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Manhunt Underway For Pennsylvania lefty who Threatened To Kill President Trump 4 MumblyPeg 8 hrs ago
Muslim food truck work calls black woman n-r, throws bottle at her 20 MumblyPeg 9 hrs ago
The Great Reversal 0 MumblyPeg 11 hrs ago
Gunman On Rampage At Walmart Is Shot And Killed By Two Concealed Carriers 10 MumblyPeg 14 hrs ago
Dems allow separation of parents, children to continue, just to score political points 3 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
Susan Rice Gave Stand Down Order In Response To Russian Meddling 2 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
Dimocrat pervert gets fired and a certified loon steps in to take his place 3 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
Hillary, Obama Scandals Sanitized With Linguistic Trickery by FBI 2 MumblyPeg 16 hrs ago
Crooked dimocrat Claire McCaskill busted again. lying, cheating, gaming crooks 0 MumblyPeg 16 hrs ago
UN Poverty Report Blasting Trump for Hatred for the Poor Uses Data From Obama Presiden 0 MumblyPeg 16 hrs ago
Twitter's Hypocrisy is Off The Charts [Dice] 0 MumblyPeg 18 hrs ago
There are Only Two Genders (2nd Edition) Change My Mind [View all] 50 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Build The Wall Change My Mind 1 MumblyPeg Wednesday
24 Hours of Lemons 25 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Is lefty's idiocracy now fully formed? Or will it morph into something even more absurd and stupid? 19 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Rick Maddow cries [Dice] 4 MumblyPeg Wednesday
'About 60 Organizations' Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the SPLC Following $3M Nawaz Settlement 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Tuesday - June 19, 2018 4 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Homo Pride Flag Replaces Military Flags for a Day at VA Hospital - [More 'clown-ification'] [View all] 52 MumblyPeg Tuesday
HIDDEN CAM - SvenComputer Crashes ANOTHER LGBTQ Panel 1 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Christian Coffee House Sues City After Being Banned From Holding Sunday Worship Services 5 MumblyPeg Monday
7 Truths Liberals Will Never Acknowledge About Illegal Immigration 1 MumblyPeg Monday
Boy, Rush is so dead on today it's eerie.... It's almost as if he's been reading DU 7 MumblyPeg Monday
So, lefty... when are you going to demand that all children be placed with incarcerated parents? 0 MumblyPeg Monday
The IG Report - Obama Knew 6 MumblyPeg Monday
Robert De Niro Punked at Broadway show 1 MumblyPeg Monday
Criticize Homosexual Indoctrination of 5-Year-Olds as Child Abuse and Fascistbook Will Ban You 1 MumblyPeg Monday
Comey Refuses to Testify Before Congress, McCabe Pleads the Fifth 3 MumblyPeg Monday
Illegal Alien Invaders Posing as Family Units Up 315% Since Last Year 0 MumblyPeg Monday
IG Reveals James Comey is Under Investigation for Handling of Classified Information 1 MumblyPeg Monday
CA Judge - Twitter Can Be Sued For Falsely Advertising They Allow Free Speech 0 MumblyPeg Monday
Communist Hate Group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Forced to Pay Massive $3.3 Million 0 MumblyPeg Monday
The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Monday - June 18, 2018 0 MumblyPeg Monday
MAGA! Commies lose again - FEC dismisses self-enrichment complaint against Trump campaign 6 MumblyPeg Monday
Drunk girl gets head stuck in truck tailpipe [yea really] 4 MumblyPeg Monday
Why do dimocrats and lefty insist on children being separated from their parents and locked up? 2 MumblyPeg Sunday
Obamas Tech Ambassador Charged With Wire Fraud !! 2 MumblyPeg Sunday
Stockholms Rinkeby Subway Station Deemed Too Dangerous Due to Violent muslim gangs 19 MumblyPeg Sunday
The lop-eared Kenyan is guilty 9 MumblyPeg Saturday
2020 DNC convention anthem music chosen 4 MumblyPeg Saturday
IG Report: FBI Agent Peter Strzok Sent Weiner Sealed Indictment To His Personal Email 2 MumblyPeg Saturday
Joe Biden Is A Mentally Deficient Idiot 6 MumblyPeg Saturday
For the first time in 8 years, I'm proud to be an American 20 MumblyPeg Saturday
A Message from your President, Donald Trump 1 MumblyPeg Saturday
Innocent Middle Schoolers to be Subjected to Hillary Clintons Election Loss Excuses 2 MumblyPeg Friday
Guilt by association? 41 MumblyPeg Friday
Majority Whip Steve Scalise Joins President Trump in Opposition to Paul Ryans Amnesty Bill 1 MumblyPeg Friday
Now even Lindsey Graham acknowledges after IG report: yes, DEEP STATE is real 3 MumblyPeg Friday
FBI agent who questioned MeeMaw: 'You should knowthat Imwith her' 1 MumblyPeg Friday
IG Report Reveals Collusion With FBI, Democrat Media to Frame Trump 5 MumblyPeg Friday
Violent communist lefty Bernie-Bro only gets a measly 30 days for assaulting Senator Paul 1 MumblyPeg Friday
Trump: Men on their knees in NFL Dont Have a Real Issue 0 MumblyPeg Friday
FBI Lawyer Warned Against Angering Hillary: She Might Be Our Next President 2 MumblyPeg Friday
Here is some salve for your chapped asses, lefty. Does this make it feel better? 13 MumblyPeg Friday
Vital information on DACA recipients missing from government database 1 MumblyPeg Friday
The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Friday - Jun 15, 2018 5 MumblyPeg Friday
The Comey Report Retort [RazorFist] - NSFW - 1 MumblyPeg Friday
IG: FBI May Have Covered up Weiner Laptop to Help Hillary Clinton 9 MumblyPeg Friday
'You Cant Understand Short Sentences' HAHAHAH! 5 MumblyPeg Friday
Obama DOJ Ordered FBI Not to Overtly Investigate Clinton Foundation 2 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Circus freak elected mayor in Texas 7 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Viva Le Resistance: Robert Mueller Witch Hunt Attorney Sent Anti-Trump Text Messages to Colleague 1 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Inspector General Finds FBI Agents Willingness To Damage Trump Presidency 0 MumblyPeg Jun 14
IG: FBI Conducted Investigation Into Hillary Clinton Based on How She Would Treat the FBI 0 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Peter Strzok Knew in May 2016 That Foreign Actors Obtained Access to Some of meemaws Email 1 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Fascist dimocrat hopes and dreams crushed as Indiana gun ban bill defeated in committee 1 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Thursday - June 14, 2018 3 MumblyPeg Jun 14
FBI Officials Anti-Trump Text Was Hidden From Earlier Document Productions 0 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Dumbass lefty pepper sprays himself for... Well, I'm not sure why. It's lefty. 7 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Rod Rosenstein: the Face of the Swamp 1 MumblyPeg Jun 14
Ex-Defense Contractor Receives Prison Sentence for Unlawfully Storing Classified Information 0 MumblyPeg Jun 14
DHS/DOJ report: Thousands of avoidable crimes committed by foreign nationals in Texas alone 3 MumblyPeg Jun 13
Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Wednesday - June 13, 2018 0 MumblyPeg Jun 13
The liberal lunatics are not happy [Dice] 12 MumblyPeg Jun 13
MAGA! Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Tuesday - June 12, 2018 4 MumblyPeg Jun 12
Doxing Navybrat Ranger 11 6 MumblyPeg Jun 12
I concede. Donald Trump, President of the United States, commands my admiration. 12 MumblyPeg Jun 12
Trump Press Conference on North Korea Summit. On your feet lefty, your President is speaking. 5 MumblyPeg Jun 12
Dog parks are manifestations of rape culture and oppression 9 MumblyPeg Jun 12
Dennis Rodman Saves the World? WTF? 2 MumblyPeg Jun 12
Oregon State Univs library asks students to avoid eating in shared spaces during Ramadan 20 MumblyPeg Jun 12
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