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BBC: Arlington cemetery dead remind Trump Jr of his father's 'sacrifices' 11 Aquila Nov 10
My brothers & sisters took an oath to defend our Constitution not Saudi Arabia 12 Aquila Sep 28
U.S. Army develops stealthy, hydrogen fuel cell tanks 4 Aquila Aug 2019
Fox: Army sets sights on new fuel cell technology 4 Aquila Aug 2019
Deferments Helped Trump Dodge Vietnam- How the presidential candidate avoided combat 23 Aquila Jun 2019
Russian soldier accidentally destroys his BTR-82 Armored vehicle when trying to heat his food 12 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 2018
GM, Army engineers sound off on potential benefits of hydrogen-fueled electric fleet in truck demo 5 Aquila Jul 2017
Blackhawk helicopter crashes on Maryland golf course, crew member hospitalized 0 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 3 cologeek Mar 2017
Army Approves 22 Female Officer Candidates for Possible Combat Units 22 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2016
Sub-zero survival skills with the US Army in Alaska 5 Zimm_Man_Fan Mar 2016
"Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual" 2 Gamle-ged Mar 2016
Army will deploy 500 soldiers from Fort Drum to Afghanistan 10 nolens volens Feb 2016
Ben Folds 5 Break Everybody ! B4 5 ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2016
Conservatives Will Hate Why Obama Invited This Woman To The State Of The Union 24 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2016
History made: 2 women graduate from Army Ranger course 41 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2016
Bergdahl Enters No Plea 25 nolens volens Dec 2015
How many troops will we need to "eradicate islam". (Poll) 18 smokingman Nov 2015
Chelsea Manning “feels like a freak” with 2-inch prison haircut, sues Army 21 nolens volens Nov 2015
Army General Told Subordinates: 'A Woman Will Graduate Ranger School,' Sources Say 11 nolens volens Sep 2015
Odierno: Army 'dangerously close' to being cut too deep 17 nolens volens Aug 2015
The Incredible Shrinking American Army 6 Juan Rico Aug 2015
Gun Enthusiast ‘Accidentally’ Fires His AR-15 At Army Recruitment Center [View all] 51 Miss Quay Jul 2015
Combat Medic: Army’s Hollow Point Ammo Switch Will (Or Should) End the Caliber Debate 24 Juan Rico Jul 2015
U.S. Army Switching to Hollow Point Ammunition 20 Juan Rico Jul 2015
The Top Three Contenders For The U.S. Military’s XM17 Modular Handgun System Contract 14 Juan Rico Jul 2015
Al-Qaida leader's death renews debate: Do targeted killings make a difference? 6 nolens volens Jun 2015
No women advance through first round of Army Ranger training 22 Juan Rico May 2015
Bergdahl's Defense Is He Was Planning to Come Back [View all] 62 nolens volens Mar 2015
Army investigates 'racial Thursday' slurs 4 Strange Luck Mar 2015
US-Trained Iraqi Forces Investigated for War Crimes (Video) 4 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
Army refuses to consider Beretta's M9A3 [View all] 67 Juan Rico Mar 2015
Why Is the Army Brass Punishing This Special Forces Hero? 20 Trainman95630 Feb 2015
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Strange Luck Feb 2015
Go Army - beat Navy 21 His Daughter Dec 2014
Army Claims it’s too Dangerous to Clean Up Radioactive Weapons Test Site in Indiana 8 Strange Luck Dec 2014
Veteran Confronts Fake Army Ranger at Oxford Valley Mall 31 Slow Slicing Dec 2014
After about 30 years with a Beretta on its side, the U.S. Army is looking for a new gun 25 Strange Luck Dec 2014
1033 program: America's Police are Now Obama's Army: The Ultimate Price is Right! 8 SocialJustice Dec 2014
About 250 Fort Bragg soldiers to deploy to support Iraq operations 8 nolens volens Dec 2014
Thanksgiving meals sent to American troops in Liberia 0 Juan Rico Nov 2014
Peace Dividend: Army Moves to Shut Down 159th Combat Aviation Brigade 11 nolens volens Nov 2014
(UPDATED) Army: Murdered vet was never deployed 16 Satanica Nov 2014
Military court weighing fate of condemned soldier 1 nolens volens Nov 2014
More insight into the problems with the Iraqi army 4 Thorson Nov 2014
Mustangs bear the brunt of Officer RIF 14 nolens volens Nov 2014
Former paratrooper recalls WWII incident that led to beer fame 3 nolens volens Nov 2014
Stop Loss Order Issued by President Obama 14 nolens volens Oct 2014
Army War College Revokes Sen. John Walsh's Degree 23 Xray Oct 2014
Army War College Revokes Senator’s Degree 3 Let it go Oct 2014
US Army's First Infantry Division has received orders to deploy to Iraq for a one year tour 25 Duke Lacrosse Sep 2014
Again! WTH!! The Iraq Defense Ministry has acknowledged that it has lost contact with soldiers 6 Thorson Sep 2014
Training Arabs to fight on their own sounds great, what can go wrong? 0 Xray Sep 2014
Army officer denied entry into daughter’s school because uniform might ‘offend’ students 48 nolens volens Sep 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 TexMex Aug 2014
Do police need grenade launchers, other military weapons? Officers say yes 18 nolens volens Aug 2014
Army War College Starts Plagiarism Inquiry of Senator John Walsh’s Thesis 7 nolens volens Jul 2014
Sen. Harkin: Recruit the disabled for non-combat jobs 1 nolens volens Jul 2014
Deployments to Afghanistan announced for 3,600 0 nolens volens Jul 2014
Army wants a harder-hitting pistol 36 nolens volens Jul 2014
Raytheon - Excalibur Ib Precision-Guided Artillery Projectile Completes Qualification Tests 12 Juan Rico Jul 2014
U.S. to Send Up to 300 Military Advisers to Iraq 7 nolens volens Jun 2014
Veteran told not to say Pledge at college meetings to avoid offending international students 1 nolens volens Jun 2014
Statement by U.S. Army on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl investigation 2 nolens volens Jun 2014
Army soldier at Fort Hood accused of running prostitution ring 3 Strange Luck Jun 2014
Army infantry beginning adoption of upgraded M4A1 carbines [View all] 69 Juan Rico May 2014
When worlds collide: Army tries to save endangered butterflies while sharing artillery range 3 Strange Luck May 2014
U.S. Army's Creepy Sci-Fi Helmets Come With Built-In A/C 30 Brawndo May 2014
Pentagon pushes Manning transfer for gender treatment 6 Strange Luck May 2014
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