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Were you there? ( DI - DAY ONE ) [View all] 91 akaConcernedCanuk Jun 2018
A musical conversation [View all] 71 Independent.mind Aug 2018
Q: How do you wash down GAY CAKE? [View all] 67 Will Morningstar Jun 2018
I'M BA-AAAACK!!! 45 wonderwarthog Jan 2019
What's your vodka? 44 TheShoe Jul 2018
Well, it's been fun. 42 Pug-ly Aug 5
When was the last time you actually hung up a phone? Or got up to change the channel? Or took it... 37 Gamle-ged Dec 2018
I'm eating at Chik-Fil-A, ask me anything 37 wonderwarthog Jun 2018
Is someone getting special treatment on DI? 36 D26-15 Jun 2018
How to grill a great steak???? 35 Summer Oct 2018
PUBLIC CHALLENGE - My bet for the Qu00bster. Will he accept? 35 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 34 Will Morningstar Aug 2018
What's your favorite caliber? (Poll) 34 drunk_teddy Aug 2018
Why did Walmart treat me like a thief? 32 myohmy Nov 2018
Does 9 posts to ones own OP within 3 minutes mean 32 D26-15 Sep 2018
How do you wash down GAY CAKE? (Two) 32 Will Morningstar Jun 2018
Just in time for the 4th celebration. Rifles Rilfles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifles Rifle 31 Magyar Heidinn Jul 2018
Where Have All the Average People Gone? 31 wonderwarthog Jul 2018
The rejected cast of Red Dawn 29 Boadicea Jul 2018
Best gun ever? (Poll) 29 drunk_teddy Sep 2018
Morningstar - Through The Night 27 Qukid Sep 2018
Just had a call on my landline.. from my own landline number! Second time in a year or so... 26 Gamle-ged Feb 2019
Transgender demonstrates Zenith table radio restoration 26 wonderwarthog Aug 2018
How long does a mass shooting last? 25 quad489 Sep 19
24 Hours of Lemons 25 MumblyPeg Jun 2018
Australian Pirate Radio 25 wonderwarthog Jul 2018
If Music Gives You Goosebumps, Theres Something Special About Your Brain 25 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
I'm sorry to see it happen 25 imwithfred Nov 2018
Estrogen or testosterone? (Poll) 24 myohmy Jul 2018
1956 RCA Atomic Retro 24 wonderwarthog Aug 2018
What will Kavanaugh be accused of next? 24 foia Sep 2018
Do You Agree? Exorcist Ranked Greatest Horror Movie Of All-Time 24 JanetS Nov 2018
Why I Hate Pickup Trucks 23 wonderwarthog Sep 2018
"Four Fingers of Death" 1980's MRE 23 wonderwarthog Nov 2018
It might snow in the South 22 Boadicea Jan 2019
Don't move to Florida! Pleeeeease... 22 Gamle-ged Feb 2019
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! 22 Meowmenow Sep 2018
Toilet seat: Up or Down? (Poll) 22 myohmy Aug 2018
Glorious Car of Socialist Republic Bravely Fights Capitalist Oppressor! 21 wonderwarthog Mar 2019
600yds with iron sights on a worn out 200 dollar chinese mosin carbine 21 MumblyPeg Jul 2018
Tie rone is going on a beer run. 21 Qukid Sep 2018
So, HOW COLD IS IT, DI? 20 wonderwarthog Jan 2019
A thread for your Favorite Rolling Stones songs 20 Gunslinger201 Apr 2019
Help!! 20 Gunslinger201 Apr 2019
This message was self-deleted by its author (Poll) 20 Will Morningstar Aug 2018
COFFEE TALK, with Will Morningstar and Linda Richman. EPISODE 1: Q: Why Do Liberals Exist? 20 Will Morningstar Jun 2018
C.B. ACTION! 20 wonderwarthog Jul 2018
Things I learned on "Burn Notice" 20 wonderwarthog Nov 2018
Is Bernie Sanders an old crazy bastard? (Poll) 20 drunk_teddy Mar 2019
The Coolest (and "dangerous") toys of my Childhood! 19 wonderwarthog Apr 2019
Tie Rone woman standing guard at the homestead. 19 Qukid Apr 2019
It's week 5 and we've picked our puppy! 19 Currentsitguy Aug 1
No President should speak like Elmo 19 Cold Warrior Sep 1
When you self delete, your tags shouldn't stay trending. 19 SatansSon666 Aug 9
The new Star Trek: Picard teaser trailer was just released 18 Currentsitguy May 2019
Another gutless deleter..."USNRET1988 This message was self-deleted by its author." 18 Oldgeezer Jul 30
I know this should be in Tech, and I know this is stupid, but I just bought a turntable 18 Currentsitguy Jun 2018
Amazing likenesses (no photoshop) 18 LavenderGirl Dec 2018
Friday funny 18 Boadicea Jul 2018
55 Gallon drum of Sex Lube on Amazon 18 Gunslinger201 Nov 2018
Buffy the Vampire Slayer! 18 wonderwarthog Mar 2019
Oh BABY... Did Boulder just get hit with a hail storm 18 Ohio Joe Jun 2018
Men who want... 17 Solesurvivor Jan 2019
Bar fight question... 17 drunk_teddy Mar 2019
What is the link to that new alt to DI forum again? 17 RCW2014 Mar 2019
Cue theme from Jaws 17 orson Apr 2019
You'll thank me for this 17 Charlie Mike Sep 2018
Kids of the 80s what cartoon does this remind you of? 17 Solesurvivor May 2019
One Hit Wonders - your favorites 17 JanetS Jan 2019
Hello, can I talk to you about... 17 Solesurvivor Jul 2018
Shout out to FuzzyJane iverglas! 16 MumblyPeg Jun 2018
Have you ever smoked Marijuana? (Poll) 16 drunk_teddy Jul 2018
Just Hit the 20,000 Posts Marker.....Congratulations to ME ! 16 Grumpy Pickle Aug 2018
Great Day for Flying! 16 wonderwarthog Aug 2018
Do you think most Democratic Underground women members r fat & ugly? (Poll) 16 drunk_teddy Sep 2018
Bye, will... I really enjoyed your GBCW post today, and all the posts after it. 16 D26-15 Sep 2018
Tie Rone is selling the mobile home. 16 Qukid Nov 2018
The "Decades" channel is running a tribute to the show The Twilight Zone. 15 oflguy Jan 2019
Tie Rone took the wife and kid down to the Walmart. 15 Qukid Jun 2019
Tips for getting banned at Discussionist. 15 SatansSon666 Aug 12
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