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Okay my friends, light this one up. Read some of the confessions... they're funny as hell. 5 JaimeBondoJr 3 hrs ago
Paulogia: Why I am not a Christian 5 Cold Warrior Yesterday
My body is my temple. 0 SatansSon666 Sep 9
Homosexuals, democrats and the Catholic Church. 6 outside Sep 9
Fox & Friends Guest Blames Mass Shootings on the Decline of Christianity 16 RCW2014 Sep 6
Pope On Critics: Its An Honor If The Americans Attack Me 11 RCW2014 Sep 5
teaching children about evolution is one cause of mass shootings. [View all] 59 Micrometer Sep 2
I Don't Know How To Love Him. 3 Bubba Sep 1
Given a recent alert for offending Yahweh (or Allah) 21 Cold Warrior Aug 31
Grow some balls boys. 3 outside Aug 30
A stable genius! 17 Micrometer Aug 30
Matthew 24 and the gnashing of teeth. 2 outside Aug 25
the chisen one 4 rampartb Aug 23
Does Satan really rule a "hell" (Poll) 13 SatansSon666 Aug 19
This message was self-deleted by its author 5 rampartb Aug 19
WDPLAC, Part 48 3 Cold Warrior Aug 18
Mathematical challenges to Darwins theory of evolution. 22 outside Aug 16
When Jesus, before he was called Jesus, turned Lot's wife into salt. (Poll) 6 SatansSon666 Aug 12
When God sent a couple of bears to kill 42 kids for making fun of a bald guy. (Poll) 3 SatansSon666 Aug 11
Is Muhammad just an urban legend? (Poll) 1 SatansSon666 Aug 11
When God started killing a bunch of Jews with fiery snakes. (Poll) 0 SatansSon666 Aug 11
When Tommy Aquinas accused Muhammad of being a charlatan. (Poll) 0 SatansSon666 Aug 11
Is Jesus just an urban legend? (Poll) 0 SatansSon666 Aug 11
Shouldn't god be asking us for forgiveness? (Poll) 10 SatansSon666 Aug 11
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? (Poll) 10 SatansSon666 Aug 11
If you curse your mother and/or father, what should be your punishment? (Poll) 4 SatansSon666 Aug 11
Jeffrey Epstein is in heaven. He repented just before his earthly 'death' [View all] 54 Micrometer Aug 11
When the demons jumped off the cliff with the pigs. (Poll) 2 SatansSon666 Aug 9
Trump's move 4 imwithfred Aug 9
Who killed more people? (Poll) 16 SatansSon666 Aug 9
Can Jesus heal you? (Poll) 3 SatansSon666 Aug 9
What is the best way to avoid going to hell? (Poll) 6 SatansSon666 Aug 9
Was Jewish Jesus a Christian? (Poll) 13 SatansSon666 Aug 9
When Jesus comes back, is he going to (Poll) 5 SatansSon666 Aug 9
When Jesus got pissed off and killed a tree for not having fruit on it. (Poll) 0 SatansSon666 Aug 9
When Jesus fashioned his whip and fucking kicked some ass, was he (Poll) 17 SatansSon666 Aug 9
Who is more powerful? (Poll) 4 SatansSon666 Aug 9
Jordan Peterson Tells An Old Story About Gods (Dueling Gods!) 2 Micrometer Aug 8
Just so everyone knows why I self deleted 9 Frankenvoter Aug 8
Political arguments... 8 wonderwarthog Aug 6
Look, I didn't "know". I'm not with Q. 11 Pug-ly Aug 4
Atheists simply believe in one less god than Christians 16 Cold Warrior Aug 3
Little power metal diddy about some guards bravely giving their life for the Vatican. 3 SatansSon666 Aug 1
Jehovah's Witnesses had one of their booths set up on the street as I was walking by. (Poll) 14 SatansSon666 Jul 29
The Incomparable Stephen Fry 6 Cold Warrior Jul 26
My old high school buddy is the next Billy Graham. 0 outside Jul 24
Pastor Jim Bakker Helps You Stay Alive During the Apocalypse (NSFW) 3 Cold Warrior Jul 21
The word of God. 0 outside Jul 21
Truly I tell you, I dont know you. 0 outside Jul 18
Arizona Atheist Lawmaker Stands Up To Christian Bully 41 Micrometer Jul 16
Reprehensible. 9 SatansSon666 Jul 15
God Loves Cold Warrior 12 outside Jul 13
If God Exists, He Wouldn't be Hidden 18 Cold Warrior Jul 9
the Evolution of Genesis 5 Micrometer Jul 5
The Story of Creation 3 Cold Warrior Jul 4
The Dalai Lama is an overrated asswipe (Poll) 7 Frankenvoter Jun 30
if every word in the bible is literally true 12 rampartb Jun 30
My new maintenance guy is a creationist. 19 SatansSon666 Jun 29
After the Rapture 2 Cold Warrior Jun 29
Wiccans out number Presbyterians in the US 6 His Daughter Jun 25
They left their homes as British citizens. They returned as rebels. Some never came home. 12 oflguy Jun 24
Are the Four Gospels Independent Sources? 6 Cold Warrior Jun 22
Slavery in the Bible is Disingenuous 15 Micrometer Jun 2019
My neighbors keep trying to get me to church 5 Tolk Jun 2019
They don't serve breakfast in Hell 0 Cold Warrior Jun 2019
Iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat, trump 28 rampartb Jun 2019
Serious question for Yahweh fans! Were Adam and Eve 7 Cold Warrior Jun 2019
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 KittyCatIdiots Jun 2019
This Chicago Synagogue Is a Home for Non-Zionist Jews 2 RCW2014 Jun 2019
I openly apologize to Satans Son 666 8 Frankenvoter Jun 2019
Hurricane Katrina Was Gods Revenge For Gay Pride Parade, Says American Rabbi 12 RCW2014 Jun 2019
Just think how far Yahweh Jr could have spread the gospel with three private jets 21 Cold Warrior Jun 2019
Millions in Crushing Medical Debt Gone. All Thanks to These Churches 1 RCW2014 May 2019
UC study: Children Raised Without Religion Are Kinder And More Empathetic 10 orson May 2019
There is no position on which people are so immovable as their religious beliefs. 33 Micrometer May 2019
I can almost hear them say, "Why Me? Why did it have to happen to me?" 8 oflguy May 2019
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