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Georgia inmates on the run after killing prison guards during transport 0 Juan Rico Jun 14
6 arrested for bungled TV robbery in Chesterfield Township 5 Juan Rico Jun 11
"Get a Job": Subway Employee Tells Off Robber 2 Juan Rico Jun 11
Schiff: Comey statement certainly evidence' of 'obstruction by Trump 34 Letmypeoplevote Jun 8
Suspect in Oregon train stabbings indicted for murder 2 Juan Rico Jun 7
Armed Robbery Suspects Family Want Customs Agent to Face Criminal Charges 1 Juan Rico Jun 4
Family of fatally-shot teen says he didn't try to rob off-duty Border Patrol agent 10 Juan Rico Jun 3
Gun thieves show off wares on social media, feds say 2 Juan Rico Jun 1
16-Year-Old Armed Robber Shot, Killed in Chicago 6 Juan Rico May 31
Felon who killed cop to avoid jail gets life plus 80 years 2 Juan Rico May 25
Mom pulls out guns to chase off 5 suspected burglars 9 Juan Rico May 22
Car thieves steal car with 6 year old boy in the back and then murder him. 27 Juan Rico May 19
64 guns seized from nursing home killers residence 2 Juan Rico May 18
Another day, another hate crime hoax 6 Gunslinger201 May 12
Homeowner shoots at 3 drive-by suspects, killing 2 and wounding 1. 22 Juan Rico May 11
Cook County Jail inmates can order hot pizza delivered to their cells 17 Juan Rico May 10
16-year-old killed while trying to rob Dominos delivery driver 9 Juan Rico May 10
Yet Another Hate Crime Turns Out To Be A Hoax 13 def_con5 May 5
Man Wielding Knife Kills One and Injures Three at University of Texas 4 Bronxbomber May 2
'I got 2 clips!' Impatient mom pulls out gun, threatens barber cutting son's hair 29 Juan Rico May 1
Arkansas awaits word from Supreme Court on execution of 4th inmate 12 Juan Rico Apr 28
3 arrested on gun charges following Facebook Live threat 6 Juan Rico Apr 28
Ohio man calls on cops, K-9 unit to help him find stolen heroin 1 Juan Rico Apr 28
Death penalty for PA anti-government cop killer 9 Juan Rico Apr 27
Florida teen arrested on 17th birthday for fatal shooting 5 Juan Rico Apr 26
Arkansas carries out nation's first double execution in 17 years 1 Juan Rico Apr 26
Oakland BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, rob weekend riders 17 Juan Rico Apr 24
15-year-old armed robber foiled when toy gun breaks during heist 4 Juan Rico Apr 24
Man killed, 2 injured during shootout at Bordeaux (TN) shop 2 Juan Rico Apr 24
Gunfight leaves 3 officers injured, robbery suspect dead 1 Juan Rico Apr 24
Gorsuch's First Big Supreme Court Vote Allows Arkansas Execution 2 Juan Rico Apr 21
Arkansas Puts Ledell Lee to Death, in Its First Execution Since 2005 4 Juan Rico Apr 21
Chicago Responsible for 43.7% of Nationwide Increase in Urban Murders 13 Juan Rico Apr 21
Washington mall shooter found dead in jail cell 11 Juan Rico Apr 18
Manhunt underway for suspect who murdered elderly man in Facebook video 9 Juan Rico Apr 18
Man shot by ex-girlfriend after violating protective order 6 Juan Rico Apr 17
Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Executions 8 Juan Rico Apr 16
Family Still Angry SRO Shot Teen Who Attacked Students With Knives 7 Juan Rico Apr 16
Hate Crime Hoax Finds Black Man Posing as Racist White Man in Obscene Letter Campaign 15 def_con5 Apr 15
4 arrested for trying to incite terror at park with Airsoft guns 8 Juan Rico Apr 14
3 arrested after stealing paintball gun, trying to sell it back to owner 0 Juan Rico Apr 12
Three teenagers killed in home invasion identified [View all] 147 Juan Rico Apr 12
Man charged with murder after accomplice is killed in botched burglary 1 Juan Rico Apr 11
Five Reasons Why Members of Obamas Administration Must Be Prosecuted 9 Gunslinger201 Apr 9
Attempted robbery at Bingo hall leaves suspect dead 6 Juan Rico Apr 8
Arkansas preps for 8 executions in 10 days 13 Juan Rico Apr 7
Family Of Dead Burglar Complains About Homeowners Son Using AR-15 [View all] 57 Juan Rico Apr 3
Suspect Dressed in Black Allegedly Kicks in Marine Veterans Door, Does Not Live to Tell Tale 13 Juan Rico Apr 3
Botched home invasion ends with teen suspect shot, 5 in custody 1 Juan Rico Apr 2
After 7 fatally shot, some South Shore residents shocked, others say its nothing new (Chicago) 3 Juan Rico Apr 1
Suspect dead, accomplices jailed after botched home invasion 4 Juan Rico Mar 30
79-year-old man fatally shoots intruder 3 Juan Rico Mar 30
Do hate crime statutes create a tiered system for the value of human life? 14 Ravenquills Mar 29
This message was self-deleted by its author 14 Agent_86 Mar 29
Man tries to rob pizza place with gun magazine, employee slaps it out of his hands 8 Juan Rico Mar 25
White veteran charged with murder of black man as hate crime 17 TexMex Mar 24
Botched home invasion ends with suspect dead, another behind bars 8 Juan Rico Mar 2017
When your life is on the line and every second counts, the police are only 38 minutes away. 4 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Texas executes man who killed 2 and tried to attack judge 11 Juan Rico Mar 2017
NY: Man beaten to pulp after offering to pay for attackers' meal 34 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Mom turns in 12-year-old son after recognizing him as robbery suspect 13 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Texas couple fatally shoots 2 intruders after being bound, held hostage 1 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Clerk Ready When Robber Points Pistol 3 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Intruder shot after failing to heed female homeowners warnings 13 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Kentucky man who scalped ex-girlfriend tells judge: 'I don't need a lecture' 5 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Quote of the Day: Defenseless in The Bronx 3 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Hillary coming to terms with her new life....I wasted it all cause Bill said i would be president... 22 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
SF's black defendants complain it's hard to find jury of their peers 7 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Parolee charged with murder of shopkeeper two months after getting out of prison 1 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Mass killer Breivik loses human rights case against Norway 10 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Mom Gets 50 Years in Prison for Poisoning Son with Cold Medicine 2 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Teen shot at by would-be victim during auto break-in attack 5 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Man sentenced in Colorado home invasion, stabbing 3 Juan Rico Feb 2017
White-on-white crime rates vs. black-on-black crime rates 6 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Good Samaritans stop to help State Trooper being attacked by 2 men 2 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Ohio lawmaker proposes death penalty for killing first responders 4 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Teens charged for violent assault of disabled veteran who tried to stop them from torturing a turtle 2 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Canadian man who beheaded bus passenger granted total freedom 13 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Facing 18 felonies, suspect says cops are after him (one would hope so) 11 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Customer shoots, kills suspected diaper thief at Wal-Mart [View all] 63 Juan Rico Feb 2017
This is an admitted hate crime. Addional charges need to be filed against this woman-hating fiend. 2 Bronxbomber Feb 2017
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