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Can Joe Biden survive his role in ObamaGate, his groping of women and his racism? 23 Fred Sanford Saturday
Great news, gang..noted colored leader Al Sharpton is headed for Minneapolis. 12 Fred Sanford Friday
Is Joe Biden any healthier than Crooked MeeMaw? 16 Fred Sanford Thursday
Wondering if you're black? Let Joe Biden size you up! 13 Fred Sanford May 22
Joe Biden's role in Obamagate will be judged by voters. 17 Fred Sanford May 22
Lefty judge in PA has pleaded guilty to adding votes for democrats in judicial races 3 Fred Sanford May 21
Kamala Harris intros resolution condemning saying "Chinese Virus" as racist. 14 Fred Sanford May 21
New released video shows "The Jogger" having previous serious run-in w/police. 24 Fred Sanford May 20
Fred's Neighborhood Watch group just completed our yearly policy review 11 Fred Sanford May 19
Obamagate: Decent Americans will remember Joe Biden's role in it 24 Fred Sanford May 19
Bill Clinton "celebrating" high schoolers on CNN. After his Epstein's Island antics, 2 Fred Sanford May 19
OBAMAGATE. Everybody's talking about what a skunk that Obama is. 14 Fred Sanford May 17
So this "whistleblower" fellow 7 Fred Sanford May 15
Did you ever trust that jug-eared abuser of power named Obama? (Poll) 11 Fred Sanford May 15
Lefty, if you keep letting AOC get in front of cameras to 5 Fred Sanford May 14
Fred's saying there's at least a 50/50 chance Biden calls Stacey Abrams "Kamala" 5 Fred Sanford May 13
Between forum Lefty and the liberal media, one might never know 6 Fred Sanford May 13
CNN trotting out Greta Thunberg as a virus expert. 8 Fred Sanford May 13
Who gets Ahmaud's extensive copper pipe/wire and hand/power tool collection? 8 Fred Sanford May 12
Cities with Hillary Clinton as President since 2016. 1 Fred Sanford May 12
Waycross AG Barnhill: "Jogger" Arbery had mental health issues. 33 Fred Sanford May 9
Seems the 'jogger" had a previous history of "jogging" after criminal hijinks. 25 Fred Sanford May 8
"But he was just out jogging" 30 Fred Sanford May 7
Why isn't the Senate Squaw demanding Biden release his UDelaware files 12 Fred Sanford May 6
Fred received a nice letter from President Trump. 15 Fred Sanford May 6
Will alleged rapist Joe Biden even show his face at a public rally? 26 Fred Sanford May 5
Will RCW continue to support the alleged rapist, Joe Biden for POTUS? (Poll) 12 Fred Sanford May 2
"Biden's just a molester, you guys...he's not a rapist!" -- Lefty right now. 6 Fred Sanford May 1
Where was Jill when Biden was interviewed? 11 Fred Sanford May 1
America doesn't want a groping, raping creep like Biden who runs in the basement 4 Fred Sanford Apr 30
When will Biden address the Biden Rape 16 Fred Sanford Apr 29
DeBlasio harassing NYC Jews at a funeral. 2 Fred Sanford Apr 29
President Trump's strong leadership during this has sure impressed decent Americans. 5 Fred Sanford Apr 29
Looks like the Biden Rape isn't going away anytime soon. 3 Fred Sanford Apr 29
How many more rapes will Gropey Joe Biden be accused of? 10 Fred Sanford Apr 28
Why, Joe? Why? 2 Fred Sanford Apr 27
Please pick Stacy Abrams, Joe. 7 Fred Sanford Apr 23
Are you wearing a mask out in public? (Poll) 18 Fred Sanford Apr 22
Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-NY) accuses POTUS of "war crimes" over Kung Flu response. 14 Fred Sanford Apr 22
Can America even really begin to trust a liberal in the future? 2 Fred Sanford Apr 22
Lefty's learning a hard lesson about their silly rules. 18 Fred Sanford Apr 21
So Lefty is going to gargle China now, too. 9 Fred Sanford Apr 21
Don't stand in the way of others thriving, Lefty.... 2 Fred Sanford Apr 21
Rejoice, Non-thriving liberals! 2 Fred Sanford Apr 19
Fred applauds the masterful leadership being shown by President Trump. 6 Fred Sanford Apr 18
Another peaceful day of grazing for the Bundy Cattle. 1 Fred Sanford Apr 17
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