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Explain your screenname. [View all] 80 Konservative Sep 2016
I Will PERMANENTLY DELETE MY ACCOUNT HERE IF Any Con... [View all] 80 Frostlight Nov 2016
What do you do for a living? [View all] 69 Myriel Apr 2016
Prepping for a Colonoscopy - Ask me anything! [View all] 65 wonderwarthog May 27
How COLD IS IT? (Poll) [View all] 63 wonderwarthog Feb 2016
Toilet Paper Thread [View all] 57 wonderwarthog May 2016
Hobbies anyone? [View all] 52 HerasHeaddress Mar 2017
Is D.I. a Family? (Poll) 49 wonderwarthog Mar 2016
Are you smarter than an atheist? A religious quiz 48 TexMex May 2016
It's SOUL SATURDAY! 44 wonderwarthog Jun 11
World War II Quiz 44 Gunslinger201 Feb 2016
Wonder Warthog, Fools_Gold, this is nostalgia for you: 44 Currentsitguy Mar 2016
(NOT a )Fire Truck! 43 wonderwarthog Jun 5
Hey discussionists, settle an argument for me. (Poll) 40 SlayerNut Jun 2016
Political Humor 39 sargentodiaz Feb 2016
Slipknots Corey Taylor on Trump: Would you just fucking get impeached already? 39 wonderwarthog Thursday
Which American accent is favored??? (Poll) 36 Boadicea Mar 2016
Bernie tried. He really tried... 34 wonderwarthog Aug 2016
What's your handgun of preference for home defense? 34 Louie Mar 2017
Happy birthday, Discusssionist. 34 Qukid May 18
The single greatest computer game is: 34 Konservative Apr 2016
Quiz: How well do you know the '80s? 34 TexMex Apr 2016
'Moon Pie's and an RC': Don't believe the hype. 34 Konservative Feb 2016
Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level? 34 TexMex Apr 2016
Who do you have on your ignore list? 33 Aldar Mar 2017
need a opinion from the AR-15 owners here, ammo related 33 Crazy D Mar 2016
Game of Thrones finale tonight! 32 Immacolata Jun 2016
Oreos. Double stuffed or regular? (Poll) 32 Daves Not Here Man Mar 2016
Hillary Clinton - Lizard or Not? (Poll) 30 wonderwarthog Aug 2016
Help! Friendzoned! 30 wonderwarthog Mar 2016
Say Something Nice about Hillary thread 28 wonderwarthog Aug 2016
Most insidious song off the top of your head 28 Nephrite May 2016
Time to christen our new president (poll) (Poll) 27 Noumenon Jan 2017
The air in this place is getting a little hot and thick... 27 wonderwarthog Thursday
Former D.U.ers on Discussionist 27 wonderwarthog Mar 2016
And your weekend plans are? 27 Crazy D May 2016
Is my husband the only husband not allowed to eat supper 26 BeautifulStems Jun 2016
For the Trumpsters. 26 Ray97 Sep 2016
I'm drunk, ask me anything 26 TendiesForBreakfast Apr 29
Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level? 26 Gamle-ged Oct 2016
I was cooking dinner this evening (really Breakfast for dinner) when it suddenly occurred to me 25 Currentsitguy Apr 7
In case anyone missed it below... 25 D26-15 Jun 11
Going to smoke a pork roast tomorrow 25 Aldar Jun 14
One Hit Wonders (beginning w/Tommy Tutone - Jenny) 25 Immacolata Mar 2016
Anyone drive a motorcycle? 25 Aldar Feb 2016
Why God wont let me win the powerball (this has to be the reason) (Poll) 25 Frankenvoter Mar 2016
jury results on goodwoids - disgust woiks for me 24 rampartb Aug 2016
Should America Round up Trump Supporters 24 wonderwarthog Oct 2016
Terrible night last night. Our very loved parrot died. 24 Currentsitguy Feb 2017
Only 18 Percent Of Americans Can Drive Manual (transmission) 24 MumblyPeg Mar 2017
Looking for a pic 24 NLD Jan 2016
If you're on a DI time out, how do you spend your free time? (Poll) 24 Phlegm Monger Feb 2016
Anybody here a U.S. Marine, or were you just in the military? 24 Konservative Jun 2016
Why Do YOU waste your time here? (Poll) 24 wonderwarthog Jul 2016
A lot of people are having trouble with this math problem that requires some basic algebra 23 Runner Dude Jun 2016
Just got banned at DUmp... 23 tireman2.0 Jun 2016
I resembled this at one time.... 23 Boadicea Sep 2016
Beer aficionados: is it going from Corona to Beck's a step backwards?? 23 Attera May 31
Walking Dead Finale 23 Hades Apr 2016
Is Frostlight a Male or a Female? (Poll) 23 Frostlight Apr 2016
Help me EMPTY MY IGNORE LIST! VOTE TODAY! (Poll) 22 wonderwarthog Sep 2016
Theme from Halloween 22 Immacolata Mar 30
So true... 22 AmandaCMatthews Apr 18
The single greatest dish you've ever tasted.... 22 Konservative Apr 2016
Why are cons so offended by Melanoma's plagiarism? 21 Mile High Guy Jul 2016
Wake and Bake! Who will join me? 21 Immacolata Feb 2017
Trolls and socks and nutballs, OH MY! 21 wonderwarthog Jun 7
Movie Night!!!! 21 exindy Feb 2016
Is the name batschitcrazy taken on these boards 21 Dante CoD Feb 2016
William Shatner....the drugs must have been great in the 60's and 70's 21 Boadicea Feb 2016
A Morality tale 21 Guyzilla Feb 2016
Wondering if I'm going to hell over something 20 Frankenvoter Mar 2017
Those are some solid points, Karl. 20 Lil Marky Apr 2
What's on the Opposite Side of the World from You? 20 Cold Warrior Apr 12
Breaking News! Two Bots go to IGNORE LIMBO! 20 wonderwarthog May 20
What's your favorite line from Blazing Saddles? 20 bluedog294 May 2016
What have you marked off your bucket list lately? 20 Konservative Jun 2016
Happy Birthday to BeautifulStems!!! 19 KAT Jun 2016
Our resident esquire ..of meme, 'toon. tweet fame,I fear esquire is afraid of us..hours ago I.. 19 Sassyspop Feb 2017
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