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Tier one piece of shit potus 30 TheShoe 2 min ago
Tier one tweeter whines about judge Judy 14 TheShoe 16 hrs ago
NZ massacre 14 TheShoe Saturday
To resolve the Islam problem 16 TheShoe Saturday
Kate Gallego elected mayor of phoenix 5 TheShoe Friday
Three to six months to fix the 737 Max software 19 TheShoe Thursday
Happy Pi Day folks. 7 TheShoe Thursday
BREXIT? 15 TheShoe Thursday
Roger Stone trial set for nov. 5 6 TheShoe Thursday
Beto O. To the right of most dem candidates on the markets 21 TheShoe Thursday
Looks like 43 months additional. 22 TheShoe Thursday
I agree with Speaker Pelosi on impeachemnt 42 TheShoe Wednesday
Overall the manafort sentence was just 27 TheShoe Wednesday
Manafort sentence poll (Poll) 0 TheShoe Wednesday
folks, did you know trump is an avionics expert? 13 TheShoe Tuesday
When we admit DC as a state (Poll) 23 TheShoe Tuesday
Hick getting into it with trump 13 TheShoe Tuesday
Good Morning Red State CONS 14 TheShoe Monday
PelosiDow having a bad week 6 TheShoe Mar 8
Top Ten States to live in 17 TheShoe Mar 7
Presidential Oversight. (Poll) 18 TheShoe Mar 6
Only 20 more months 44 TheShoe Mar 6
Fake media claims NK rebuilding nuclear and ICBM facilities 14 TheShoe Mar 6
High of 36 in Dallas tomorrow 26 TheShoe Mar 4
Greatest modern era presidential speech (Poll) 8 TheShoe Mar 4
Get your act together red states! 41 TheShoe Mar 3
Trump made a glorious, CONcise, poetic , soaring speech today at CPAC 49 TheShoe Mar 3
Hey cave dwelling primitives! 19 TheShoe Mar 2
Good stuff on the trump org 20 TheShoe Mar 2
OMG is SNOWING tuh day in Loveland! 13 TheShoe Mar 2
LOL. Righty gets all emotional about the MAGA hats [View all] 50 TheShoe Mar 2
PelosiS&P closes above 2800 for first time 22 TheShoe Mar 2
A quick note to patriots on the hat [View all] 62 TheShoe Mar 1
Trump should be able to give security clearances to anyone he pleases 4 TheShoe Mar 1
Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize 31 TheShoe Feb 28
Stony Rushing for Congress 0 TheShoe Feb 28
A Daley lost in chi 1 TheShoe Feb 27
Thanks USA 16 TheShoe Feb 27
CO gov Polis will sign Bill 49 TheShoe Feb 26
Nolan arenado signs long term contract with the Rox 3 TheShoe Feb 26
PelosiS&P cracks 2800 16 TheShoe Feb 26
Chairman Powell 1 TheShoe Feb 26
Chairman Powell on the AOC plan 8 TheShoe Feb 26
I believe the Oscars are this weekend 29 TheShoe Feb 22
South Korea cracking down on illegal dog slaughtering 32 TheShoe Nov 2018
GM closing Hamtramck, Lordstown and Oshawa Assembly Plants 9 TheShoe Nov 2018
Barra to meet with Kudlow today in the WH 0 TheShoe Nov 2018
Cave Dwelling primitives make fun of Americans cooking thanksgiving dinner 39 TheShoe Nov 2018
Trump releases his climate report 22 TheShoe Nov 2018
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