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Chris Wallace debunks Trump: No record of massive or serious fraud from mail-in voting 14 Letmypeoplevote Saturday
Trump cant even convince his own party that mail voting is fraudulent 18 Letmypeoplevote Thursday
Trumps 2020 Reelection Campaign Is About One Thing: Staying Out Of Jail [View all] 57 Letmypeoplevote Monday
Plagued by stock trades, Loeffler vows she won't drop out 2 Letmypeoplevote May 22
Judge Deals Setback to Trump Family: Ugly Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit Likely to Unfold in Public 7 Letmypeoplevote May 19
Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration Found Unlawful 26 Letmypeoplevote May 19
Omar Funnels Nearly $300,000 More to Her Husbands Firm 8 Gunslinger201 Apr 16
Florida woman charged with filing false voter information 0 Isidore Mar 7
A Clear And Present Danger to National Security: 26 JohnPoet Feb 2020
how can this trump pardon be justified? 14 rampartb Feb 2020
Bernie Sanders Campaign Called The Cops On Project Veritas And Even LIED About What Happened 1 Aquila Jan 2020
New York Democrats Move to Register Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens to Vote 5 Gunslinger201 Jan 2020
Afghanistan: Gravy Train for the Warmongers 0 Aquila Dec 2019
Whistleblower who set off the impeachment inquiry of President Trump is under federal protection 6 Aquila Sep 2019
trump sued, again, for fraud 4 rampartb Jul 2019
FORBES: United States Spend Ten Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Education 12 Aquila Jun 2019
Leaked Secret Video from 2006: Biden Attacks Mexicans & Mexico 2 Aquila May 2019
Biden's Son Hunter Is Invested in China's Mass Surveillance Program Used to Monitor Uyghur Muslims 3 Aquila May 2019
Two Dirty Dishes & Spotlessly Clean Bathroom - Media Claims Julian Assange Had a Fetid Lair 0 Aquila Apr 2019
Donald J. Trump: Wikileaks 1 Aquila Apr 2019
Donald Trump 2016: "I Love Wikileaks" Donald Trump 2019: "I know nothing about Wikileaks" 31 Aquila Apr 2019
Miami Beach Businessman Convicted in $1B Medicare Fraud Case 11 quad489 Apr 2019
911 Lawyers, AE911Truth and Victims Families are suing the FBI Tomorrow 44 Aquila Mar 2019
Cannabis: the fabric of Japan 0 Aquila Mar 2019
American coups in Latin America 1948-2019 7 Aquila Mar 2019
NC state board votes for new election in 9th district after Harris calls for new race 3 Isidore Feb 2019
Republican campaign paid for 'coordinated, unlawful' absentee ballot scheme in NC 9th District election 4 Isidore Feb 2019
So, Wheres Ruthie? 5 Gunslinger201 Jan 2019
French court cancels Monsanto weedkiller permit on safety grounds 2 Aquila Jan 2019
why is the hiring of civil servants privatized? 4 rampartb Dec 2018
Hidden toll of US drone strikes in Yemen: Nearly a third of deaths are civilians, not al-Qaida 1 Aquila Nov 2018
9 Charged in 'Large-Scale Voter Fraud Scheme' Offering Homeless Cash and Cigarettes for Votes . 7 Dexter Morgan Nov 2018
How to reform our election systems 39 357blackhawk Nov 2018
Trump Endorses Pelosi For Speaker. Seriously. 12 Aquila Nov 2018
Reuters: Pentagon fails its first-ever audit, official says 31 Aquila Nov 2018
Does Illegal Aliens voting constitute foreign election interference? 13 Gunslinger201 Nov 2018
Florida Teacher Finds Provisional Ballot box in Storage Area 16 Grumpy Pickle Nov 2018
Broward County is Hazzard... 3 Hades Nov 2018
How should Palm Beach and Broward Counties be dealt with? (Poll) 0 357blackhawk Nov 2018
Governor Rick Scott claims election fraud, orders law enforcement investigation 3 Gamle-ged Nov 2018
Until Broward County gets their act together 9 357blackhawk Nov 2018
Privatisation of Britains railways has cost the taxpayer 5bn per year plus increased fares 10 Aquila Nov 2018
Totally not oversold 11 Agent_86 Nov 2018
Trump TV: Giving The People What They Want 4 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Mr. Trump would not say Democrats or CNN in his apprehension remarks. 3 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake 7 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Texas Dems under investigation after sending voting applications with citizenship box pre-checked 4 Gunslinger201 Oct 2018
The Flat Earth movement: A society of disbelievers in scientific fact 10 Agent_86 Oct 2018
How much does it cost to get away with murder? 3 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Fyre Festival founder sentenced to 6 years in prison, judge calls him "serial fraudster" 2 Agent_86 Oct 2018
HSBC to Pay $765M in Toxic Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Settlement 0 Isidore Oct 2018
CNBC: SEC charges Tesla CEO Elon Musk with fraud 4 Aquila Sep 2018
Theranos: The Trump University of healthcare 7 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Mexican citizen pleads guilty to voter fraud in Texas 6 Gamle-ged Sep 2018
So no, I did NOT try to make a $450 and a $900 and another $450 charge at a ladieswear store in... 1 Gamle-ged Sep 2018
Omarosa bringing a new videotape to MSNBC at 7pm ET 21 LavenderGirl Aug 2018
Former Tesla engineer says company silenced her entire team after they brought up safety & quality 2 Aquila Aug 2018
The 'Cash' Trump crime family report 3 Agent_86 Jul 2018
Pro-Trump "Deplorable" store shuts down after two days 9 Agent_86 Jul 2018
Federal judge tosses Kansas voter ID law, orders state's top prosecutor to undergo legal training 6 Isidore Jun 2018
Exhaustive investigation reveals little evidence of possible voter fraud in NH 4 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2018
Tesla in Autopilot mode crashes into parked Laguna Beach police cruiser 7 Aquila Jun 2018
Tesla workers say factory paint shop has had multiple fires, causing more problems than Tesla let on 1 Aquila Jun 2018
LA Times: Elon Musk wants to rate journalists' credibility. But how's his credibility? 2 Aquila May 2018
Business owner accused of defrauding customers 3 Agent_86 May 2018
I don't know about all of you, but I am rooting for a Deep State victory. 13 Agent_86 Apr 2018
What you need to know about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica 2 Agent_86 Mar 2018
Trump shakes up legal team as threats mount, hires conspiracy theorist 6 Agent_86 Mar 2018
As Vladimir Putin sweeps Russian election for 4th term, what's next? 1 Agent_86 Mar 2018
Ex-French president Sarkozy in custody as part of campaign funding probe 1 Agent_86 Mar 2018
5 Lake County residents indicted on election-related charges 3 Thorson Mar 2018
How Media Shamelessly Pushes Endless Military Spending 3 Aquila Mar 2018
Obama Screws South Side Chicago Residents Over Library 1 Aquila Mar 2018
((The Empty Suit calls for a conversation): Barack Obama isnt happy with Facebook and Google, 6 AmandaCMatthews Feb 2018
Colorado: Former Colorado GOP chairman sentenced for voter fraud 3 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2018
Oops! White House admits it has zero evidence of voter fraud in 2016 election 10 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2018
Voter Fraud Commission Being Handed Off to DHS, Will No Longer Be Stonewalled by Dems 5 Gunslinger201 Jan 2018
Doug Jones will be certified today 13 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2018
Dec 27 It is my opinion that Flynn will REFUSE a pardon if one is offered. but- 12 graham4anything4HC45 Dec 2017
Ding Dong the Mandate is GONE and I'm dancing on its grave 14 Aquila Dec 2017
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