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This is what happens when Lefty cunts rewrite history; white genocide equals mass starvation. 20 Jardinier Tuesday
Gay thoughts 7 Jardinier Dec 5
As a legal immigrant to the United States, I thank America for not making responsible people [View all] 94 Jardinier Nov 27
Look what has happened to my former country. 6 Jardinier Nov 26
PRAGER: Even Astronauts Fear The Left 7 Muddling Through Nov 25
lol@Chinese 5 Jardinier Nov 22
lol@Lefty 12 Jardinier Nov 14
'He is a beautiful, funny, kind, sweet man': Michelle Obama about George W Bush. 8 Jardinier Nov 14
I know a person who wants to vote R but might vote D because they think GOP will take their medicare 26 Jardinier Nov 6
lol@DU I've been up since 3am due to on-going health issues so I thought I would have a butchers 16 Jardinier Nov 3
It is a hostile invasion. 13 Jardinier Oct 28
Dick Boldly goes... 0 Jardinier Oct 14
A happy belated Che Guevara death day, everyone! 2 Muddling Through Oct 10
Graham Challenges Schumer: Name One Person on This List You Think Is Acceptable 5 Muddling Through Oct 8
How the Kavanaugh Case Teaches Men to Fight Back 2 Muddling Through Oct 8
Protesters Cry As Kavanaugh Vote Announced 14 Jardinier Oct 7
Susan Collins just saved the womens movement and its progress on rape prosecutions 2 Muddling Through Oct 7
The ACLU Sponsors an Ad Comparing Brett Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein 8 Muddling Through Oct 3
Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Confronts GOP Senator He Pushes Back 8 Muddling Through Oct 2
Its shameful what US Open did to Naomi Osaka 24 Muddling Through Sep 30
Yale StudyThere are probably twice as many illegal immigrants living in America as commonly believed 2 Muddling Through Sep 22
She MUST withdraw! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caught in a HIGHLY problematic situation [pic] 5 Muddling Through Sep 18
Why everyone should be angry at what Feinstein did re Kavanaugh, and why everyone is not 9 Muddling Through Sep 15
Another Brutal Review of Nancy MacLean, Democracy in Chains 3 Muddling Through Sep 15
A New Color of Censorship from the SPLC 6 Muddling Through Sep 2018
GOP Latest Ad Is A Highlight Reel Of Democrats And Antifa The Left Is Crazytown 4 Muddling Through Sep 2018
Man who threatened to kill Ajit Pais children pleads guilty, faces prison 2 Muddling Through Sep 2018
I think I can hear Maxine Waters shouting at the confirmation hearing. 7 Jardinier Sep 2018
It was like a monkey fucking a football cluster fuck combo when she showed up wearing this... 7 Jardinier Sep 2018
Credit Card Companies Restore Donations To Conservative Group After Backlash 1 Muddling Through Aug 2018
Influential black farmers group backs Trumps 'excellent' Supreme Court pick 1 Muddling Through Aug 2018
Update on the 60 Separate Defamation Lawsuits Against the SPLC Under Consideration 13 Muddling Through Aug 2018
Jared Kushner helps Trump pave rare bipartisan path to big win 2 Muddling Through Aug 2018
It never gets old......there we were, a house full of Democrats cheering on a Republican 6 Jardinier Aug 2018
He even moonwalks! Is there anything Trump cannot do? (lol) 2 Jardinier Aug 2018
Anti-Kavanaugh Campaign Makes Extensive Use of Dark Money Donations 4 Muddling Through Jul 2018
Er, No, Washington Post, Its Not That Russia's Not Used to Ethnic Diversity 2 Muddling Through Jul 2018
Why the Unfair Sex Tribunals of Title IX Are Losing Ground 2 Muddling Through Jul 2018
DOJ, Second Amendment Foundation Reach Settlement In Defense Distributed Lawsuit 2 Muddling Through Jul 2018
Lefty, why do you want open borders? Explain yourselves!! [View all] 66 Jardinier Jun 2018
Princeton Takes a Stand for Free Speech on Campus 2 Muddling Through Jun 2018
Im very disappointed more people didnt comment on this. 3 Jardinier Jun 2018
Former college student who claimed rape admits it was all lies 12 Muddling Through Jun 2018
"And never forget that Russia was into places like Wisconsin @ the county level" 1 Muddling Through May 2018
Former Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal facing felony theft charges for welfare fraud 7 Jardinier May 2018
Crapped the BED! Matt Walton tries defending David Hogg from Kyle Kashuv and his FAIL is LEGENDARY 1 Muddling Through May 2018
Clinton Foundation is Nest Egg Fake Charity Built for Chelsea 1 Muddling Through May 2018
Salem Witch Trials: Witch Hunt! 2 Jardinier May 2018
School district shuts down information after Stoneman Douglas shooting 5 Muddling Through May 2018
For Trump, the End of the Beginning 22 Muddling Through May 2018
This message was sort of self-deleted by its author 5 Jardinier May 2018
Time to Declare Clinton Foundation the Biggest Charity Fraud Ever 2 Muddling Through May 2018
Hashtag #MeToo: Remembering Girlfriend Murdered By Earth Day Founder 6 Muddling Through Apr 2018
The Firestarter: What Happens When the Government Lies About You in Court? 4 Muddling Through Apr 2018
Meet the Clinton Charity They Didnt Want You to Know About 1 Muddling Through Mar 2018
Students' visit to gun range 'none of your damn business,' parents say 9 Muddling Through Mar 2018
The Media Slams Yale Student Verdict on Rape 4 Muddling Through Mar 2018
New York Times Columnist Warns Of Climate Change While On Companys Global Private Jet Tour 5 Muddling Through Mar 2018
Why Do Leftists Think So Poorly of Blacks? 15 Muddling Through Mar 2018
Too Late, Germany Realizes Its Mistake 7 Muddling Through Mar 2018
The Reckoning of the FBI Has Begun 5 Muddling Through Mar 2018
No Free Speech on Four Canadian Campuses 3 Muddling Through Mar 2018
Danger Will Robinson - Melt-Down in progress. 14 Muddling Through Mar 2018
High Speed Rail project cost jumps to $77 billion, opening delayed 17 Muddling Through Mar 2018
Condoleezza Rice stuns The View audience with amazing story about 2nd Amendment rights 13 Muddling Through Mar 2018
After Settlement With Fraternity, The Rolling Stone Rape Hoax Saga Is Officially Over 2 Muddling Through Feb 2018
"Children Are Dying Because Of Americans' Denial About Guns" 18 Muddling Through Feb 2018
Mad Max violence stalks Venezuela's lawless roads 5 Muddling Through Feb 2018
Assemblywoman at forefront of #MeToo movement accused of sexual misconduct 6 Muddling Through Feb 2018
After I go through all the trouble of becoming an American I am not voting for those anti-American 3 Jardinier Jan 2018
More trouble and confusion for the PC crowd & the Gender Bewildered mentally ill folk. 15 Jardinier Jan 2018
Why do Democrats want the so-called Dreamers to become US citizens? [View all] 58 Jardinier Jan 2018
How Oprah Helped Spread Anti-Vaccine Pseudoscience 6 Muddling Through Jan 2018
Bill Clinton once lost the nuclear codes for months, and a 'comedy of errors' kept anyone from 8 Muddling Through Jan 2018
Oil-Rich Venezuela Is Out Of Gasoline 8 Muddling Through Jan 2018
100 Years. 100 Million Lives. Think Twice. 2 Muddling Through Jan 2018
More issues with men pretending to be women. 2 Jardinier Jan 2018
Another trans-bully strikes. Bras are too gendered it grunted. 7 Jardinier Jan 2018
Now your pre-school/grade-school daughter or grand-daughter can get a penis of their very own. 16 Jardinier Dec 2017
Moore with an 8-point lead over dimowit... I mean, dimocrat Doug Jones 10 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Moore Opens Up 49-44 Lead in Alabama 9 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
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