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Manufacturing Jobs Fell Last Year in U.S. Rust-Belt Swing States - Bloomberg 5 Aquila 29 min ago
DUmp throws fake liberal idiot Joy Reid under the bus 1 Aquila Jan 12
MSNBC Incredulously Defends FBI & Discredited Dossier 5 Aquila Dec 12
Clinton Impeachment Video Reveals Dems Hypocrisy 1 Aquila Dec 7
Top of Drudge- Gallup: Congress Approval, Support for Impeaching Trump Both Up 10 Aquila Oct 2019
DUmper: Russia is manipulating DUmmieland 3 Aquila Aug 2019
Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Sonny Perdue Mocks Those Harmed by Trump Trade War as 'Whiners' 4 Aquila Aug 2019
Trump's doctored presidential seal leads to conservative US group Turning Point USA firing 0 Aquila Jul 2019
How did Trump end up in front of a presidential seal doctored to include a Russian symbol? 5 Aquila Jul 2019
2 Rightys walk into a Golf Shop 2 Aquila Jul 2019
The Takedown of Yet Another Ethically Challenged NYT Reporter Sydney Ember 1 Aquila Jul 2019
VOX Claims Millionaire NBC Debate Panel Is Diverse 4 Aquila Jul 2019
Who is John Bolton? "Tough Guy," Vietnam Draft Dodger 31 Aquila Jun 2019
Far Left Protest Plans for Kavanaugh Hearing Leaked Out: 4 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
Man fires his AR-15 to scare clown, but ‘clown’ was woman walking her dog (Man charged in incident) 18 MedusasRage Oct 2016
Response to the clowns. 13 Hades Oct 2016
Creepy 'clowns' luring kids into woods, locking down schools across Alabama 8 rampartb Sep 2016
Trump has called for assassination of political rival: [View all] 50 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2016
Anyone See This Picture of a Horrified Black Child Posing In a Pic with Donald Trump? 34 REALtoldYouSo Sep 2016
Reports of Creepy Clowns Spread to More Cities: 'It Is Not Funny,' Police Say 14 Boadicea Sep 2016
APB Issued For Clowns Terrorizing Greenville, SC Children... 0 Appalachian Man Sep 2016
Thank you, Oregon militiamen: The longer you stay, the more ridiculous you and the conservative [View all] 86 Immacolata Jan 2016
If you don't know the difference between Sunni and Shia, you cannot fucking be President. 35 Satan Dec 2015
Clowns 2 the Left of Me ... Clowns 2 the Right ... here I am . . . 2 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 2015
Thanks Skinner 10 D.Libby Oct 2015
GOP insiders mulling Mitt Romney 13 smokingman Sep 2015
Is Using the Term "Clown" as Offensive as "Anchor Baby"? 48 REALtoldYouSo Aug 2015
Now it's Politically Incorrect To Refer To Someone as a "Clown"? 32 REALtoldYouSo Aug 2015
Inside the GOP Clown Car: get crazy or go home 6 Attila Gorilla Aug 2015
Clever admin DU 4 D.Libby Aug 2015
Rick Perry to Donald Trump: You, me, pull-up contest 8 Miss Quay Jul 2015
Bavaria mocks Greeks politicians as "clowns" 6 Gamle-ged Jun 2015
Jon Stewart’s new name for the 2016 GOP clown car: “19 and Counting” 7 smokingman Jun 2015
Some meme's are just's 15 Lefty May 2015
Another proud day for the military.... 37 joefriday6 Apr 2015
New York Daily News 9 Lefty Mar 2015
Hillary's new 'granny state' buried in mockery [View all] 51 opspec2c Feb 2015
'The man can only ride you when your back is bent' - Palin on matters of sex. 27 Lefty Jan 2015
What does everybody make of this picture? [View all] 117 MediterraneanMadMan Jan 2015
The tough parts for Dems is none of the Republicans have any power [View all] 102 Cardinals1982 Nov 2014
Clown club upset with American Horror Story 4 Hades Oct 2014
House Republicans step on a rake; hilarity ensues 8 orson Aug 2014
Send In The Clowns 19 HotRodLincoln Jul 2014
A clown scared me today. 17 Bottlenose May 2014
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