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Smollett-type "Hate Crime" 7 HerasHeaddress Sep 15
They cant call it White Supremacy so they ignore it 4 Gunslinger201 Aug 5
Nolte: CNN Death Spiral Continues with Double Digit Q2 Ratings Collapse 4 Gunslinger201 Jul 2019
Fake crisis at border. 3 LexTalionis Jun 2019
MSNBCs Kasie Hunt issues correction, says segregationist senators were of course both Democrats 5 Gunslinger201 Jun 2019
Biden's Son Hunter Is Invested in China's Mass Surveillance Program Used to Monitor Uyghur Muslims 3 Aquila May 2019
white house tweets video of gaza rocket attack 12 rampartb May 2019
Look out Jimmy Johns 5 Hades Apr 2019
Drone Bomber Obama Rips Progressives As Purists - Heres Why 1 Aquila Apr 2019
Hannity is on fire. 6 Paradigm Mar 2019
Will the lib fake news now give back the useless Pulitzer Prizes they give out to each other? 1 Paradigm Mar 2019
Fake Indian Elizabeth Warrens New Pitch: Reparations For Native Americans 9 Gunslinger201 Feb 2019
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 TM999 Feb 2019
Subpoena Smollett's phone records pronto! 2 sobek Feb 2019
Trump tougher on Russia than any POTUS since Bush Sr. 7 sobek Feb 2019
NBC News panel blames Trump for Ralph Northam's blackface scandal 3 Grebbid Feb 2019
Native American activist Nathan Phillips has violent criminal record and escaped from jail as teen 10 Gunslinger201 Jan 2019
The MAGA hat boys are getting legal representation with a long list of possible defendants. 9 cologeek Jan 2019
CNN runs a ridiculous segment on how Trump's use of "witch hunt" offends witches 4 Gunslinger201 Jan 2019
TIFS. (Trump Investigation Fatigue Syndrome) 25 sobek Dec 2018
One possible reason Hillary Clinton looked distracted during Bush funeral 9 Gunslinger201 Dec 2018
Comey says Trump wasn't among 'four Americans' targeted in FBI probe 0 Gunslinger201 Dec 2018
Running Border mom & kids likely staged photo 4 Gunslinger201 Nov 2018
Obama Gassed Immigrants too, dont let media lie 7 Gunslinger201 Nov 2018
More lying from Trump 5 okletstalk Nov 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 47 TM999 Nov 2018
Don't let Media Gaslighting demoralize you-VOTE 4 Gunslinger201 Nov 2018
Former Navy SEAL blasts CNNs Don Lemon for saying white men are biggest terror threat 7 Gunslinger201 Nov 2018
Cesar Sayoc was making Bomb Threats in 2002 10 Gunslinger201 Oct 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 TM999 Oct 2018
where is the caravan? (Poll) 11 rampartb Oct 2018
How Low can they go? USA Today smears Kavanaugh as Child Predator 10 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
Elizabeth Warren Listed as 'Woman of Color' by Harvard Journal in 1993 1 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
CNN is still pushing against the Radical Islamic Narrative in New Mexico Compound Case 0 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
Fake News Fakes Another one 6 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 3 TM999 Aug 2018
Elizabeth Warren is a Cold Heartless Bitch 14 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 TM999 Aug 2018
Is Obama's birth certificate fake? 5 rampartb Aug 2018
MSNBCs Stephanie Ruhle mocks Americans who dont like Socialism 7 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
OMG! Just when you thought Sarah Jeongs tweets couldnt get MORE awkward for the NY Times 8 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
If the Shoe Fits? 10 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
Just in case there's someone here who still isn't clear about what "fake news" is... 5 JaimeBondoJr Jul 2018
Fake news. 9 southernwriter Jul 2018
DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Application (Heavily Redacted) 2 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
VOTE: Who is the Most Annoying CNN Personality? 19 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
Now CNN calls #Walkaway Russian Bots [View all] 88 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
Best Fauxcohontas joke this week! 1 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
About that GIANT Trump/Baby Balloon 9 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
Donald Trump's relationship with Fox News just got even better 10 Agent_86 Jul 2018
The origins of the DUmp term "Bouncy" tale 20 TheRalphWiggum Jul 2018
New Q Drop, We Stand At The Ready 17 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
Oopsie-Reporter Who Falsely claimed Annapolis Shooter wore MAGA Hat Resigns 8 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 3 TM999 Jun 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 5 TM999 Jun 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 TM999 Jun 2018
Mexican kids held for months as punishment for border-crossing....(but wait a minute)... 10 LaughingGull Jun 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 27 TM999 Jun 2018
About that Salute 6 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
fake charity sued for millions, ordered to give cash to real charities 2 rampartb Jun 2018
Activists Spread Shocking Photo Of Immigrant Child In Cage. There's Just One Problem. 6 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
Where is Julian Assflange? We may know today 20 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
Trump pwns stupid ass fake news (CNN) reporter... hilarious!!! 4 Deplorable Jun 2018
Pentagon: NYT Story Is False, Trump Has Not Asked for Plan to Reduce Troop Numbers in South Korea 4 Gunslinger201 May 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 5 TM999 May 2018
Did the BBC Panorama fake a documentary in regards to Syria? 1 Jardinier Apr 2018
Trump Supporters Consume And Share The Most Fake News, Oxford Study Finds 39 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Childrens Crusade comes to CNN 2 Gunslinger201 Feb 2018
No wonder some thought they were Crisis Actors..... 4 Gunslinger201 Feb 2018
Does Anyone Else Think This "Kids Protest" Was Organized Way Too Fast 17 Smoke Feb 2018
Trumps Top Science Adviser Has a Political Science Degree 17 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
The term "Fake News" was initially employed by the Left against candidate Trump.. 7 Gamle-ged Feb 2018
Jake Tappers Wiretap report not aging well 3 Gunslinger201 Feb 2018
Associated Press issues correction about funding of anti-Trump dossier 6 TendiesForBreakfast Feb 2018
Trumps Top Ten Fake News Awards 6 Gunslinger201 Jan 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 16 TM999 Dec 2017
Pope says that CNN/NBC/NyTimes etc., are all SINNERS!!! 1 Deplorable Dec 2017
Does anyone have an update on MrScorpio's search for the deranged individual 6 Carlos W Bush Dec 2017
Secret Service debunks CNN analysts fake news Omarosa was dragged off White House grounds 6 Gunslinger201 Dec 2017
who will the fake news blame tomorrow when moore wins? (Poll) 3 Deplorable Dec 2017
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