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The GOP Tried Trump-Style Tax Cuts in Kansas. What a Mess. 9 Letmypeoplevote Nov 15
What would your family do w/ a $4,000 raise from the President's tax cut plan? 16 Isidore Nov 8
citizen rescues america's economy from disaster ..... 1 rampartb Sep 14
Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis 4 TM999 Sep 8
Trickle-down economics is a nightmare. Kansas proved it. 4 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
Withdrawing From Paris Agreement Helps the Most Vulnerable 2 TM999 Jun 2017
Teach your children well 0 Agent_86 May 2017
White House struggles to explain weak economy as Obama boasts of job growth.. 6 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Donald Trump Proposes $550 Billion in New Government Debt 5 phaw Aug 2016
Once again Bernie's telling us all singles should earn enough to support a family! With Bobble Head 5 Dumper Jul 2016
From bad to worse for Sam Brownback’s Kansas [View all] 52 Letmypeoplevote May 2016
Millennials are increasingly rejecting voodoo economics 36 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2016
Obama is First President Ever to Not See Single Year of 3% GDP Growth. 32 Dexter Morgan Apr 2016
It never trickles down! 15 Isidore Mar 2016
Here's one key reason Bernie is doing so well 3 Ms.Eloriel Feb 2016
Iceland Sentences 26 Corrupt Bankers To 74 Years In Prison 7 Attila Gorilla Jan 2016
Republicans turn Americans into sitting ducks. 11 swifty Dec 2015
“I often had to skip meals”: Senate Dining Room Workers Want a Union, Say They’re Living in Poverty 4 Attila Gorilla Nov 2015
The trickle down metaphor is exactly wrong, money doesn't trickle down, it bubbles up 15 Cliqueclaque Nov 2015
Race to the BOTTOM 3 bpilgrim Oct 2015
The Obama “Recovery” 2 sargentodiaz Sep 2015
'Tax cuts do not pay for themselves,' says Republican appointed CBO director 2 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2015
GOP appoints Rubber Stamp For Trickle Down Disaster as CBO director 3 Starbux Sep 2015
the cost of illegal immigration 7 rampartb Aug 2015
The Doonesbury "Say What?" quote for 8-19-2015 with analysis 2 smalllivingeddy Aug 2015
Fed Up with Stagnant Wages and Corrupt Politicians 0 New Deal Democrat Aug 2015
Separating racial and economic inequality 18 exindy Jul 2015
OKay America! Meet your new minority competition in the office. 5 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
Economy is Weak, Stocks Are In A Bubble, And Washington Must Change Course (opinion piece) 10 MeatSandwich Jun 2015
John Nash, Nobel Prize Winner and Subject of 'A Beautiful Mind,' Killed in Car Crash 0 Hypothesis May 2015
One Reason Why America Is in Decline 21 Argentina May 2015
Why Be Afraid of the TPP If You Haven't READ It Yet? 19 REALtoldYouSo May 2015
Kansas plummets to 39th worst jobs growth rate in nation over last year 26 Starbux Apr 2015
Should government protect idiot consumers if not doing so means a worse economy? 15 waltervink Apr 2015
The real-world effects of Brownback’s Kansas ‘experiment’ 10 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2015
Report: $6.6 trillion lost on Bush tax cuts could pay all student loans, car loans, credit cards [View all] 131 Starbux Mar 2015
Trickle down economics doesn't really matter much 1 FrankLittle Mar 2015
Radio Shack is basically dead 30 Currentsitguy Feb 2015
So who gets the credit Obama or the GOP? 7 ibtruthin Jan 2015
Where the middle class is shrinking. Only 1 southern state. Check out the liberal states. 21 ibtruthin Jan 2015
Republicans Move To Gut Social Security Benefits on Their First Day in Power 11 Starbux Jan 2015
Nobody who wants to be taken seriously mentions th Laffer curve except as a joke. CRS showed it's BS 15 Starbux Jan 2015
Ok Let me explain something about trickle down economics [View all] 86 Conservative Voice Jan 2015
It's nice to see the political disagreements here concern economics 28 FrankLittle Jan 2015
I studied quantitive economics for a while 7 AZ0 Jan 2015
The Chronic Crisis, with Worse to Come? 3 FrankLittle Jan 2015
Politics are meaningless 42 FrankLittle Jan 2015
Hilarious political/economics stand-up routine...explains left, right, and middle 6 The Center Holds Jan 2015
Somewhere over the Rainbow Trickle Down Economics works [View all] 58 Starbux Dec 2014
I believe the president just lied to my face. [View all] 58 Slayer Dec 2014
Big Mac's & minimum wage 30 rahtruelies Dec 2014
I just learned from another post I started.... 7 ibtruthin Nov 2014
A TALE OF TWO STATES: Walker's Wisconsin lags economically, just like Brownback's Kansas 21 Starbux Nov 2014
LAPD Dragnet Schools Obama 1 Dixie Oct 2014
Republican-style VooDoo Economics is a giant, stinking heap of dinosaur dung 28 DisCussOr Oct 2014
Shocking Revelation threatens freedom of Republicans 40 DisCussOr Oct 2014
It’s Official: President Obama Is The Best Economic President In Modern Times (Forbes) [View all] 128 Lazarus Long Oct 2014
Paul Krugman: Scots, what the heck? 17 ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2014
I am deeply disturbed after reading Osama bin Laden's words, in light of current events. 16 chknltl117 Sep 2014
THE DEATH OF ECONOMICS: Aircraft design vs flat-lining financial models 0 Troll2 Sep 2014
Supply-side vs Demand-side economics? [View all] 66 kentuck1 Sep 2014
Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing 19 BatmanSux Sep 2014
This is what a minimum wage worker looks like at $15 an hour. [View all] 63 rshackelford Sep 2014
California: The Exodus 13 Dixie Sep 2014
Trickle down economics... Why doesn't it work? 32 Sibelian the White Sep 2014
There were some of you who felt burning QT was justice, and reap what you sow. 23 ibtruthin Aug 2014
libertarian visions of an unregulated economy ... are a mirage [View all] 52 orson Aug 2014
Raising Taxes on the Rich: Not Whether, but How - Bruce Bartlett 3 Starbux Aug 2014
The case for a maximum wage 4 shortviking Aug 2014
Giving everyone a basic income would work for the same reasons Social Security does 22 shortviking Jul 2014
Why Trickle Down (supply side) doesn't work. 22 Zutak Jul 2014
American politics used to be so wide open that Socialism and Communism could be discussed. 18 Greggery Peccary Jul 2014
A guaranteed income for every American would eliminate poverty — and it wouldn't destroy the economy [View all] 84 shortviking Jul 2014
For 35 years, US economic policy has moved to the right 4 manuel ororoca Jul 2014
If capital returns outstrip economic growth then inequality must increase 9 Zutak Jul 2014
Cyclical minimum wage argument: 23 MercATC Jul 2014
Government should never be used to make already rich and powerful people more rich and powerful 19 ProfessorPlum2 Jul 2014
Did you know that money given to a poor person doesn't disappear? [View all] 111 ProfessorPlum2 Jul 2014
If racism holds people back economically, how do we explain Asians? [View all] 107 asylum seeker Jul 2014
8 disturbing trends that reveal the South’s battered psyche [View all] 133 JasonTaverner Jun 2014
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