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BLM Idiot Stomps Small Dog in Elevator 15 Grumpy Pickle Oct 9
Teen beat down elderly stranger for being white: cops 8 Bronxbomber Oct 6
man sentenced to 16 years for felony animal cruelty 10 rampartb Jul 2017
Don't gore my ox 8 def_con5 May 2017
Dang, I come in here and scroll the topics 3 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Hilarious Jack Russel Terrier gets lost in the moment at Crufts! 6 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Another Trumpster Shows His True Colors 33 Hunter Rose Jan 2017
Louisiana cop shot, killed after stopping to offer aid 2 Bronxbomber Jan 2017
Mugger violently robs elderly man in the Bronx 1 Bronxbomber Jan 2017
Man sentenced for beating, attempting to rape 89-year-old Columbus woman 13 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
That's what real men look like, and that's what real men do - a small glimpse of real America 10 Attera Oct 2016
Man punches 85-year-old man in Upper East Side park behind Gracie Mansion 2 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
69-year-old grandmother knocked out in senseless Queens attack 11 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
Florida POS kills Pinky the Flamingo for no goddam reason 15 NO_NO_DOWN_BADBOY Aug 2016
DA Fitzpatrick tests cutting-edge DNA in Potsdam murder of 12-year-old boy 0 Bronxbomber Jul 2016
82-year-old woman is fighting for her life after she was robbed and assaulted. 4 Bronxbomber Jul 2016
Michael Jackson Allegedly Stockpiled Porn To Desensitize His Victims 9 Floyd R. Turbo Jun 2016
It turns out it's not just your dogs that the cops kill. 1 SavannahMan Jun 2016
Sheriff Adopts Dog he found chained to House during Flood 0 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Horror as dog 'dragged through the streets behind a horse and cart' 7 Attera Apr 2016
Mama coyote, blinded by a bullet, is alive thanks to animal rescuers 26 Attera Apr 2016
NYPD Hero shoots dogs wagging its tail at him. [View all] 51 SavannahMan Mar 2016
Officer claims he was trained to shoot dogs even if they were chained. 7 SavannahMan Mar 2016
The Homicidal Compulsive Tendencies of Historical Figures and Our Ancestors 2 TIMETOCHANGE Feb 2016
Remember the Deputy who beat his K9 outside of a Casino? A decision has been reached. 9 SavannahMan Jan 2016
4 teens in custody in alleged group rape at NYC playground 11 Tin Ear Jan 2016
78 Year-Old Mother of Nine Brutally Beaten and Stomped On by Convicted Killer (Video) 8 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Bernie Sanders on Animal Welfare 4 Immacolata Dec 2015
MICHIGAN GOONS Rob Disabled Man, Beat Him, Steal Cellphone and Post Video on Facebook (VIDEO) 2 Tin Ear Dec 2015
Planned Parenthood Shooter Suspect History of Domestic Violence 28 LavenderGirl Nov 2015
Shelter emptied: Ohio adoption event finds home for every dog and cat 23 R2D42 Nov 2015
UA student investigated for graphic video of cat beaten with belt 12 Bronxbomber Nov 2015
Ohio Student Unrecognizable After Brutal Beating and Robbery By Three Street Thugs 9 Tin Ear Oct 2015
Desperate elephants shot with poison arrows travel to humans for help 4 smalllivingeddy Sep 2015
Heroic Deputy Sheriff from Minnesota charged with Animal Cruelty. 3 SavannahMan Jul 2015
FOOD FIGHT !!!! 5 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
Some helpful information here 1 R2D42 Jun 2015
This woman should be hit in the head with a hammer 18 Currentsitguy May 2015
VIDEO: 4 teens viciously beat girl in Brooklyn McDonald’s as crowd cheers 25 Tin Ear Mar 2015
CCTV Shows 'Sickening' Attack On 92-Year-Old 3 Bronxbomber Feb 2015
Beastiality By Nation 9 Floyd R. Turbo Feb 2015
Instant karma! 6 Floyd R. Turbo Feb 2015
Man beat girlfriend with puppy. 45 Floyd R. Turbo Jan 2015
Birds 'heard tornadoes coming' and fled one day ahead 4 Zimm_Man_Fan Dec 2014
TV hunter Eva Shockey responds to threats after posting photos of dead bear [View all] 58 Juan Rico Dec 2014
Woman with 3 month old baby kicked to the ground 0 Tin Ear Dec 2014
F*****g animal. [View all] 67 starcat Nov 2014
Man accused of drowning 12-year-old dog arrested in Reno 15 Doctor_R Nov 2014
What are your thoughts on Michael Savage? [View all] 55 Cute Kitten Eater Oct 2014
Do you think that cosmetics should be tested on animals? I do not. 23 Immacolata Oct 2014
Who needs an ass kicking? This guy needs an ass kicking! 2 Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2014
I can't stop giggling.... 4 starcat Sep 2014
Good News! Remember that CEO from a few days ago who abused his dog in an elevator? He was fired! 4 Runner Dude Sep 2014
Cops arrest man, leave dog on road to die. 12 Hades Jul 2014
The Reality Behind Animal Rights Radical’s ‘Re-Wilding’ 13 Juan Rico Jul 2014
New York State Legislator Wants to Ban Tiger Selfies 3 Daves Not Here Man Jun 2014
When Animals Lose Their Minds 4 Hypothesis Jun 2014
From NatGeo:Dolphins Guide Scientists to Rescue Suicidal Girl 0 Hypothesis Jun 2014
Rich People Care More About Animal Welfare Than Human Rights 4 Troll2 Jun 2014
I missed you mom 0 missfire May 2014
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