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E-Cigarettes Are Toxic Chemical Free Says US Government 5 MumblyPeg 2 hrs ago
This is just getting started, John... 1 MumblyPeg 6 hrs ago
NYT Punked again... and their response is as cringe-worthy as the troll itself 2 MumblyPeg 9 hrs ago
THEY'RE GETTING WEIRDER (Dice) 0 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
There's not enough money int he world.... 0 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
RINO Bill Kristol has Ties to Fusion GPS and Disgraced Pro-Meemaw FBI Trump-Framer Strzok 1 MumblyPeg Thursday
My favorite cop. EVER [NSFW Language] 9 MumblyPeg Thursday
THEY WON'T STOP (Dice) 0 MumblyPeg Thursday
Jason Kessler Gets Yelled At By His Dad During Livestream 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
aaaaaand it happened just like we said it would. the bar is lowered in the name of SJ 8 MumblyPeg Wednesday
CNN Fake News Drags Trump For Calling London Attack Terrorism 12 MumblyPeg Wednesday
crooked lying dimocrat goes silent amid charges of fabricating Russian hacking claim 10 MumblyPeg Wednesday
All Hat No Cattle dim Congresswoman is Back: Trump Calling Omarosa a Dog is racist 8 MumblyPeg Wednesday
911 Record Documents Womans Claim of dirty dimocrat muslim Domestic Assault 5 MumblyPeg Wednesday
COLLUSION: 128 Fake News Outlets Coordinate Attack on Trump This Thursday 8 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Chris Cuomo Defends Antifa Violence: 'All Punches Are Not Equal' 3 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Colleges Reject Students for Their Tweets and for Those They Follow 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Oh hell, what's a half billion of your dollars, no biggie. 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
5 Reasons Government Will Never Work the Way commie dimocrats Believe It Will 3 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Omarosa Tells NBC Host to Calm Down, Cuts Appearance Short 4 MumblyPeg Tuesday
CNN Fake News Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Says Trump Only Attacks Blacks 5 MumblyPeg Tuesday
dimocrat Candidate Gil Cisneros Invested in Oil Sector Despite Campaigning Against It 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
dimocrat Mayor Calls for Boycott of Samuel Adams Brewery After Co-Founder Thanks Trump for Tax Cuts 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
James Brown: Trump Trying To Frighten Whites by Calling Me dimocrats New Star 1 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Peter Strzok Just Struck It Rich By Online-Conning Liberal Lunatics 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Fake News CNNs Chris Cillizza Falls for Peter Strzok Parody Twitter Account Called @NotPeterStrzok 1 MumblyPeg Tuesday
James Brown: 'Impeach President Trump for My 80th Birthday!' 0 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Tucker Highlights Antifa Protesters Threatening to Murder Trump, Chanting 'No USA At All!' 0 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Its All Theyve Got: 2020 Democrat Candidates Plot to Make Race Card Front and Center 3 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Update on the 60 Separate Defamation Lawsuits Against the SPLC Under Consideration 13 Muddling Through Tuesday
Feds Spend $30,257 to Study App for Tranny Voice Training 8 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Obamas Training Ground for Little Obamas Will Cost Fed Taxpayers $139 Million 10 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Hooded Muslim Migrants Go on Fire-Bombing Rampage 3 MumblyPeg Tuesday
4 brand spankin new judges to be appointed by the Republicanatic gov.of WV 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson Spread Lies to Pro-Hillary DOJ Official 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Ditch Mitch: the Senate Returns This Week To Increase Spending 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Clinton Administration Employee on Omarosa: She was the Worst Hire We Ever Made 1 MumblyPeg Tuesday
dimocrat House of Worship, Satanic Temple to Rally at Arkansas Capitol on Thursday 0 MumblyPeg Tuesday
CNN: Alex Jones's 'Hate Speech' Is A Form Of Terrorism 1 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Charlottesville 2: ANTIFA Edition (RazrFist) 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Lefty splits again: New American Party to represent urban interests 0 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Once the greatest empire on earth, now littered with barriers and violence thanks to islam 3 MumblyPeg Tuesday
THEY'RE LOST IN FANTASY LAND (Dice) 2 MumblyPeg Tuesday
All the Hate is On the Left - [Andrew Klavan] 5 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Todays color portrait of lefty's violent ass 21 MumblyPeg Monday
'One day I will tell you the story about when I went AWOL to help a hispanic I hardly knew.' 5 MumblyPeg Monday
It's FAKE! [Dice] 0 MumblyPeg Monday
Ocasio-Cortez Appears On Sesame Street 12 MumblyPeg Sunday
Dear lefty: FREE 3D Printed guns, just ask me and I'll provide them 1 MumblyPeg Sunday
The dumbass dimocrat Buck-Toothed Boshevik forgets to introduce speaker at his own rally 7 MumblyPeg Saturday
Jared Kushner helps Trump pave rare bipartisan path to big win 2 Muddling Through Aug 10
It never gets old......there we were, a house full of Democrats cheering on a Republican 6 Jardinier Aug 9
Rosie O'Donnell Has Cracked The Case [Dice] 3 MumblyPeg Aug 9
DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: Dr.Jordan Peterson VS Skyler Turden [Crowder] 0 MumblyPeg Aug 9
Hey lefty: 0 MumblyPeg Aug 8
A big shout-out to my friend Vlad for helping us rig the Ohio voting machines tonight. 3 MumblyPeg Aug 7
West Hollywood city council votes unanimously to REMOVE Donald Trump's star from the Hollywood Walk 28 MumblyPeg Aug 7
Lefty thinks black people are stupid [Owens] 2 MumblyPeg Aug 7
Alex Jones is Now an Unperson [Dice] 4 MumblyPeg Aug 7
The War on InfoWars -NSFW- [RazorFist] 1 MumblyPeg Aug 6
Cuz that's how it works, right? 3 MumblyPeg Aug 4
Black guys being afraid of dogs [Crowder] 0 MumblyPeg Aug 4
The latest picture of leftys ass 10 MumblyPeg Aug 3
Why do women complain so much? 12 MumblyPeg Aug 2
He even moonwalks! Is there anything Trump cannot do? (lol) 2 Jardinier Aug 2
Judge Nap Says Rosenstein Exonerated Manafort Years Ago for Same Crimes 11 MumblyPeg Aug 2
They Didn't Think It Was Funny [Dice] 1 MumblyPeg Aug 2
Ezra Klein's strategy for the Democrats: Lie Hard 1 MumblyPeg Aug 2
Feel Free To Pound Sand On Your Document Demands, My Friend 38 MumblyPeg Aug 1
Supreme Court Carnage: A Rant NSFW [Razorfist] 9 MumblyPeg Jul 31
They're Everywhere! [Dice] 0 MumblyPeg Jul 31
Lefty's latest communist hero, as usual, is a blithering idiot 6 MumblyPeg Jul 31
The entire family separation crisis was built of lies 1 MumblyPeg Jul 30
This is Not a Joke [Dice] 1 MumblyPeg Jul 30
DUmpass: "suicide looks better than what may come" 11 MumblyPeg Jul 29
Crowder Lampoons Hannah Gadsby's 'Nanette' Special 2 MumblyPeg Jul 28
Anti-Kavanaugh Campaign Makes Extensive Use of Dark Money Donations 4 Muddling Through Jul 28
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