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Albuquerque Mayor pulls the plug on battery electric bus deal - "issues regarding battery life" 4 Aquila Friday
NY Times: Menial Tasks, Slurs and Swastikas: Many Black Workers at Tesla Say They Faced Racism 1 Aquila Dec 1
US DOE Fact of the Month: More than 20,000 hydrogen fuel cell forklifts are in use across the US 23 Aquila Nov 30
Hydrogen allows Drones to stay in the air for up to 4 hours vs. 25 minutes with batteries 14 Aquila Nov 28
Norway's Nel Hydrogen Awarded Australias First Power-to-Gas (Solar-to- Hydrogen) project 3 Aquila Sep 28
$6,800 Buys You a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone With a 30 Km Range 6 Aquila Sep 19
Another Tesla vehicle has caught fire while driving on the highway in New Jersey earlier today 0 Aquila Aug 2018
Where 3 Million Electric Vehicle Batteries Will Go When They Retire 0 Aquila Jul 2018
Mary McCormack's Husband's Tesla Catches Fire Driving Down Santa Monica Blvd. 2 Aquila Jun 2018
The Porsche Taycan: Tesla's latest nightmare 0 Aquila Jun 2018
First Ride-Along in the Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Zero-Emission Semi-Truck-Pipe Dream or Future? 2 Aquila May 2018
Tesla battery reignites days after deadly crash: 2 Investigates 2 Aquila May 2018
Hyundai's First Mass-Produced Tucson Hydrogen Fuel Cell CUVs Arrive In Southern California 1 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
Are Tesla's Plans for a Giant Battery Factory Realistic? 7 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
Toyota North American CEO: We're betting big on fuel cell cars 2 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
PBS Newshour: Will investment in hydrogen-powered cars pay off? 1 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
Toyota wants you to meet an 'obsessed' hydrogen fuel cell engineer 2 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
Tesla Model S: The finest coal-powered car money can buy 15 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
The cold logic behind Elon Musk’s $5 billion gigafactory gamble 3 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
Comparison of fueling time: Battery Electric vs. Hydrogen Electric. Conclusion: Hydrogen wins 15 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
Why Tesla Motors will one day adopt Fuel Cells 13 Spookie Spook Mar 2018
Tesla faces fresh Norway lawsuit over false advertising 0 Aquila Jan 2018
Great Fuel Cell Demo 2 Aquila Sep 2017
Techno-economic analysis of the viability of residential PV Solar systems using Li-ion batteries 4 Aquila Sep 2017
Elon Musk hates hydrogen, but automakers are still investing in it -- and for good reason 9 Aquila May 2017
Solar And Hydrogen Fuel State-Of-The-Art Electric Ship 3 Aquila Mar 2017
Tesla crash scene posed risks for firefighters 6 Aquila Feb 2017
Nikola Motors: Electric Semi-Truck & US Solar Hydrogen Charging Station Network to be Unveiled Dec 1 5 Aquila Nov 2016
Idaho man attacks officers, punching one, choking another 22 LavenderGirl Jul 2016
CNN: Tesla's worst nightmare ... cheap gas (TSLA Crash of 2016) 3 Aquila Feb 2016
Tesla Model S Burns To A Crisp During Supercharging In Norway: Reports 6 Aquila Jan 2016
Why Toyota's Hydrogen Car Should Worry Tesla Motors Investors 2 Aquila Sep 2015
That decked-out first-run Tesla Model X will cost you $140K 5 Aquila Sep 2015
Marshall running back Stewart Butler's articulate expression of disdain for homosexuals. 9 Phlegm Monger May 2015
I'm beginning to think iOS updates are a plot to make old devices unusable 15 Let it go Sep 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 15 starcat Sep 2014
At a big solar show, batteries take center stage 1 MisterMan Jul 2014
Tesla Model S Battery Swapping: Will It Ever Actually Arrive? 11 Spookie Spook Jul 2014
Toyota's Hydrogen Electric Fuel-Cell Car Coming to U.S. in 2015 4 Spookie Spook Jun 2014
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