3
Don't lay no Boogie-Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll. 3 Currentsitguy Nov 3
Warren 2020 new campaign ads 7 Frankenvoter Nov 3
Billy's Dad is a Fudge Packer 0 wonderwarthog Nov 3
"Outlaw Song", Sixteen Horsepower 0 wonderwarthog Nov 2
"Mexican government hires Beto to confiscate all the drug cartel guns." 6 D26-15 Nov 2
A pair of rabbits 4 wonderwarthog Nov 1
Great scene from the London Tube 1 Currentsitguy Nov 1
How kids judge your Halloween candy.. 1 Solesurvivor Nov 1
Points for balls and originality - though the execution is somewhat lacking. 3 Charlie Mike Nov 1
Damn, these scolds must be a LOT of fun at parties :) 4 stygmata Nov 1
Once upon a time there was a monk, who farmed carrots. 4 wonderwarthog Oct 31
A family of carrots, Mama Carrot, Daddy Carrot, and Baby Carrot 2 wonderwarthog Oct 31
A little game of catch 2 Carlos_Danger Oct 31
Excuse me, sir, is this carrot genetically modified? 3 wonderwarthog Oct 31
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