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What Earth's gravity reveals about climate change 10 Micrometer Apr 2019
Event Horizon Telescope to Unveil Big Black Hole News Today! Watch Live 2 Isidore Apr 2019
The Day the Dinosaurs Died 3 Micrometer Mar 2019
One Strange Rock - National Geographic - Great series! 1 Micrometer Feb 2019
The Universes Strongest Material is a Cosmic Lasagna 2 Micrometer Oct 2018
Discovery of Galileos long-lost letter shows he edited his heretical ideas to fool the Inquisition 5 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Largest haul of extrasolar planets 1 Micrometer Aug 2018
I just saw something in the night sky to the south of me. 12 New Deal Democrat Aug 2018
You know, you might be right. 4 Micrometer Jun 2018
Massive Explosion In Earth's Nearest Galaxy 10 Strange Luck Mar 2018
Had my telescope out again tonight - 13 Spitfire Jan 2018
Jupiter is rising, took the ol Zeiss Telementor out for spin..... 4 ibtruthin Mar 2017
We are at the point were we can achieve interstellar space travel with probes. 11 ibtruthin Mar 2017
life on other worlds? 19 Jaime Lannister Sep 2016
Cool pic from another world. 1 ibtruthin Sep 2016
Anyone here have a Meade Light Switch. There is an interesting promo 0 ibtruthin Aug 2016
Planet found orbiting 3 Suns 1 Attila Gorilla Jul 2016
A Star Blows a Bubble 4 sargentodiaz Apr 2016
So, I took a picture of the Moon tonight.... 22 Spitfire Feb 2016
Planet-X? Not that again ...! Well, apparently it's for real this time around, really? 7 PrimeCustodian Jan 2016
World’s most powerful space telescope set to launch in 2018 9 Attila Gorilla Jul 2015
New Horizons gets it last look at the far side of Pluto 1 Juan Rico Jul 2015
Wanna see some SPECTACULAR Pictures of SPACE? 0 PrimeCustodian Jul 2015
New Horizons Mission Team Cheers Official Start of Pluto Encounter 2 Juan Rico Jul 2015
If you go outside right now and look at the Moon - 6 Spitfire Jun 2015
A (very) few more details on Pluto 6 Juan Rico Jun 2015
Hawaii governor: Telescope can continue, but changes needed 3 Juan Rico May 2015
Impending Pluto visit is the first encounter with a new class of worlds​ 0 Juan Rico May 2015
Is There Any Intelligent Life Out There? Maybe Not. 11 Argentina Apr 2015
Astronomers discover 1.8 billion light year across "supervoid" 4 Attila Gorilla Apr 2015
Construction of the world's greatest telescope is on hold because it might anger the volcano gods. 12 Juan Rico Apr 2015
The Most Important Image Ever Taken 4 Currentsitguy Mar 2015
Scientists discover black hole 12 billion times bigger than the sun 6 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
NASA's APOD [View all] 55 sargentodiaz Jan 2015
APOD 2015 Calendars 0 sargentodiaz Jan 2015
Curiosity discovers how water shaped the landscape of Mars 1 Muzzlehatch Dec 2014
Comet Landing 2014: Rosetta Probe Philae Discovers Organic Molecules 3 Attila Gorilla Nov 2014
The first mission to Mars should be manned with all women 12 Naveed Oct 2014
Throw Out The Geology Books - Volcanoes Were Erupting On The Moon Just 100 Million Years Ago 6 Naveed Oct 2014
What Will It Be Like to Live in a Dome for 8 Months, Pretending It's Mars? 9 Naveed Oct 2014
How to Watch Tonight's 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse 8 Naveed Oct 2014
Water on Earth is older than the sun, scientists say 7 Naveed Sep 2014
Laniakea - our home supercluster 2 marmot84 Sep 2014
Huge ‘Beast’ asteroid to fly by Earth on Sunday 10 Bronxbomber Sep 2014
For two weeks last August, all hell broke loose on Jupiter’s moon Io 2 Naveed Aug 2014
Despite extensive analysis, Fermi bubbles defy explanation 1 Naveed Aug 2014
Cosmic 'Magnifying Glass' Found by Hubble Telescope 0 Jack Burton Aug 2014
Mars rover Opportunity breaks record for miles roamed 2 Naveed Jul 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 Fine Kettle Of Fish Jul 2014
Voyager 1 is the first object we've ever sent to interstellar space 18 Naveed Jul 2014
Cassini's 10th Year: Recent Saturn Mind Blowers (Pics) 12 Naveed Jul 2014
Schlitz? You'll see stars! 8 R2D42 Jun 2014
Honey Moon on Friday the 13th 1 Lyda Jun 2014
Why the first moon landing was the one that mattered 11 Zutak Jun 2014
Evidence of ancient WORLD-SMASHER planet 'Theia' FOUND ON MOON 3 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
Mission to Mars Necessary but not Mandatory: NRC Report 1 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
More Than Half Of Democrats Do Not Know The Earth Revolves Around The Sun Once a Year 34 Tin Ear Jun 2014
Republicans struggle with evolution, Democrats struggle with the Earth going around the sun 21 Tin Ear Jun 2014
"Godzilla" of Earths circles distant star 1 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
i feel like bolide could be a 'ya mama' joke... 0 R2D42 Jun 2014
The extra energy absorbed by the planet is not expressed only as heat. (Poll) 16 Sibelian the White May 2014
new meteor shower 6 Reveen May 2014
Supermassive star goes supernova 0 Crazy in SoFla May 2014
Jupiter's giant red spot shrinking, Hubble images show 2 Strange Luck May 2014
Secrets of super-dense magnetic star revealed 5 ByTheWatersOfBabylon May 2014
Jupiter's giant red spot shrinking, Hubble images show (Poll) 4 ByTheWatersOfBabylon May 2014
Is anyone here a member of Slooh? and if so, how do you like it? 5 Mr Happy May 2014
Odd planet, so far from its star 0 ByTheWatersOfBabylon May 2014
Astronomy 6 EGTrise May 2014
I'd like to start an astronomy sub group. 10 Crazy in SoFla May 2014
CrazyinSoFla 5 hap May 2014
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