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Article about civilians shooting better than most law enforcement 10 His Daughter Feb 2019
Anti-Communism is a Hate Crime? 3 Gunslinger201 Jan 2019
Business sign will make your Blood Boil! 5 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
No bottle opener? No problem! 3 Daves Not Here Man Jan 2018
John McCain: Obama was a better world leader than Trump 6 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
BETTER CALL SAUL!!!! 1 Immacolata Apr 2017
Liam Neeson auditions for Mall Santa 1 Muddling Through Mar 2017
Article claims gun enthusiasts are often better with handguns that your average cop 21 His Daughter Feb 2017
Baby, I checked it out. I think you ought to know. 0 FORD Feb 2017
Cheeto at odds with his own Supreme Court Nominee? 10 FORD Feb 2017
RetroDebate: Jill Stein v. Gary Johnson 2012 2 FORD Jul 2016
This Stinks: Green Party Leader Rallies Fans to Fart All Over Democratic Convention 15 Tin Ear Jun 2016
6 in 10 Americans don't want Clinton OR Trump OR Cruz 10 The Center Holds Apr 2016
Lindsey Graham, stand up comedian 5 FORD Feb 2016
"Squat Cobbler" UPDATE! 9 Floyd R. Turbo Feb 2016
Georgia executes oldest death row inmate for 1979 murder 10 Juan Rico Feb 2016
LAPD urges citizens to protect themselves-can't guarantee to get there in time 33 Da Mannn Feb 2016
What I have learned from the lefties on this site 11 Zimm_Man_Fan Jan 2016
Sanders upends foreign-policy critique by Clinton experts: 'I was right' on Iraq 3 AmandaMatthews Jan 2016
Happy 72, Keef!! 7 Satan Dec 2015
Utah hosptial reduced costs and reduced patients time in hospital. Bypass cost cut 30% 1 Starbux Nov 2015
Better red than fed: California school's communist Che Cafe needs handout 4 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 2015
5 acts of kindness show there's more to Donald Trump than celebrity 5 Gunslinger201 Nov 2015
Northrop Grumman Wins The Contract To Produce America's Next Stealth Bomber 1 Zimm_Man_Fan Oct 2015
4 those Cons dying to know what's being discussed on DU: Generals line up in support of Iran deal 14 Starbux Aug 2015
Trumping Trump 7 smokingman Aug 2015
Don't Believe Obamascare "rate shock' stories 3 Starbux Aug 2015
Mitt Romney's Advice to the GOP: Focus on Minority Voters 11 smokingman Jul 2015
How Churches, Food Stamps, and Trusts Could Help the 99%. 7 TIMETOCHANGE Jul 2015
ISIS is destroying all historical monuments that they can. 18 oldenuff35 Jun 2015
Is It Human Nature To Want To Make The World A Better Place? 8 TIMETOCHANGE Jun 2015
Dementia... what to do, what to do.. 8 Gamle-ged Apr 2015
Iraq (and the ME) was in better shape in 2008 than it is now under Obama's foreign policy? (Poll) 18 starcat Feb 2015
Fact: Unemployment under Bush was far better than under Obama. Shall I show you libbies [View all] 205 Frederick55 Jan 2015
Who do you think is better in bed? (Poll) 16 DrunkTeddy Nov 2014
What if your brain could go back....? 7 Hades Jul 2014
Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Drop to Eight-Year Low 3 MisterMan Jul 2014
Ten Jobs That Are Rapidly Disappearing 4 daemons Jul 2014
US trade deficit narrows as exports fly off shores 1 daemons Jul 2014
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