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Chinese airliner, jet engines, fan blades made out of rubber 3 M411 May 2017
A-10 Nose Art 2 sargentodiaz Jan 2017
Now THAT'S a take off. 7 Jack Burton Nov 2016
AF Says, “A-10 to stay 'indefinitely'” 5 sargentodiaz Oct 2016
Aviation buffs: Man that looks fun as heck 1 Dixie Sep 2016
The US Air Force wants to roll out a cheaper attack aircraft to fly alongside the A-10 8 sargentodiaz Sep 2016
A Look At Russia's Version Of The A-10 Warthog 5 sargentodiaz Aug 2016
Hey Man Nice Shot 6 wonderwarthog Jul 2016
Would You Like to Fly in This? 7 sargentodiaz May 2016
How on God’s Green Earth Is the B-52 Still in Service? 16 sargentodiaz Apr 2016
this white elephant just keeps getting worse. 9 island4diver Jul 2015
This message was self-deleted by its author 6 Agent_86 Jul 2015
Flightradar24 3 Attila Gorilla May 2015
Pilots brace for 5-day solar-powered flight from China to Hawaii 3 Attila Gorilla May 2015
Rare warbirds to depart Edwards Ranch 1 Tepid Dec 2014
Too Old to Keep Around – But Perfect for Fighting ISIL! 1 sargentodiaz Nov 2014
Changing Aircraft Wing Shapes 1 sargentodiaz Nov 2014
Skunk Works Reveals Compact Fusion Reactor Details 7 John Q Citizen Oct 2014
It's a Bird! It's a … 1 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Chopper Goes 253mph 1 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Back to the Future 2 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
Where US Aircraft Go To “Die” 4 sargentodiaz Sep 2014
I do not believe this is alien spaceship. I do believe this is newer US military 12 YouKnowItsTrue Sep 2014
British pilot’s prosthetic arm detaches during landing 1 Troll2 Aug 2014
The Solar-Powered Airplane That Can Fly Forever Makes Its First Flight 5 Troll2 Jun 2014
In the future there will be aerotaxis 2 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
Cross Country Flight Makes Emergency Landing Because of Dog Shit 19 R2D42 Jun 2014
Behold...the Gyrocopter Mk II 2 Juan Rico May 2014
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