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Anatomy of the phone call now imperiling Trumps presidency 9 Aquila Oct 2019
DUmmie asks: Why is Biden in the lead? 7 Aquila Sep 2019
DUmper: Russia is manipulating DUmmieland 3 Aquila Aug 2019
Trump Veto Continues Yemen War With Obama Logic 3 Aquila Apr 2019
Two Dirty Dishes & Spotlessly Clean Bathroom - Media Claims Julian Assange Had a Fetid Lair 0 Aquila Apr 2019
Donald J. Trump: Wikileaks 1 Aquila Apr 2019
Donald Trump 2016: "I Love Wikileaks" Donald Trump 2019: "I know nothing about Wikileaks" 31 Aquila Apr 2019
Trump's Record Spy Budget - What Do We Really Get For $86 Billion? 18 Aquila Mar 2019
How long does a DU act stay "temporarily suspended for further review"? 13 spike61 Feb 2019
Donald Trump and the Yankee Plot to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government 12 Aquila Feb 2019
Weak Republicans deprived us of a victory, even if Kavanaugh eventually is confirmed 15 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
Absolutly LOVE this post at the DUmp. 5 WhiskeyMakesMeHappy Jun 2018
why does the DUMP have so many white people hating topics lately? 6 Deplorable May 2018
Racist DUmmies trip over selves explaining why double standards are good 4 msv Apr 2018
Activating deep troll accounts at the DUmp... any tips? 18 Deplorable Feb 2018
Why are we so quick to rush to judgement on Al Franken? 1 Carl Nov 2017
The Minnesota Moses admonishes his fellow primitives. 16 Carl Nov 2017
The irony of the left. 5 Carl Oct 2017
Day 204- How the trump Hotel changed DC's culture of influence- Great long read well worth the time 8 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
Dumper: "Why Are The Democrats So Respectful To Other Side?" 2 Aquila May 2017
WATCH: How Trumps LIMP First 100 Days Measures Up To President Barack Obamas [View all] 56 Maya Apr 2017
This is why the left is laughed at. 22 Carl Apr 2017
Fox News mocked for 'alert' that Trump spent weekend working at White House 10 Maya Mar 2017
Huge Crowds In Deep Red Tennessee Turn Out To Protest Trump Campaign Visit 29 Maya Mar 2017
Does size matter? Trump thinks so. 11 Maya Mar 2017
And then there was the time that they put Trump's brain into Bill the Cat's skull: 4 The Center Holds Feb 2017
This is why we laugh at the left. 16 Carl Feb 2017
The DUmmies still thinking they can get the roadrunner. Don't seem to realize 2 wisbadger Feb 2017
The all powerfull Trump is now giving liberals a rash. 5 wisbadger Feb 2017
DUmmie thinks phone calls will stop Trump. Liberals are acting like the coyote 7 wisbadger Jan 2017
The DUmmies forget about Obama's executive orders and don't unerstand how govt works 2 wisbadger Jan 2017
It Looks Like Trump Tower Could Use Some Infrastructure Improvement 10 City Kitty Oct 2016
Wikileaks Hillary Data Dump " On Hold "...Assange cites `security concerns`. (Poll) 13 Grumpy Pickle Oct 2016
Julian Assange says wikileaks to start releasing Hillary info as early as next week. 36 Grumpy Pickle Sep 2016
This sums it up nicely..!!... 7 frankt8242 Aug 2016
This sums it up nicely..!!... 19 frankt8242 Aug 2016
News flash..!!! The D-man has DOUBLED HIS SUPPORT..!! 2 frankt8242 Aug 2016
1/3 of US corps paid... 6 frankt8242 Aug 2016
Hillary is in St Pete Fl right now... 3 frankt8242 Aug 2016
Any bets on who the new gop candidate will be? 15 Slayer Aug 2016
Fareed NAILS IT..!!! 3 frankt8242 Aug 2016
She said AREN'T..!! 24 frankt8242 Aug 2016
I just got a letter from the D-monster..!!! 9 frankt8242 Aug 2016
Watching the Dmonster in Portland Me. right now !! 2 frankt8242 Aug 2016
Now that the sane among us agree... 7 frankt8242 Aug 2016
This "Khan" thingy must really be hitting home..!!! 19 frankt8242 Aug 2016
Apparently, in the warped mind of... 8 frankt8242 Jul 2016
Tim Kaine just buried the trumpster.. 45 frankt8242 Jul 2016
WOW..!!! He's blowing smoke... 7 frankt8242 Jul 2016
The Donald must REALLY hate ISIS now..!!! 4 frankt8242 Jun 2016
Hey Joe, here's one of the new ads playing in Florida.30 seconds of stunning stupidity 16 D.Libby Jun 2016
Watching The Dmonster speak right now... 5 frankt8242 Jun 2016
Watching Hillary absolutely.. 8 frankt8242 Jun 2016
4-in-10 GOP insiders want to derail Trump at the convention 9 AmandaMatthews Jun 2016
I can no longer tell my wife and kids I ... 5 frankt8242 May 2016
Amid Trump surge, nearly 20,000 Mass. voters quit Democratic party 17 Gamle-ged Mar 2016
How can someone who doesn't even know who... 27 frankt8242 Feb 2016
Remember the good old Friday afternoon new dumps of the bush** era? Are they back? 5 AmandaMatthews Jan 2016
Look at this from DU! 36 wisbadger Dec 2015
I guess I did the right thing.. 8 frankt8242 Nov 2015
Here's an interesting take on the Trump fiasco.... 11 frankt8242 Sep 2015
Hillary really "dumped trump" last night.. 1 frankt8242 Sep 2015
The Republican Party Is Still Trying to Decide if Minorities Matter 28 smokingman Aug 2015
Thje DNC is missing the boat by not... 2 frankt8242 Aug 2015
F.A.A. to Drop Donald Trump-Related Navigation Codes 7 Strange Luck Jul 2015
Macy's dumps Donald Trump 6 Strange Luck Jul 2015
On any meaningful scale, Chris Kyle was a worse human being than the Kouachi brothers. 45 kNockYourPunkassDown Jan 2015
Cool Story Bro!!! DU's 1StrongBlackMan tells a story. [View all] 94 HangingJuror Dec 2014
Working at the EPA is a Crappy Job...literally 0 Jenny Fromdablock Jun 2014
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