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Thirteen states will be constitutional carry states on Nov 1,2019. 4 oldenuff35 Nov 2019
Is Lefty done wetting the bed (Poll) 9 Horsefeathers Sep 2019
Baltimore Named Nations Most Dangerous City By USA Today 6 oldenuff35 Jul 2019
Its happening 1 shogun Jul 2019
No enforcement restrictions in border funding bill. AOC has a tantrum. AOC is a loser, again. 4 oldenuff35 Jun 2019
AOC schooled by FBI official after suggesting white supremacists are getting 'off the hook" 2 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2019
I thought this only happened in America......Oz Mass shooting 1 Crazy D Jun 2019
Russia-linked disinformation efforts target EU elections 6 Banshee 3 Actual May 2019
Explosions kill at least 140 in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday 0 Muddling Through Apr 2019
Art of Dying , 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2019
Liddell vs Ortiz 3 4 Hades Nov 2018
Interpol presidency vote: Russia in surprise loss to South Korea 1 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 2018
It seems the NYT's story, the letter, may have been written by a college kid. 7 oldenuff35 Sep 2018
Pffffffff HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 4 TendiesForBreakfast Aug 2018
Left-Wing Daily Beast Reports the Trump N-Word Tape is a Complete Fabrication 13 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
!@$*##!!!##!!! 5 wonderwarthog Aug 2018
Interpreter and executive privilege, get used to hearing these two words together. 3 oldenuff35 Jul 2018
New hairdresser? 25 LavenderGirl Jul 2018
Trump-bashing Puerto Rican mayor reportedly facing FBI corruption probe 2 Tin Ear2 Jun 2018
Man poops on another man in Pennsylvania road rage episode, police say 2 Daves Not Here Man Jun 2018
Babysitter Facing Life in the Pen After Putting Baby in Oven. 6 Daves Not Here Man Apr 2018
Geeebuz #2: Trump want's 2 B interviewed by Mueller. GO 4 It Trumpo! 3 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 2018
Arnold pawn shop owner shoots, kills attempted robber 13 Qukid Mar 2018
Putin wants to make Russia great again. 3 southernwriter Mar 2018
Much talk about minority voters being the key to a Dem victory and the future of the party; 7 joannadufrane Mar 2018
FBI admits it fucked up on Warnings about Parkland shooter 2 Banshee 3 Actual Feb 2018
Trump wont stop trying to keep America white 24 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Gee, who didn't see this coming? 29 Carlos W Bush Feb 2018
Off to a bad start 2 WritelyWrong Jan 2018
LETMYPEOPLEVOTE do you ever tire of being wrong? [View all] 64 Banshee 3 Actual Dec 2017
Local Boob calling other posters local Boobs 10 WritelyWrong Oct 2017
Hoyt likes us, he really, really likes us. 7 Butchie_T Oct 2017
Judge blocks Texas from turning over voter information to White House 0 Letmypeoplevote Oct 2017
Trump Just Suffered A New Crushing Defeat On His Muslim Ban 2.0 25 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2017
DU'ers apparently think all Blacks are looters 17 Banshee 3 Actual Sep 2017
Buckingham Palace suspect was brandishing 4ft sword, police say 9 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2017
Carrier deal 10 def_con5 Jul 2017
How Rachel Maddow screwed up on her false document story 5 His Daughter Jul 2017
Democrat PAC tied to Harry Reid and Bill Clinton employees arrested for voter fraud 12 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2017
That Saudi Arms deal lefty was whining was fake a few days ago? 0 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2017
squatty potty fires Kathy Griffin from ad campaign 10 bernt-toast Jun 2017
Deaths confirmed after Manchester Arena during Ariana Grande concert bombed 13 Banshee 3 Actual May 2017
Judge blocks Trumps order on sanctuary cities [View all] 56 Letmypeoplevote May 2017
Hey, I thought you Guys said Trump was a Muslim hating Racist? 36 Gunslinger201 May 2017
Media wrong again: Flynn hasn't yet responded to subpoena 10 bernt-toast May 2017
President Trump: White House will be lit blue to honor law enforcement on Police Week 11 Gunslinger201 May 2017
Another day, another hate crime hoax 6 Gunslinger201 May 2017
Venezuela is the GOP's wet dream 9 Carlos W Bush Apr 2017
religion of peace claims another 3 victims in California 19 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 2017
Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns on April 14th! 2 Juan Rico Mar 2017
maga .. Millionaire Assshole Golfing Again 22 muon Mar 2017
Trump team to curb use of "radical Islamic terrorism." 10 Slayer Feb 2017
I'm eating chicken and broccoli watching the inaugural concert 3 Gunslinger201 Jan 2017
Vote the New Monoply Tokens! 9 Gunslinger201 Jan 2017
VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s eye problems return at Cleveland rally 15 Da Mannn Oct 2016
#MAGA Took a while, I am slow, but I figured it out. 18 Salaam Oct 2016
Two Brussels police stabbed in suspected terror attack 1 Banshee 3 Actual Oct 2016
Cell phones and dash cams are changing the game against trigger-happy cops. 6 JoeHill Sep 2016
Protesters Block Trump Motorcade, JUMP ON VEHICLE! 25 Da Mannn Aug 2016
Colin Powell: No, I Never Told Hillary To Set Up A Private Server 10 AmandaMatthews Aug 2016
It's Time To Play Fantasy Football, DI'ers!! 9 Daves Not Here Man Aug 2016
Leytonstone Tube station stabbing a 'terrorist incident' 0 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2016
So what kind of country is this when the so-called "Liberal" party has three consecutive nights of 17 FORD Jul 2016
Girl fighting for life after mum and three daughters knifed in French holiday resort 9 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2016
Man who posted Alton Sterling shooting video, arrested at gun-point by 10 cops 27 JoeHill Jul 2016
Police officer shoots black man--lies about it, video shows 24 JoeHill Jul 2016
Black Lives Matter supporter killed after breaking into a cop's home. 7 Da Mannn Jul 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 JoeHill Jul 2016
Japan's top court has approved blanket surveillance of the country's Muslims 5 Da Mannn Jul 2016
I Hope the F#cking N R.A. 34 wonderwarthog Jun 2016
'Splody head alert, Oregon Indy voters Trump 53% 6 Gunslinger201 May 2016
Trump's spokesperson makes a fool of herself... 9 Scary Red May 2016
Black students connected in SU racist drawing 20 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 2016
Free Speech 1, Kamala Harris 0 19 Muddling Through Apr 2016
Top recipients of fossil fuel money (NO SURPRISE HERE <==my remark) 6 AmandaMatthews Apr 2016
Another Cop murders US citizen 8 JoeHill Apr 2016
Judicial Watch: Crack Dealer Freed Early Under Obama Plan Murders Woman, 2 Kids 6 Zimm_Man_Fan Mar 2016
Tick, tick, tick. The silly right wing is about to have yet another Hillary sad. 14 EGTrise Mar 2016
Get Ready to Say President Trump 19 Zimm_Man_Fan Mar 2016
Texas court clears Rick Perry of 2nd and final charges, case is dismissed 23 the more you know Feb 2016
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