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"StewedG" demand repubs take a stand against Russia-colluding Trump 6 KittyCatIdiots 5 hrs ago
"MrScore0" and 78 culties joke about Trump dying from heart attack 7 KittyCatIdiots 5 hrs ago
"Skidmark" and 43 Dculties "This is not my America. This is not our America." 4 KittyCatIdiots 6 hrs ago
The NewYorker "Trump continues to take directions from Putin" by arresting children 2 KittyCatIdiots 6 hrs ago
"EffingQuack" race-baiting of the day "...choosing to defend white privilege or black lives" 1 KittyCatIdiots 9 hrs ago
90 McCarthyist sectarian Dculties thankful they're not like other Americans 1 KittyCatIdiots 9 hrs ago
Racist McCarthyist "Screeds" calls out her fellow white women quilters 3 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
Dcult: "Mother Teresa was a vile, horrible woman basing her work on white privilege" 11 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
--------------Feckless Ds--------------- [View all] 80 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
Dculty: "So last night I tell my husband I'd be fine with leaving America" 12 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
Culty gives racist others a math lesson, racist culties lay into them, LOL 2 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
"EffingQuack" and 200 other Mother Teresa haters hate "racist" Bernie Sanders! 4 KittyCatIdiots Yesterday
----------Hillary/CorruptFBI 2020---------- 0 KittyCatIdiots Friday
Daily Dcult hate site hate post hating on most popular D Bernie Sanders 3 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
Dculties worried about Cali splitting into 3 states: "OH, HELL TO THE FUCKING NO" 9 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
"Your president is a traitor. He worked with the Russians to rig the election." 9 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
"Sockey80" recites ritual "Trump is going down and going down hard" 4 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
Ds problem is that they call everyone traitors 0 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
"DumbascrapSinceBirth" invents own Comey report, even culties don't buy it 1 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
Feckless Canadian Parliament Unanimously Condemns Trump 9 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
Feckless Dcult: "The GOP is the party of Putin and billionaires" 13 KittyCatIdiots Thursday
California to vote in Nov on breaking into 3 states, Dculties blame RUSSIA! 7 KittyCatIdiots Wednesday
Sanders Praises Trump-Kim Summit, feckless Ds having a pity party! 4 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
Feckless Dculty having a sad, "I am literally and actually crying as I write this." 10 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
Feckless, Bitter Dculty: "the N. Korea deal is nothing short of a surrender" 7 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
Feckless DUpipo had to go there "Putin says Mission accomplished" 1 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
Who's a better negotiator, Hilluny or Dennis Rodman? LOL 1 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
DUpipo reminder "Russia Poses a Threat to Midterm Elections." LOL 0 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
Racist.Underground.Sissies.Supply.Infinite.Amusement 5 KittyCatIdiots Monday
How many Ds actually believe that Russia took over the U.S.? 4 KittyCatIdiots Monday
"SidDithers" hates white people 14 KittyCatIdiots Monday
Racist Dcult "Wypipo, a limerick contest" 4 KittyCatIdiots Monday
"DumBlowhole": "Web of elite Russians met with NRA execs during 2016 campaign" 4 KittyCatIdiots Monday
McCarthyist Dcult "Important coverage on Trump/Russia on Australian TV" 1 KittyCatIdiots Monday
Read the entire feckless D, McCarthyist, conspiracy/propaganda theory 1 KittyCatIdiots Monday
"BabbleOnSister" "There's actually lots of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion" 0 KittyCatIdiots Monday
Old McCarthyist Dcult hag says old Bernie Sanders has no contribution to make 7 KittyCatIdiots Sunday
Feckless Dculty is "so ashamed today to be an american" you "stupid white people" 5 KittyCatIdiots Sunday
Feckless Dculties "are afraid, very afraid" of you Nazis. 117 recs and counting! 8 KittyCatIdiots Jun 9
McCarthyist Dcultie's family shuns him, don't want him spoiling their day, LOL 10 KittyCatIdiots Jun 9
Delusional feckless Ds can't admit there's been a McCarthyist leaker the entire time 4 KittyCatIdiots Jun 8
Feckless Dcult: "Trump upset because he can't watch porn in the WH" 11 KittyCatIdiots Jun 8
Feckless D explains to Ds "We have to go around, through, and over these people." 3 KittyCatIdiots Jun 7
Feckless Ds "The Russia scandal is the most important scandal in the history of the United States." 4 KittyCatIdiots Jun 5
"Screeds" "The day the Obamas shut the lights off at the White House, the whole country went dark" 2 KittyCatIdiots Jun 5
"Girthhog" not upset at all by the term "Feckless Cunt" 28 KittyCatIdiots Jun 5
Dcult hate site "I hate everything about him" at 203 recs and counting! Yay for hate!!! 14 KittyCatIdiots Jun 4
"EffingQuack" wants to know if you racists hang out with minorities? lol 8 KittyCatIdiots Jun 4
Ds think they have to decide whether to be traitors or not? LOL 0 KittyCatIdiots Jun 4
Dcult white hate today: "Now there's proof: Republican judges are more racist--a lot more racist: 6 KittyCatIdiots Jun 4
Oh looky, the resident feckless Ds are commenting on the Dow, LOL 43 KittyCatIdiots Jun 4
Feckless Washington Post joins the white hate brigrade 5 KittyCatIdiots Jun 2
Feckless McCarthyist "Screeds" still waiting for "The Mueller Show" 5 KittyCatIdiots Jun 2
McCarthyist Dcultie shares it's gangrenous medical diagnosis, take thee to the greatest page! 0 KittyCatIdiots Jun 2
"Feckless" is stuck in the mind of the voter, just like "deplorables" 13 KittyCatIdiots Jun 2
The never ending hatred of whites at the Dcult 4 KittyCatIdiots Jun 1
So all female D politicians can now be called "feckless c....s" because it's fair game to Ds 11 KittyCatIdiots Jun 1
Ds 2018: Wypipo are the oppressors, Russia took over the U.S., Strippers, Roseanne! 2 KittyCatIdiots May 31
Dcult warning to whites: "Wypipo, brace yourselves, it's going to get worse before it gets better." 22 KittyCatIdiots May 31
Anyone see that new movie "Planet of the Feckless Cs"? LOL 1 KittyCatIdiots May 31
Dcult white hate of the day:"White America's racial resentment is the real impetus for welfare cuts" 3 KittyCatIdiots May 31
Ds 2018: Torture, McCarthyism, PeePee, Roseanne, Strippers, Hate Whites 4 KittyCatIdiots May 30
Here's the latest D McCarthyist outrage, LMFAO! 1 KittyCatIdiots May 30
Do democrats have any credibility remaining, I mean any at all? 21 KittyCatIdiots May 26
Morgan Freeman is a D McCarthyist pig: "Morgan Freeman: We Are At War With Russia" 3 KittyCatIdiots May 25
Good to know Obama kept Gitmo open for D approved torturers! 13 KittyCatIdiots May 21
Ok, NotOk to threaten to shoot DIers in the head? 11 KittyCatIdiots May 20
"Slimey80" "would like to remind everyone what is heading Trumps way." 5 KittyCatIdiots May 20
"PawnX2" "Traitor Trump Plans On Exposing FBI Informant To Cover Tracks To Kremlin" 3 KittyCatIdiots May 19
"EffingQuack" welcomes herself to the royal family and Wypipo approval! 5 KittyCatIdiots May 19
Proud Ds confirm torturer to head CIA 8 KittyCatIdiots May 19
Insano-Madcow "connects all the Trump staffers who have suspicious ties to Russia" 0 KittyCatIdiots May 19
"StinkyTheTown" says "Gun OWNERS - all of them - are the problem." 13 KittyCatIdiots May 19
"KenSchmuck" posts "I like fried chicken and watermelon, does that make me racist?" 9 KittyCatIdiots May 18
"SheShit" stirs the Wypipo pot-o-racism at the Dcult, stop calling cops you Wypipo! 5 KittyCatIdiots May 18
The "EffingQuack" Wypipo poll! It's OK to call whites racist names! 8 KittyCatIdiots May 18
and the 251 post Dcult thread saying it's not OK to call white people racist names! 1 KittyCatIdiots May 18
Ds confirm torturer, Obama kept Gitmo open, Hilluny and Wasserman rigged primaries 3 KittyCatIdiots May 18
Dculty brags about putting Fox TV on parental control at a restaurant 7 KittyCatIdiots May 17
Today's Dcult lynching of a white person 4 KittyCatIdiots May 17
"The online attitudes of quite a few "Progressive" white folks regarding dehumanizing language" 1 KittyCatIdiots May 17
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