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Climate Science 1 Micrometer Nov 2018
Its not rocket science: Climate change was behind this summers extreme weather 9 Micrometer Nov 2018
Radiometric Dating Does Work! (part one) 21 Micrometer Jul 2018
You know, you might be right. 4 Micrometer Jun 2018
Look, if anybody still wants to dispute the science around climate change, have at it 18 johnaries01 Dec 2017
Warmest in more than a thousand years. 43 orson Nov 2017
Facebook, Google campuses at risk of being flooded due to sea level rise 6 sargentodiaz Jun 2016
another Global Warming benefit.... 4 ibtruthin Apr 2016
San Diego City Council Passes Historic Climate Action Plan 39 Nadinb Jan 2016
Some really Good News on Global Warming 3 ibtruthin Jan 2016
San Diego City Council Passes Historic Climate Action Plan 6 Nadinb Dec 2015
Climate Doomers Turn on Each Other 4 Transcendence Dec 2015
Great site to check your local historic temperatures. 2 ibtruthin Dec 2015
Northeast’s Winter Is Going to Be Freakishly Cold -- so what about global warming? 36 Ms.Eloriel Dec 2015
This is important -- about Climate Change contributing or causing the crisis in Syria 16 Ms.Eloriel Dec 2015
Why the "steady staters" don't get climate change..... 1 ibtruthin Nov 2015
Massive El Niño gains strength, likely to drench key California drought zone 2 Muzzlehatch Nov 2015
Record-crushing October keeps Earth on track for hottest year in 2015 23 Muzzlehatch Nov 2015
Exxon is investigated. 6 johnaries01 Nov 2015
Denier Math. Cost Benefit Analysis. 2 johnaries01 Nov 2015
A Large Lake Fills the Bottom of Death Valley; 1000 Year Flood Damages Scotty's Castle 4 Argentina Nov 2015
155 MPH Cyclone Chapala, 2nd Strongest Ever in Arabian Sea, Unprecedented Threat to Yemen 11 Argentina Oct 2015
As Indonesia Burns... 1 Argentina Oct 2015
Is there any weather condition that ISN'T blamed on climate change? 17 shortviking Oct 2015
With tie-in to 'Back to the Future,' Toyota launches its new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle Mirai 0 Aquila Oct 2015
Even the "steady staters" and political idoits who shout climate change for every weather event., 5 ibtruthin Oct 2015
DOJ, ExxonMobil, ClimateChange, etc. 6 johnaries01 Oct 2015
Kudos to Exxon's Scientists 9 misanthroptimist Sep 2015
Syrian Refugees Are Climate Refugees 10 Argentina Sep 2015
What we can do about climate change / global warming 7 Ms.Eloriel Sep 2015
News for the Climate Change Deniers 20 Ms.Eloriel Sep 2015
If government is serious about climate change (Poll) 7 shortviking Aug 2015
Now That BEER is in Danger, Will the Deniers Accept Reality? 42 Frostlight Aug 2015
Another month, another global heat record broken by far 8 LavenderGirl Jul 2015
Greenland Is Experiencing a Sudden and Rapid Melt Season Onset 30 Argentina Jul 2015
Meteorologists predict a strong El Nino effect this year 11 MountainDew Jul 2015
Pope: "Doomsday Predictions Can No Longer Be Met with Irony and Disdain." Eco-Advocates Respond 5 Argentina Jun 2015
RealClimate: NOAA temperature record updates and the ‘hiatus’ 44 JosephNobles Jun 2015
"It Is Climate Change": India's Heat Wave Now the 5th Deadliest in World History 17 Argentina Jun 2015
Fox News’ Chris Wallace slams Santorum: If the Pope can’t talk about climate change, why can you? 9 LavenderGirl Jun 2015
Science: Much-touted global warming pause never happened 29 JosephNobles Jun 2015
Climate Takes up Half Obama's Commencement Address to Caost Guard Cadets, with Some Arctic Irony 4 Argentina May 2015
Why "Global Warming" Failed & Why Climate Change is Real [View all] 62 It Guy May 2015
Buckle up, California--Scientists Predict You're About to Ride One Hell of a Long Heat Wave 2 Argentina May 2015
Pope: God Will Judge Climate Denialists 16 Argentina May 2015
Top scientists to examine altered global warming data 38 Dixie May 2015
Some Unheeded National Security Threat Warnings 2 Argentina May 2015
Global Cooling Ahead? Solar Activity Virtually Nonexistent 17 Dixie May 2015
"Congress To Slash NASA’s ‘Global Warming’ Research Budget" :) 19 Dixie May 2015
A mathematician on global warming 'slowdowns', 'pauses' or a 'hiatus' 0 Muzzlehatch May 2015
Warm Weather Forces Iditarod Sled Dog Race Farther North 8 JosephNobles Apr 2015
As Sea Level Rise Accelerates, Buying Shorefront Property Becomes a Game of Musical Chairs 36 Argentina Apr 2015
Too those that think our climate should not change at all. 46 ibtruthin Apr 2015
Climate Apathy and Ignorance 22 Argentina Apr 2015
Skeptical Science: Permafrost feedback update 2015: is it good or bad news? 1 JosephNobles Apr 2015
Major Antarctic ice survey reveals dramatic melting 16 JosephNobles Apr 2015
Yes, Climate Change Is a Greater Threat than Terrorism (And It Contributed to the Chaos in Syria) 2 Argentina Apr 2015
Jennifer Francis, Rutgers - A melting Arctic and weird weather: the plot thickens 18 JosephNobles Mar 2015
In 2014, for the first time in 40 years, global CO2 emissions have stalled, but... 4 shortviking Mar 2015
Antarctic Melting, Already Bad, Just Got Worse 21 JosephNobles Mar 2015
Globe? Warm? Who, Me? 15 Agent_86 Mar 2015
A Reagan approach to climate change 2 Agent_86 Mar 2015
Great climate change realities of history...... 5 ibtruthin Mar 2015
Antarctic land ice decreasing at a record pace, sea ice increase 1/3rd the loss of Arctic sea ice 27 Starbux Mar 2015
No Yale Global Warming Protest Because 9 sargentodiaz Feb 2015
WaPo: A ‘megadrought’ will grip U.S. in the coming decades, NASA researchers say 26 JosephNobles Feb 2015
Undersea Volcanoes May Be Impacting Climate Change 4 sargentodiaz Feb 2015
Humanity has exceeded 4 of 9 ‘planetary boundaries,’ according to researchers 17 Muzzlehatch Jan 2015
Common guys, this forum is going cold, we need to get heated discussions going. How about JNobles 15 ibtruthin Jan 2015
Favorite joke for 2014 12 AZ0 Jan 2015
NASA: Earth Just Experienced the Warmest Six-Month Stretch Ever Recorded [View all] 95 JosephNobles Dec 2014
Climate Science: What You Need To Know 29 JosephNobles Dec 2014
Politifact's Readers' Choice Lie of the Year: "Climate change is a hoax." 10 JosephNobles Dec 2014
The most popular deceptive climate graph - and a corrected version 1 Muzzlehatch Dec 2014
Risk from extreme weather set to rise 7 sargentodiaz Nov 2014
Climate change caused by ocean, not just atmosphere 13 sargentodiaz Nov 2014
Science Daily: Warmest oceans ever recorded 19 JosephNobles Nov 2014
Are We Doomed To Arctic Winters In America? 11 sargentodiaz Nov 2014
Does the movie Interstellar rip Michael Mann? (SPOILERS!) 16 Transcendence Nov 2014
Hot Streak Continues: October 2014 Warmest on Record 3 JosephNobles Nov 2014
Current Winter Storm from Space 4 sargentodiaz Nov 2014
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