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Democratic Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio Cortez congratulating USA Speaker Nancy Pelosi- 16 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2019
Stacey Abrams Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Senator Harris Warren Klobuchar big winners 23 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2019
I watched RBG four times & interesting to me is the link between RBG & Alexandria Ocasio Cortez 33 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2019
IMHO- Very interesting- trump in deep trouble, obviously Mr. Mueller wasn't the leaker & 31 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Political Wire- George Will- It must be miserable to be donald trump 10 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
OPINION imho trump does a photo op, so typical of a bully and so boring. 11 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez likely to join the Democratic Controlled House Banking Panel 21 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
trump being advised by conspiracy theorists Lou Dobbs & of course Sean Hannity 7 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
The Atlantic- Trump has defeated himself. 10 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Barry Gordon, was 2 years too soon....still fighting for great causes I agree with 1 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
The Democratic Democracy response got higher ratings than trump's 15 minutes of rants LOL 18 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi & Schumer & Alexandria Ocasio Cortez & Sean McFarlane 8 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Does trump even have the internal support from those he'd need for it? 8 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
trump, proving he is NOT a good dealmaker at all, will find this is his Waterloo (Poll) 18 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Morning Consult Poll of 50 states- trump now underwater in 30 states,including 9 he won(supposedly) 14 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
THE CASE AGAINST THE UNFIT donald trump- David Leonhardt article 22 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
OOPS trump can't use grandma's refund for his propaganda anymore-IRS will mail out refunds 18 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
President Jimmy Carter boldly states that he never spoke to liar liar pants on fire trump 8 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
trump's campaign promise was one wall fully paid for by Mexico. It was one singluar statement 49 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez accuses trump republicans of hostage taking 18 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2019
Congratulations Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for her help in Ayanna Pressley's major victory 9 graham4anything4HC45 Sep 2018
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez- Republicans are so scared of me...Election day is Nov.6, 2018 13 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Democratic Congressperson to be Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wows massive crowds Missouri/Kansas 41 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Thank you Miami Herald for giving Alexandria Ocasio Cortez some great publicity in Miami 15 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Thinking about it, I like that the California Democratic Party backed DeLeon v. DiFi 5 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is so popular (think Gene Rayburn & the Match Game)- 15 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Congressperson to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Steve Colbert 27 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Lisa Blunt Rochester,Juaquin Castro,Hakeem Jeffries, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - 34 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can run for President/VP in 2024 21 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 2018
COOL!!! Kirsten Gillibrand joins Alexandria & says ICE needs to be disbanded, broken up in two 18 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 2018
Say the name. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Proud of the (D). 49 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 2018
SHE2020 Congrats to Kirsten, Nydia, Yvette, Caroline, Alexandria, Nita,Tedra 8 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 2018
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