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Dem-lefty hypocrisy at its finest... 0 quad489 Sep 7
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Children of service members born overseas are not automatically citizens? 19 cologeek Aug 30
Triggered by the American flag a man planned on stabbing school children. 6 cologeek Aug 16
Why hasn't this Fuel character been banned? 21 Aquila Jun 2019
Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine equals Healthier Children 5 Aquila May 2019
Mummified Gerontocrat US Senator Says She Didnt Know About Mobile Phones Or The Internet 5 Aquila Feb 2019
Dianne Feinstein to Children: "You didn't vote for me...Ive been doing this for 30 years" 9 Aquila Feb 2019
Project Freedom Ride 2 LavenderGirl Dec 2018
Drag Queen Admits to Grooming Children 3 It Guy Nov 2018
It's funny how tragedies or near tragedies 18 SatansSon666 Oct 2018
94-year-old veteran imparts his wisdom to students everyday before class 4 Agent_86 Oct 2018
30 years ago today the US blew an Iranian Civilian Airplane out of the sky killing 290- inc. 66 kids 48 Aquila Jul 2018
Trump Collapses To The Pressure on Family Separation, Buckles & Backs Down (Poll) 19 JohnPoet Jun 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 TM999 Jun 2018
So now Sarah's "going biblical on their asses..." 26 TexMexNext Jun 2018
Gun control is not the same issue as protecting our children. 20 oldenuff35 May 2018
How to raise great children with almost no money 29 mdmc1 Mar 2018
Hitler Youth Leader David Hogg makes a PSA 29 Gunslinger201 Mar 2018
Antifa Radical Charged with Hateful Vandalism Raises Over $80k Thanks to L.A. Times Article 5 Muddling Through Mar 2018
CNN article: Thomas the Tank engine and Paw Patrol are fascist. (No, really!) 2 cologeek Dec 2017
When will liberalguys party reign in the red state spending? 2 shortviking Dec 2017
Instead of NFL players, Hollywood predators and a washed up never-been old hag 11 GoodKraic Oct 2017
Why I stand with DACA. [View all] 54 southernwriter Sep 2017
Effort to bar child marriage in California runs into opposition 12 Dexter Morgan Jul 2017
Confirmed: The left does not believe in free and fair elections 32 shortviking Feb 2017
If the US were to attack an Iranian Civilian Aircraft... 19 Aquila Feb 2017
I can't wrap my brain around this... [View all] 82 LaughingGull Feb 2017
UC Berkeley cancels Milo Yiannopoulos event amid violent protest [View all] 82 Juan Rico Feb 2017
The disturbing rise of the hyper-sexualised hip-hop 'funkeiros' as young as 8 followed by millions 18 LaughingGull Feb 2017
If you put everything good together that Trump has done in his entire life, 12 JoeHill Oct 2016
Children 27 LavenderGirl Sep 2016
Mispronouncing Student’s Name Now a ‘Microaggression’ 28 Da Mannn Sep 2016
APB Issued For Clowns Terrorizing Greenville, SC Children... 0 Appalachian Man Sep 2016
Remake of "Village of the Damned" 9 LavenderGirl Sep 2016
5 TRUE SCARY Black-Eyed Children Stories From The Internet 2 sentient_simian Aug 2016
Farmington Hills Michigan Cop charged with multiple counts of Kiddie Porn. 4 SavannahMan Jun 2016
"Rare" bad apple Fairfax Cop pleads guilty to ten counts of Child Pornography. 6 SavannahMan Jun 2016
the Enlightenment dies in its birthplace 0 island4diver Jun 2016
Kid destroys $15,000 LEGO sculpture an hour after new exhibit opens 5 Juan Rico Jun 2016
South Carolina Cop arrested for possession of Child Pornography. 7 SavannahMan May 2016
Deputy in Michigan arrested for possession of Child Pornography. 0 SavannahMan May 2016
Apparently it's not illegal for a cop to screw a high school student. 5 SavannahMan May 2016
Cop accused of obtaining child porn while pretending to be investigating it. 2 SavannahMan May 2016
Scumbag in action: Pepper spray flies as Trump supporters, opponents clash in California 29 Gamle-ged Apr 2016
Carly Fiorina Crashes Kids’ Field Trip And Forces Them To Anti-Abortion Rally 7 JeffJenk Jan 2016
Why are so many Central American children crossing the border? 15 LaughingGull Dec 2015
Girl, 14, accidentally shot by family friend at AZ firing range [View all] 64 LavenderGirl Dec 2015
Religious children are meaner.. [View all] 73 SlayerNut Nov 2015
Texas: White adopted foster children racially discriminated against (Poll) 33 metroins Nov 2015
Hero Schoolteacher saves 58 children from Brazil mining flood 1 nolens volens Nov 2015
Child Vandals Terrorize Southside Neighborhood 2 LaughingGull Oct 2015
Democrat Party! Democrat Party! Democrat Party! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! 0 Appalachian Man Oct 2015
How to kill children bible style.. [View all] 65 R2D42 Aug 2015
Mother shot in head by 4-year-old son dies 21 LavenderGirl Aug 2015
School resource officer sued for allegedly handcuffing children with ADHD 12 Immacolata Aug 2015
Great read on a pro athletes thoughts on participation trophies. 7 Slayer Aug 2015
Four Police Officers arrested for abusing 13 children. 0 SavannahMan Aug 2015
Why do RW Cons who post here at DI hate USA President's Wives & Their Children ? 31 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 2015
Two brothers who are cops are charged with battery. 3 SavannahMan Jul 2015
Single mom arrested for ‘abandoning’ her kids at food court while interviewing for job 30 feet away [View all] 60 Immacolata Jul 2015
Watched a show about transgendered children 23 LaughingGull Jul 2015
Judge sends kids to Juvi for not seeing their father.... 18 LaughingGull Jul 2015
Teens are fleeing religion like never before: Massive new study exposes religion’s decline 27 smokingman Jun 2015
How do you feel about having had children or the prospect of having them? (Poll) 14 Juan Rico May 2015
Woman shot by her two year old son 12 LavenderGirl May 2015
NY state police troopers handcuff and shackle 'combative' five-year-old boy after two-hour tantrum 33 LaughingGull May 2015
Heroic Police Sergeant arrested for stalking and obscenity to a child. 0 SavannahMan May 2015
2-year-old boy critical after shooting himself 45 LavenderGirl May 2015
'#WhyI'mnotvotingforHillary' hashtag tops Twitter 20 Liberty Apr 2015
This is why the aliens won't talk to us. 5 southernwriter Apr 2015
'Just how we roll’: Bristol Palin’s fiance pictured playing with baby next to unsecured handgun [View all] 166 Shredded Hedly Mar 2015
For Clinton: How to Add Multiple Email Accounts to Your BlackBerry 42 centerthinker Mar 2015
Let’s Get Every Kid in a Park 17 LavenderGirl Feb 2015
ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed ‘Right to Hormone Therapy’ in Detention 43 Dexter Morgan Feb 2015
My Kids Aren't White... But Should They Be? 36 GiovanniJones Feb 2015
Saudi Arabia's coming struggle 6 Agent_86 Jan 2015
Kenya: Police Tear-Gas School Kids in Demo Over Playground 3 Bronxbomber Jan 2015
Boy, 2, accidentally kills mom in Idaho Walmart [View all] 97 LavenderGirl Jan 2015
My 6 year old great nephew got a handgun for Christmas. Is that too young? (Poll) [View all] 68 MedusasRage Dec 2014
A Mystery Woman Walked Into A Toys R Us And Paid Off Everyone's Layaway Balance 24 southernwriter Dec 2014
Is the Koch Brothers' Curriculum Coming to Your Kids School? 9 Satan Dec 2014
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