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Ivan is a Funny Motherf*cker, Da 3 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
Republican mayor hangs out with right wing group that supports Nazis. 42 Bronxbomber Apr 2018
What shoes are yet to drop in the Trump-Russia story? 23 New Deal Democrat Mar 2017
Heh... limp Stumpy neither reads nor understands the EO's he signs 7 Ohio Joe Feb 2017
So comrade Stumpy is taking hair loss drug 18 Ohio Joe Feb 2017
Limp Stumpy barred from speaking to parliament 23 Ohio Joe Feb 2017
This will send limp Stumpy into a twitter tantrum 5 Ohio Joe Feb 2017
Melania's lawsuit dismissed... So does that mean she was a high end escort? 13 Ohio Joe Feb 2017
Heh... Kellyanne Conway is upset limp little Stumpy gets no respect 20 Ohio Joe Feb 2017
Lying Stumpy Can't be Trusted 27 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
So old crooked comrade Stumpy is still letting in terrorists 14 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Stumpy the Clown using gmail to secure POTUS Twitter 44 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Comrade Stumpy has voter fraud in his own family 35 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Will section 4 of the 25th need to be invoked? 27 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Week One: Comrade Stumpy Cedes World Leaadership Role to China 21 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Comrade Stumpy puts more people out of work... 11 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
#FreeMelania 3 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Comrade Stumpy's conflicts of Interest being documented online 6 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Heh... Too funny 9 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Heh... Comrade Stumpy had nobody at his inauguration so he stole a pic of Obama's 11 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Real Americans cheer when a nazi is punched in the face... [View all] 88 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
Remember all those things Comrade Stumpy promised to do day one? 22 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
What is your speculation: How will comrade Stumpy insure everyone? 34 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
So... Old comrade Stumpy is into water sports... Too funny 20 Ohio Joe Jan 2017
To Russia, from Hillary, With Love 5 wonderwarthog Jul 2016
Is Donald Trump Under KGB Control? 26 wonderwarthog Jul 2016
DeBlasio Booed at NYC Police Graduation 1 Gunslinger201 Dec 2014
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