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Couple has to prove New Mexico is a state 2 Red_Nation Dec 2018
The most armed man in America. 2 Hades Jun 2017
California's Assembly Votes To Allow Communists To Hold State Jobs.. 18 Dexter Morgan May 2017
LMAO:Chelsea Clinton Gets Another Award For Doing Nothing Special 11 Dexter Morgan Apr 2017
Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing 10 Dexter Morgan Apr 2017
The Failed Communist Experiment With Free Love .. 10 Dexter Morgan Apr 2017
3 key Trump mistakes that led to the travel ban court defeat 22 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2017
Stronger Together by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tim Kaine ..Bombed but Amazon's comments are great 4 Dexter Morgan Sep 2016
Conservative blogger Erick Erickson: Trump is popular with losers 8 LavenderGirl Jul 2016
Steaming pile of FAIL Alert! House ending Sit in 46 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Medical system collapsing in Venezuela 11 Currentsitguy May 2016
Pelosi’s Husband Invested in Solar Firm Weeks Before Lucrative Expansion 11 Dexter Morgan Apr 2016
Republican Candidates Want To Bring Back Ineffective, Unconstitutional NYPD Surveillance 37 Letmypeoplevote Mar 2016
Obama-Backed Solar Plant Could Be Shut Down For Not Producing Enough Energy. 5 Dexter Morgan Mar 2016
Guilty verdicts reached for 11 of 12 in APS cheating trial... 0 Dexter Morgan Apr 2015
Welcome to Roseland, on Chicago's south side, where Obama first promised hope and change .. 15 Dexter Morgan Mar 2015
Au Revoir, Jon Stewart 19 opspec2c Feb 2015
Robbers target food delivery trucks in shortage-hit Venezuela 7 Dexter Morgan Jan 2015
House Republicans drop controversial abortion bill ahead of Roe v. Wade anniversary 15 TexMex Jan 2015
Is Ukraine Hiding A Huge Radiation Leak At The Largest Nuclear Power Plant In Europe? Zero Hedge 5 Clarity of Signal Dec 2014
Our world is a failed state. 13 shortviking Dec 2014
Biden's son reportedly leaves Navy after failed drug test 12 DrunkTeddy Oct 2014
Court Ruling strikes down Obamacare subsidies - is Single Payer in our future? 21 Starbux Jul 2014
Law that would ban clothes with guns on them 37 Vader Jul 2014
Tell us normies who influenced E. Rogers again? [View all] 80 galileosghost May 2014
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