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Melinda Gates, and Why We Must Talk About Abortion in Feminist and Progressive Circles 0 Barefoot Dancer Jun 2014
an alternate view of "feminism" [View all] 72 galileosghost Jun 2014
All Too Predictable [View all] 55 Ms.Eloriel Jun 2014
Why do all the best movie villains have to be men? 25 Strange Luck Jun 2014
Why Do (Female) College Students 'Slut Shame'? It's a Class Thing 3 Greggery Peccary Jun 2014
Okay, Misandry is real. 38 Ms.Eloriel Jun 2014
Radical Feminism, Transphobia and Other Issues [View all] 168 Feldspar Green Jun 2014
Actual Pat Robertson quote 11 R2D42 Jun 2014
The origins of Planned Parenthood, 20th Century Birth Control and Feminism 39 Wiking Jun 2014
Conundrum: Women outnumber men and have a greater influence on socialization of children, but... [View all] 134 Greggery Peccary Jun 2014
Serious request for education. 20 762Justice Jun 2014
Who needs feminism? (Poll) 46 Burrowing Owl Jun 2014
Word Association: when I say "Anita Sarkeesian," you say... 15 mind-ctrl-spider May 2014
College girl got caught cheating on boyfriend; claimed she was raped (Poll) [View all] 53 lmnop May 2014
Utah modesty police edit girls’ yearbook photos 15 Barefoot Dancer May 2014
When Women Refuse - violence as payback for saying "no" to sexual advances [View all] 90 Barefoot Dancer May 2014
This man is not and never will be a feminist 23 hawkins May 2014
Two India girls 'gang-raped' and hanged in Uttar Pradesh 7 Strange Luck May 2014
Dude, It’s You 8 Woman On Fire May 2014
I guess it's funny when a woman attacks a man (but NAWALT!) 43 Greggery Peccary May 2014
Dear responsible women 12 Burrowing Owl May 2014
A new man-hating hashtag is born: #yesallwomen 26 lmnop May 2014
Elliot Rodger isn't the only one [View all] 95 Ms.Eloriel May 2014
Emergency room doctor testifies in abortion trial 0 Strange Luck May 2014
Dispatches: Menstruation a Human Rights Issue? Absolutely 1 Strange Luck May 2014
Pakistani woman beaten to death with bricks by family: official 3 Strange Luck May 2014
Hey women, some men have found a new way to have sex with us! 35 pipsquawk May 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 10 Greggery Peccary May 2014
$1000 reward for whoever names the person who called NYT' Jill Abramson "pushy" 0 lmnop May 2014
Making cheap - not to mention bad taste and not funny joke at tragedy. 8 Hypothesis May 2014
Feminism isnt really needed in the developed world. 12 Bluebloods May 2014
Should Paid 'Menstrual Leave' Be a Thing? (Poll) 25 RiverKwai May 2014
Men, stop telling us to 'love our bodies' 28 Strange Luck May 2014
Define Radical Feminism [View all] 179 Feldspar Green May 2014
The Womenfolk are meeting 12 Burrowing Owl May 2014
Freerepublic cares that Caleb Warner was falsely accused of rape. DU does not [View all] 70 Fact guy May 2014
Do you think that changing Gender Identity changes Biological Sex? [View all] 87 Feldspar Green May 2014
Poll: Is the word "bitch" misogynistic (Poll) [View all] 98 Greggery Peccary May 2014
The Female Privilege Checklist [View all] 115 Strange Luck May 2014
Hello Feminists! 38 pipsquawk May 2014
Stigmatized Birth Control 0 Housewife to Heretic May 2014
State school offers sports for girls in Saudi first 0 Strange Luck May 2014
A more accurate (white) female privilege checklist 39 Greggery Peccary May 2014
Can we as a group not allow gender discussions to become monologues? 27 galileosghost May 2014
Three porn stars explain why they chose the porn industry 16 Strange Luck May 2014
Former Anheuser-Busch VP loses discrimination suit 0 Strange Luck May 2014
UN’s first female force commander talks peacekeeping and why she’s not taking her Harley to Cyprus 0 Strange Luck May 2014
Girl Kicked out of Prom Because of 'Christian' Dads Lusting After Her. 15 Frostlight May 2014
A question for the "female" feminists out there. (Poll) 48 Slayer May 2014
Better feminist role model: Hillary or Elizabeth Warren? 10 manuel ororoca May 2014
It’s Time for Canada to Act on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women 2 Strange Luck May 2014
Which is less likely, a woman president or a Jewish president? (Poll) 14 Greggery Peccary May 2014
‘Eco-feminism’ helps save girl child in India 0 Strange Luck May 2014
Warning Spreads as Beijing Clamps Down on Illegal Modeling 0 Strange Luck May 2014
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