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Fascism on the Streets of Minneapolis Last Night 12 Grumpy Pickle Oct 2019
FORBES: United States Spend Ten Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Education 12 Aquila Jun 2019
Flynn Gave FBI Agents Tour of White House Was Joking With Them NO IDEA He Was Being Interrogated 2 Gunslinger201 Dec 2018
Is Fascism a Form of Socialism? (Poll) 34 357blackhawk Oct 2018
New York ranks least free state in nation: study 4 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 58 TM999 Aug 2018
Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead! 5 Agent_86 Jul 2018
CNN article: Thomas the Tank engine and Paw Patrol are fascist. (No, really!) 2 cologeek Dec 2017
Being Anti-fascism is bad??? Are the trump supporters on this board pro-fascism??? [View all] 135 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2017
George Carlin to Lefty 3 Iron Condor Jul 2017
LMAO:Yale historian Trumps rise perfectly mirrors frightening ascent of Fascism and Nazis in 1930s 21 Dexter Morgan Jul 2017
The post-fascism of Donald Trump 5 Immacolata Mar 2017
Fight The Fascists 4 FORD Feb 2017
the only "difference" that matters 13 357blackhawk Feb 2017
NYC cabbies work stoppage 5 Fiendish Thingy-BC Jan 2017
If liberals riot when Trump wins, we shoudn't shy away from using excessive force 1 Aquila Nov 2016
If the 2016 General Election were held today, who would have your vote? (Poll) 9 FORD Jul 2016
Clintonite hillhag steals Nevada primary, lawsuits coming 10 KittyCatIdiots May 2016
background on Brown Shirts for Bernie 21 island4diver Mar 2016
Trump concerned his rallies aren't violent enough 2 Fiendish Thingy-BC Mar 2016
The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism 20 Ms.Eloriel Mar 2016
The problem with supporting Trump . . . 14 Ms.Eloriel Mar 2016
Fascism 10 Tin Ear Feb 2016
If anybody ought to recognize a fascist when they see one -- 17 Ms.Eloriel Feb 2016
parallels between Trump and FDR 8 island4diver Jan 2016
Trump Supporter 'Body Slams' Protester After He's Called A Fascist [View all] 100 Ms.Eloriel Jan 2016
Donald Trump: The Face of American Fascism? 16 Argentina Dec 2015
O'Malley to Trump: "When you start your registry, you can start with me" 24 Ms.Eloriel Dec 2015
Trump -- apt comparisons 10 Ms.Eloriel Nov 2015
I want a bill in the House to defund fascist colleges 25 shortviking Nov 2015
Socialism IS hurting our country -- bad 39 Ms.Eloriel Oct 2015
"I simply don’t remember my country being this ugly when I was younger." 42 Ms.Eloriel Aug 2015
Why fascism is considered a right-wing ideology [View all] 77 moneyshot Aug 2015
Democratic Senators Beg For Another Obamacare Delay 2 MoreCowbell Mar 2015
Judge rules against American Express in antitrust suit 5 Ask Why Not Feb 2015
the dangers of concentration of power in a Democracy and Fascism 2 Starbux Feb 2015
Russians Execute Ukrainian POW's south of Krasnyi Partizan 14 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 2015
Patriot Act Idea Rises in France, and Is Ridiculed 2 Attila Gorilla Jan 2015
The fascist state of Ukraine is rising....and the US is financing it. 14 Clarity of Signal Jan 2015
Nazism: History is Repeating itself in Ukraine 3 Clarity of Signal Jan 2015
Straight from the horses ass. Prescription for a mandate. 8 Guyzilla Nov 2014
What is the REAL biggest threat to the United States of America right now (Poll) [View all] 66 FORD Oct 2014
Ukraine - The Rise of a US supported Fascist State 15 Clarity of Signal Oct 2014
Yahoo fined $250k daily for non-compliance to NSA demands 15 asylum seeker Sep 2014
We Did Not Go to War, the War Came to Us! 5 id-entity Aug 2014
Wall Street Joins U.S. Intelligence Cronies To Form Fascist "Cyber War Council" 1 Badsamm Jul 2014
Theocratic Fascism 6 Pro_Nonsense Jul 2014
University College London’s Nietzsche Club Is Banned 22 Barefoot Dancer Jun 2014
Whats old is new again. BUSINESS PLOT fascist overthrow of the United States. 17 Guyzilla Jun 2014
No Trust In The Supreme Court 2 FORD May 2014
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