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I was watching childrens programs with my litte neice this morning 9 D26-15 2 hrs ago
Howlin At The Moon... 1 RCW2014 2 hrs ago
Why Bannon really left the White House 4 wonderwarthog 3 hrs ago
"Speak English, Comrade!" - narrated by Jack Webb 4 wonderwarthog 3 hrs ago
When you're the only metalhead at the party... 1 Immacolata 8 hrs ago
MTV Cribs - Marine Edition 0 Hades 9 hrs ago
Dear God, show us a sign 4 New Deal Democrat 15 hrs ago
I turn her on 7 wonderwarthog 20 hrs ago
Halloween... 4 It Guy Yesterday
Star Wars meets Full Metal Jacket 4 Hades Yesterday
Welp, looks like socky bit the dust. 15 MumblyPeg Saturday
When Salaami gets her next hide, I get to say "Who hid the Salaami". Don't you fuckers steal it. 9 Shkreli Saturday
New Show - Get Shorty 2 Immacolata Saturday
Boston, I salute you! 17 Immacolata Saturday
The Pope and Trump are on stage in front of a huge crowd. 2 Daves Not Here Man Saturday
There were 4 passengers on board, but only 3 parachutes 6 orson Saturday
Any Chess players here? 4 rahtruelies Saturday
Anything you can do, I can better..... 3 Daves Not Here Man Friday
Save the date. August 18th. 11 Daves Not Here Man Friday
TGIF, boi ... what a week ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Friday
For those wishing to divest themselves of the imagery of foul slave owners 13 cologeek Friday
Do I really need Solar Eclipse glasses to watch this ? 1 RATFINK_5.0 Friday
Kool ! Just got my solar eclipse glasses via Amazon ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Friday
Pilot Radio 13 wonderwarthog Friday
Key Republican Calls for Radical Changes in Trump's Presidency 5 wonderwarthog Friday
If Trump came out for Oxygen... 4 Solesurvivor Thursday
Just ordered my General Class Study Book/Software from Amazon! 2 wonderwarthog Thursday
Ted Nugents latest "feel good" hit. 4 Frankenvoter Thursday
If North Korea can reach a major California city with a mushroom cloud, 2 Shkreli Thursday
The Gilly Bomb 0 Iron Condor Thursday
Liberals want to impeach Trump!!!1!!!11 0 Solesurvivor Wednesday
Little Girl 7 Immacolata Wednesday
Isle Of Man: On Board Lap (2017) 1 Iron Condor Wednesday
Cause I'm a Dirty White Boy 1 Iron Condor Wednesday
New addition to radio family 4 wonderwarthog Wednesday
HOLA CQ! 0 wonderwarthog Tuesday
Docbroke got the boot 4 Solesurvivor Tuesday
New D.I Regulations!!! 20 wonderwarthog Tuesday
I am thinking of pardoning "The Big Red" 11 wonderwarthog Tuesday
Philadelphia Nazis 0 Daves Not Here Man Tuesday
Optical Illusion. Do you see the circles? 2 Zappa Dappa Doo Tuesday
Like cats? Got WAY too much time on your hands?... 5 Gamle-ged Tuesday
I just found out Docbroke got shitcanned. That sux. 17 Shkreli Tuesday
Rick lays it down regarding Nazis and Antifa 2 Daves Not Here Man Monday
I dare ya... 0 Solesurvivor Monday
This is some of the worst pro Nazi crap I have seen online!!!! 2 Currentsitguy Monday
Firing up the Grundig Shortwave tonight 13 wonderwarthog Monday
Venus by Shocking Blue (1969) 2 Agent_86 Monday
Mom's face is priceless. 1 Daves Not Here Man Monday
Redneck Avengers bad lip reading 2 mrwordsworth Monday
Police Dog Blues 0 wonderwarthog Monday
Western vs. Kung Fu Flute! 0 wonderwarthog Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 wonderwarthog Aug 13
Me reading the same OPs over and over today. 1 Daves Not Here Man Aug 13
5 Strangest Photos of World War II 0 Solesurvivor Aug 13
"Rocket 69" - 1951 6 wonderwarthog Aug 13
Early In the Morning... 8 wonderwarthog Aug 13
The Hollies - "Bus Stop" performed live on Top Of The Pops UK- June 1966 1 Aquila Aug 13
"Hey Joe" (The Marmalade) 2 wonderwarthog Aug 13
Red Snakes 0 wonderwarthog Aug 13
"Cryin' Black Sheep Blues" 0 wonderwarthog Aug 13
Open My Eyes 0 wonderwarthog Aug 13
George Carlin explains why DI is perfect (language warning) 2 wonderwarthog Aug 13
Casino Don and WW3 0 wonderwarthog Aug 12
Secret Agent Man (1966) 10 Agent_86 Aug 12
Randy Newman - Political Science (Let's Drop the Big One Now) 2 Troll2 Aug 12
Got schooled in dj rap breaking this evening. It was the animation logo on Google's search page. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 12
Rageaholic Cinema: THE ROAD WARRIOR 0 Solesurvivor Aug 11
Trumpo Inc., Ltd., Diversionary Tactic Network, DTN, will now break for this impotent announcement: 1 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 11
WBCQ Monticello Maine right now - "Free Speech Radio" 0 wonderwarthog Aug 11
Randy Newman - Putin (Official Video) 6 Troll2 Aug 11
"Rotation Blues" - 1951 Korean War Cowboy Song 4 wonderwarthog Aug 11
"Consistent Low Range Modulator" 2 wonderwarthog Aug 11
Women are like bacon... 6 Solesurvivor Aug 11
It's a smokescreen, media beginning to agree. Meantime, I started 4 day Weekend!!! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 11
There's one thing American North Korea seems to like 6 Currentsitguy Aug 11
Kim & Donny switch hairstyles 1 Daves Not Here Man Aug 11
How To Be a Liberal 1 Jack Burton Aug 11
Gonna wait till... 4 wonderwarthog Aug 11
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