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Ballot Harvesting, How California stole the Election 2 Gunslinger201 Dec 2018
Broward County is Hazzard... 3 Hades Nov 2018
How should Palm Beach and Broward Counties be dealt with? (Poll) 0 357blackhawk Nov 2018
Breaking: FDLE says No Allegation of FL Voter fraud 9 LavenderGirl Nov 2018
Until Broward County gets their act together 9 357blackhawk Nov 2018
Trump Unable to Stop Caravan of Democratic Women Invading Washington 29 LavenderGirl Nov 2018
Dropped off my ballot on the way to work. 1 cologeek Nov 2018
Freakonomics: Americas hidden duopoly- Im tired of Rs & Ds, are you? 4 DocDocGoose Nov 2018
Is Progressive Democrat Gillum Ready For The Scrutiny Hell Face? 8 357blackhawk Sep 2018
Muellers Fruit of the Poisonous Tree 2 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
Dear Russians, CONGRATULATIONS! [View all] 72 BSBuzzSaw Apr 2018
Interesting comparison between 2016 results and 2018 results 6 LaughingGull Mar 2018
Trial begins in case targeting Texas' statewide elections of judges 7 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Russian Election Meddling Is All On Mitch McConnell, Not Barack Obama 13 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Democrats flip deep-red Missouri state House seat 23 Phlegm Monger Feb 2018
Doug Jones triumphs in an Alabama Senate race that conjured a deadly church bombing 22 JohnPoet Dec 2017
Election Law Expert Argues Moore Cannot Request Recount 1 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2017
(Sucked into) The Blue Vortex 4 Gunslinger201 Nov 2017
FLASHBACK: TIME Magazine In 1996 Bragged About How U.S. Interfered In Russian Election 21 AmandaCMatthews Oct 2017
30 Batsh*t Crazy, Mostly Racist Facebook Memes the Russians Used to Corrupt Your Mind 9 def_con5 Sep 2017
Alabama's next 15 def_con5 Jul 2017
Waters is in 16 def_con5 Jul 2017
CNN Report: Millions Of American Voters May Have Colluded To Elect Trump 6 cologeek Jul 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 17 steve brown Jul 2017
Constitutionally correct way to invalidate 6 def_con5 Jul 2017
When was the last time an election WINNER ever asked for an audit to ensure there was no rigging? 7 U.S.Awesome Jun 2017
OK, so seriously how many of you alt-righties are actually Russian bots? (Poll) 25 marmot84 Jun 2017
Vladimir Putin gave direct instructions to help elect Trump, report says 16 Immacolata Jun 2017
Russian Breach of 39 States Threatens Future U.S. Elections 19 Agent_86 Jun 2017
Democrats, At what point in the Campaign did the Russians convince you to vote Trump? 3 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
BREAKING: Russia hacked the UK election to help Comrade Corbyn. 3 U.S.Awesome Jun 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 11 TM999 Jun 2017
Subpoenas Served on Intel Agencies 13 TM999 Jun 2017
Ex-CIA John Brennen: Multiple countries tried to influence the election but I won't say who else 5 U.S.Awesome May 2017
Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer 0 News2Me May 2017
What's the Dem strategy for the 2020 presidential election? 17 U.S.Awesome May 2017
Right wingers protesting and rioting in denial of the French elections 9 U.S.Awesome May 2017
Marine LePen to head resistance! 10 Phlegm Monger May 2017
Why many French gays adore Marine Le Pen 3 Aquila May 2017
Macron campaign says its emails have been subjected to massive, coordinated hacking 5 New Deal Democrat May 2017
Obama Interfers in French Election by Declaring Support for Macron. 9 Grumpy Pickle May 2017
French Parties Unify Against Le Pen: This Is Deadly Serious Now 18 i verglas Apr 2017
Federal Court Denies Motion to Dismiss NAACP LDFs Lawsuit Against Discriminatory Alabama Voter ID 10 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2017
Centre-left shift in Dutch election deals blow to populism 26 i verglas Mar 2017
I've never had a long line at my polling place until today. 12 Phlegm Monger Mar 2017
green candidate denied ballot line in pennsylvania special election (Poll) 3 rampartb Mar 2017
In a nutshell. 2 News2Me Mar 2017
How America Participated in the 2016 Election -- the majority... 10 The Center Holds Feb 2017
brilliant observations 3 357blackhawk Jan 2017
Taken from a Twitter post I read. This echoes my thoughts about Jan 20. 7 SummBoddie Jan 2017
Remember when Trump didn't like the results of an election and said we should march on D.C.? 15 The Center Holds Jan 2017
DI is back! And the future looks brighter than I expected! 3 cologeek Jan 2017
My question for those advocating for President Obama to declare Martial Law to block Trump 11 LeeCPTINF Jan 2017
Chinese monkey predicts Trump victory. 5 Muddling Through Jan 2017
To the Left: After the election, no matter who wins or loses, will you decide to start (Poll) 13 U.S.Awesome Nov 2016
Avoiding the political freak show last night as much as possible, I still saw enough to detect two 9 JeffJenk Nov 2016
The Fix Is On! 0 Sardis Nov 2016
Clinton wins Dixville Notch, New Hampshire vote. 0 Phlegm Monger Nov 2016
Monkey in China predicts Trump will become president 2 Muddling Through Nov 2016
what are the odds of this prediction? 11 island4diver Nov 2016
U.S. Govt. Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election 6 Immacolata Nov 2016
The moron's case for Hillary Clinton 10 i verglas Nov 2016
As of today (11-6-2016), who do you think will win the Presidential election? (Poll) 7 Ajax Nov 2016
Voting-Rights Decisions in Arizona, New Jersey Favor Republicans 5 cologeek Nov 2016
Fun day on election law front-a number of interesting decisions 1 Letmypeoplevote Nov 2016
When Trump wins, will Democrats admit that they probably shouldn't have 10 U.S.Awesome Nov 2016
Where will you spend election night?? (Poll) 2 Attera Nov 2016
out of the box prediction two 0 island4diver Oct 2016
Trump v. Clinton: Maybe YOU aren’t undecided, but send this to those who might be 0 sargentodiaz Oct 2016
Almost Every Swing State Is A ‘Must Win’ For Trump Now 1 Immacolata Oct 2016
Election fraud in Miami, Fla. --- 2 women arrested. 3 Grumpy Pickle Oct 2016
out of the box prediction one 31 island4diver Oct 2016
Obama spred conspiracy theory 8 island4diver Oct 2016
Even when Trump is right (about election fraud), he gets it wrong-- 13 JoeHill Oct 2016
Donald Trump: 'I will totally accept' election results 'if I win' [View all] 50 Salaam Oct 2016
Appeals court: Ohio elections chief wrongly purged voters 12 Letmypeoplevote Oct 2016
North Carolina firebombing exposes Republican election fraud. 13 JoeHill Oct 2016
Imaginary Trump ad. 0 Muddling Through Oct 2016
Sound familiar? Trump called 2012 vote a 'total sham' 1 Immacolata Oct 2016
Donald Trump Attacks Republicans Who Dare to Play Down His 'Rigged' Election Rhetoric 6 Immacolata Oct 2016
Serious error message. Immediate action requested. 8 exindy Oct 2016
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