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All-electric Porsche Taycan Turbo Premiere REVIEW Exterior Interior - Autogefhl 5 Aquila Sep 2019
26 times from 0 - 200 km/h and back: the new Porsche Taycan EV demonstrates its staying power 0 Aquila Aug 2019
Ice drifting the Porsche Taycan: Driving the new all electric sports car in frozen Sweden 2 Aquila Apr 2019
Another Tesla vehicle has caught fire while driving on the highway in New Jersey earlier today 0 Aquila Aug 2018
Where 3 Million Electric Vehicle Batteries Will Go When They Retire 0 Aquila Jul 2018
LA Times: Stalls, stops and breakdowns: Problems plague push for electric buses (BYD busted) 5 Aquila May 2018
Tesla battery reignites days after deadly crash: 2 Investigates 2 Aquila May 2018
Jaguar's new Electric I-Pace- The Tesla Challenge 1 Aquila Mar 2018
Tesla faces fresh Norway lawsuit over false advertising 0 Aquila Jan 2018
would this EV sell in rural areas? 8 357blackhawk Nov 2017
GM, Army engineers sound off on potential benefits of hydrogen-fueled electric fleet in truck demo 5 Aquila Jul 2017
Tesla Model 3 Pricing Leaked by French Tesla Site? 1 Aquila Mar 2017
out of the box prediction two 0 island4diver Oct 2016
CNN: Tesla's worst nightmare ... cheap gas (TSLA Crash of 2016) 3 Aquila Feb 2016
Automotive Innovation at the San Diego International Auto Show 4 Nadinb Jan 2016
Tesla burns cash, loses more than $4,000 on every car sold 6 Aquila Aug 2015
What if the Republicans tried to rig the EV in 2016, but Hillary still wins 500 electoral votes? 27 graham4anything4HC45 Dec 2014
One more anti-EV FUD lie put to rest 7 Jaime Espinoza Jul 2014
Tesla to open up all patents for the 'advancement of electric vehicle technology': Musk 8 Cliqueclaque Jun 2014
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