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Braille dice for tabletop RPG players 0 Charlie Mike 9 min ago
I ran across an old friend I hadn't heard from in years tonight, and it was a blast. 0 Killdozer 45 min ago
St. Louis Blues... 0 RCW2014 1 hr ago
Bagpipes anyone? 5 Daves Not Here Man 1 hr ago
Annihilation 1 Happy People 1 hr ago
I've named her KD 7 Qukid 8 hrs ago
Building Bridges 3 Daves Not Here Man 10 hrs ago
bot test 5 Qukid 11 hrs ago
Russian Folk Song 13 wonderwarthog 21 hrs ago
To RATFINK 12 wonderwarthog 22 hrs ago
TGIF ! Dedicated to BOTUS Marlin Bundo ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 23 hrs ago
I owned one of these beasts 10 wonderwarthog Yesterday
Three Stooges Doing Concrete Work 0 It Guy Yesterday
Tie rone was a happy camper 6 Qukid Yesterday
DI Word of Week! 9 Daves Not Here Man Yesterday
Vacuum, tasty. Temple squirrel! 4 Currentsitguy Yesterday
Dude. Are you gay now? 2 Daves Not Here Man Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Daves Not Here Man Yesterday
Deadpool 2 trailer 1 Charlie Mike Thursday
These eyes 0 oflguy Thursday
is the sweetho apology tour really necessary? (Poll) 3 rampartb Thursday
What a great cat toy 1 Currentsitguy Wednesday
For guys: Ginger or Mary Ann? (Poll) 21 Happy People Wednesday
Chattanooga Chopper 3 Qukid Wednesday
Here's that movie franchise reboot nobody asked for 4 Charlie Mike Wednesday
What is your firearm project or shooting today? 10 Magyar Heidinn Tuesday
In Another Time (on vinyl) 0 Iron Condor Monday
Mr. Rogers Raps in the 'Garden of Your Mind' ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Monday
Blue Lives Matter 1 Qukid Monday
Black Panther 1 Charlie Mike Monday
History Buffs: Zulu 4 Charlie Mike Monday
The Manslater 1 Da Mannn Monday
Jedi Prank in Coffee Shop (very good) 3 Da Mannn Monday
Hot DX right now! 8 wonderwarthog Sunday
Kathy Griffin Is Back: Controversial Comedian Carnegie Hall Show Sells Out in A Day 3 RCW2014 Sunday
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 6 wonderwarthog Sunday
BANNED Irish War Goddess! 9 wonderwarthog Sunday
Well, the point is have fun, isn't it? 0 Happy People Sunday
I got stuck in traffic today... 6 myohmy Sunday
Fortunate Son (Irish version) 4 wonderwarthog Saturday
The Mad Irish 0 wonderwarthog Saturday
Something I've NEVER been! 0 wonderwarthog Saturday
Jared from Subway likes his wine... 3 Hades Saturday
Riptide (2013) 0 Agent_86 Saturday
Roadside sobriety check. 2 cologeek Saturday
Cab Calloway & the Nicholas Brothers - Stormy Weather 2 Charlie Mike Mar 16
"Have you ever been to San Francisco?" 6 wonderwarthog Mar 16
My opinion: Comedians make excellent dramatic actors because 5 Charlie Mike Mar 16
Join me while I laugh my ass off at crooked meemaw falling down the stairs. TWICE 10 MumblyPeg Mar 16
Putibio...apparently. I'm his 1st ignore list person 4 Oldgeezer Mar 16
The MAN song!!! This guy is rough! 2 Squeek Mar 16
Well, I know what I want for my gun collection. 1 Hades Mar 16
Bracketology 0 orson Mar 15
Yes, we have no bananas 2 Summer Mar 15
On fitting in 2 wonderwarthog Mar 15
Shaggy does Donald Trump, Mon! 0 wonderwarthog Mar 15
Flowers in Your Hair (2012) 3 Agent_86 Mar 15
i just had an opportunity to vote "hide" on an obnoxious post that is reposted every morning 16 rampartb Mar 15
When the President orders you to eat the salad... 5 Will Morningstar Mar 15
Pantera 2 wonderwarthog Mar 14
Guys! Trouble communicating with the women in your life? 0 Currentsitguy Mar 14
Unhappy? 8 wonderwarthog Mar 14
RIP Stephen Hawking 1 Steelydamned Mar 14
i picked up a bottle on the beach this morning 0 orson Mar 14
Mr. Blue Sky (1978) 2 Agent_86 Mar 14
It's like Russian Roulette: "Liberal Buzzword" 0 Frankenvoter Mar 14
Very rare Jimi Hendrix on acoustic 4 wonderwarthog Mar 13
Rex Tillerson: "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" 4 Mad Dog 20-20 Mar 13
SPRING BREAK: Drunk teens on Florida beaches; Smell of drugs, sex in public.. 0 RCW2014 Mar 12
Funny Ass Redneck Makes America Great (language warning) 8 wonderwarthog Mar 12
Don't do drugs, or eat Tide pods! 2 wonderwarthog Mar 12
It is really depressing 5 Mad Dog 20-20 Mar 12
Suicide Song 17 wonderwarthog Mar 12
Almira Fawn 2 wonderwarthog Mar 12
"You look like sh*t!" 2 wonderwarthog Mar 12
You, Me, Them...Everybody 1 myohmy Mar 12
She'll keep playing that thing until the cows come home 7 Charlie Mike Mar 12
Excuse me if you will... 0 wonderwarthog Mar 12
Motel Room 2 wonderwarthog Mar 11
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