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Two people arrested for trying to run down children who support Trump. 4 cologeek Saturday
Fukushima radioactive water should be released into ocean, say Japan experts 4 Aquila Feb 2
Antifa Mobster Arrested for Allegedly Taking Part in the Assault of Two Marines Was a Go-To Democrat 3 357blackhawk Feb 2019
Former Baylor frat president could avoid jail time, sex offender registration in sex assault plea 0 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Pro abortionist charged with assault in attack on protesters. 14 cologeek Oct 2018
Russia internationals Aleksandr Kokorin & Pavel Mamaev investigated over attack 0 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Reality show contestant charged with drugging, sexually assaulting women 0 Agent_86 Sep 2018
I had a similar experience. 21 LaughingGull Sep 2018
Court pick could make AWB unconstitutional: 4 Hades Jul 2018
Say goodbye to assault weapon bans!!! 3 Hades Jun 2018
New Fox News poll on support for gun control measures 15 LavenderGirl Mar 2018
Reading all the calls for gun bans on DU, makes me need to bring this up again. [View all] 59 Hades Feb 2018
Cokie Roberts: Oh, We All Knew To Avoid Getting in An Elevator With Rep. Conyers 15 cologeek Nov 2017
Court Documents Raise Significant Questions About Leigh Corfmans Accusations Against Roy Moore 10 def_con5 Nov 2017
Photos Surface of Disgraced Sen. Al Franken Grabbing Arianna Huffingtons Breast and Butt 9 def_con5 Nov 2017
Woman Says Al Franken Groped Her During 2010 Photo Op 5 def_con5 Nov 2017
Feminist congresswoman admits she allowed a groper get away with grabbing her. 0 cologeek Nov 2017
Rand Paul's neighbors rip media 'landscaping dispute' reports 3 cologeek Nov 2017
Obama-era school sexual assault policy rescinded 3 def_con5 Sep 2017
who is this guy? 2 rampartb Sep 2017
On Eve Of Election, Montana GOP Candidate Charged With Assault On Reporter 9 New Deal Democrat May 2017
Appeals Court Rules that Second Amendment Doesnt Protect Right to Assault Weapons 5 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2017
Now that the suit has been filed over the assault weapon over reach... 10 Hades Feb 2017
All of Donald Trump’s Accusers: A Timeline of Every Alleged Grope and Assault 29 Salaam Oct 2016
FBI: Murder in America Up Nearly 10%, at 5-Year High 5 Red Hornet Oct 2016
DA gives jury the choice of finding Heroic Police Officer guilty of misdemeanor, or felony assault. 3 SavannahMan Aug 2016
New York, Connecticut Assault-Weapon Bans Let Stand by Top Court 3 Appalachian Man Jun 2016
Hell Freezes Over: Fox News Host Calls For Assault Weapons Ban (VIDEO) 25 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2016
For the ones calling for an Assault Weapon Ban. 17 Hades Jun 2016
Two dead, 6 injured after terrifying shootout in west Houston 34 i verglas May 2016
Funny pic from a FB gun group 2 msv May 2016
Woman being transported to Hospital forced to perform Oral Sex on Deputy. 9 SavannahMan May 2016
Denver Police Officer arrested for Sexual Assault. 15 SavannahMan May 2016
"Exemplary Police Officer" charged with sexually assaulting woman on police property. 1 SavannahMan May 2016
NYPD officer sued for beating high school student with Baton. 17 SavannahMan Apr 2016
Federal judge rebukes lack of due process in campus sex assault procedures 21 Muddling Through Apr 2016
UAlbany students claiming to be victims of racial bus attack to face charges 2 Grebbid Feb 2016
I can't believe that the SoB got away with it! 20 LexTalionis Feb 2016
NYPD gang member awarded $15 million for beating by his own gang. 6 SavannahMan Feb 2016
It wasn't rape, it was official oppression. Really. 1 SavannahMan Feb 2016
North Carolina Cop pleads guilty to producing Kiddie Porn. 2 SavannahMan Jan 2016
This is why we can't just let El Salvador "refugees" come and stay here... 5 LaughingGull Dec 2015
Los Angeles County agrees to pay more than $6 million to woman raped by Deputy 8 SavannahMan Nov 2015
Does anyone really think that this would put a woman into the mood for Love? (Poll) 6 SavannahMan Oct 2015
Border Patrolman arrested by local police for pulling gun on man for no apparent reason. 2 SavannahMan Oct 2015
Scumbag Punches 78 Year-Old Over Nutella Samples. 9 Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2015
Long time law enforcement supporter shocked that the man who beat his son was a cop. 3 SavannahMan Sep 2015
Do students get a fair hearing? An effort to change how colleges handle sexual assaults. 7 Muddling Through Sep 2015
Lawsuit filed against Donald Trump for alleged assault by his security detail 29 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2015
Two charged after brawl over Michael Brown merchandise sales in October 7 Qukid Sep 2015
Dallas police furious that they are expected to follow the rules. 9 SavannahMan Aug 2015
Another Baltimore Cop charged, this time with Attempted Murder 1 SavannahMan Aug 2015
Maryland State Trooper arrested for Assault and threatening to kill a woman. 1 SavannahMan Aug 2015
Texas state troopers caught on camera probing women's privates aren't isolated incidents: lawyers 14 Immacolata Aug 2015
Body Camera footage of police abuse released 3 SavannahMan Aug 2015
Two brothers who are cops are charged with battery. 3 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Eagle County Deputy (Former) Pleads Guilty to misdemeanors to avoid Rape Charges. 2 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Oklahoma City Police Sergeant arrested for Domestic Abuse with a firearm. 1 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy faces charges for domestic abuse and setting girlfriend on fire. 5 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Phoenix Police Officer (Former) pleads guilty to sex with a minor. 2 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Philadelphia Police officer arrested for beating his girlfriend. 5 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Orleans Sheriff's Deputy arrested for Assault with a firearm 3 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Guns Don't Deter Crime, Study Finds 34 ol geezer Jul 2015
7 arrested after throng of teens brutally beat Maryland man in front of his home: cops 12 Banshee 3 Actual May 2015
Heroic police officer will keep his job despite assault and DUI accident. 2 SavannahMan May 2015
Three suspects arrested in attack on MetroLink rider (St. Louis) 35 Qukid Apr 2015
Street Artist Combo Brutally Attacked for Pacifist Tag Post Charlie Hebdo 6 Banshee 3 Actual Feb 2015
Feminism has almost reached it's end game 19 Trainman95630 Jan 2015
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 News2Me Jan 2015
Tyler PD: 'Stand your ground' laws may be raised in Walgreens shooting case 16 Zimm_Man_Fan Jan 2015
Try the Assault Rifle Quiz 21 Juan Rico Jan 2015
Sandy Hook Parents Sue Bushmaster: You Sold ‘Weapon of Choice’ for Mass Murderers [View all] 164 Dexter Morgan Dec 2014
St. Louis Bosnian woman who claimed hate crime charged with making false report 21 Qukid Dec 2014
CUNY Baruch professor accused of assaulting NYPD officers released on own recognizance 7 Banshee 3 Actual Dec 2014
Only 2.3% of murders committed in 2013 was committed with a rifle of any kind 15 Red Hornet Dec 2014
True story. Two weeks ago a black kid tried to stab my wife... [View all] 69 OTSmithers Nov 2014
Pennsylvania Democratic Lawmakers Move to Block Expanded Gun Rights 9 Dexter Morgan Nov 2014
Democrats: The Party of Gun Control ... 38 Dexter Morgan Nov 2014
Second Amendment Crushes Gun Control Candidates in Midterm Elections.. 28 Dexter Morgan Nov 2014
D.C. Student's Family Sues for $11 Million After Alleged Sex With Teacher 22 LaughingGull Nov 2014
Are the men in these 2 videos guilty of 4 Trainman95630 Nov 2014
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