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Hey Mr. Tangerine Man 1 wonderwarthog 43 min ago
I'm actually chuckling 1 def_con5 47 min ago
Good price on an AR15? 9 drunk_teddy 3 hrs ago
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell 1 wonderwarthog 10 hrs ago
Spirit 1969 3 wonderwarthog 15 hrs ago
Blood, Urine, Feces 8 wonderwarthog 15 hrs ago
about my self-deleted post 1 myohmy 16 hrs ago
The Phantom Queen 0 wonderwarthog 16 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 myohmy 16 hrs ago
Today in darwinism... 0 Nostrings 23 hrs ago
Keith Emerson Stabs His Hammond Organ 2 wonderwarthog Yesterday
That's it. Trump's done. 2 Qukid Yesterday
So cute 2 oflguy Yesterday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 wonderwarthog Friday
She drinks her blood from a jagged edge... 0 wonderwarthog Friday
What Would James Jesus Angleton Do? 0 wonderwarthog Friday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 wonderwarthog Friday
Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton - Can't Find My Way Home 3 Qukid Friday
Ahh, the good ole daze BEFORE the 2016 election. :) 3 D26-15 Friday
Old Man Tries to Cheat a Bear Trap 3 It Guy Friday
Fun in the news. 2 MsJaneFuzzyWuzzy Friday
Mock Commentary: Super Bowl 52 Eagles v Patriots 2018 (most definitely NSFW) 0 Solesurvivor Friday
This is one vid you don't want to miss. Bird man 0 It Guy Friday
I wasn't getting any for two weeks, and then I found it! 0 It Guy Friday
Ham Radio Fake News Show 2 wonderwarthog Thursday
If you're a dog lover 5 Iron Condor Thursday
Larry turns 90 and goes in for a physical 0 orson Thursday
Th Good ... the Bad ... & the Ugly. Danish Orchestra. 1 RATFINK_5.0 Thursday
Empathy and Bouncing 4 wonderwarthog Wednesday
Happy Valentine's Day 2 Bubba Wednesday
So Slick is in a hospital 14 Mad Dog 20-20 Wednesday
I'm a soft touch... 0 myohmy Wednesday
Paranoia's Poison Door 0 wonderwarthog Tuesday
Think about a marathoner consumed deep in thought and focus as he treks along 1 oflguy Tuesday
A Smerk on the subway 18 Qukid Tuesday
My Generation (1965) 5 Agent_86 Tuesday
Piers Morgan Accuses Omarosa Of Offering Him Sex To Win 'Celebrity Apprentice' 0 RCW2014 Tuesday
Funny thing I ran across about the Obama portrait. 4 D26-15 Tuesday
The American left... 3 Solesurvivor Tuesday
BRUTAL AIKIDO! 2 wonderwarthog Monday
"When your fat ass hits the concrete... " 0 wonderwarthog Monday
Atheists in Combat Situations... 0 wonderwarthog Monday
"And now, we have a treat, for sports fans everywhere" 0 Nostrings Monday
Where's the BEEF? (Heart?) 4 wonderwarthog Monday
The worst music video ever made 11 Currentsitguy Monday
I got hearts! 0 Killdozer Monday
Songs to start your week off ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Sunday
The Analog Hero 0 wonderwarthog Sunday
Trail cam captures pics of Big Quoob and the Sandy Panty Gang 6 John Wick Sunday
The Chattanooga El Camino 7 Qukid Sunday
VIDEO: 'Oh No!' -- The Most Embarrassing Tic-Tac-Toe Game Ever Played 2 def_con5 Sunday
Killdozer - Hush 0 Isidore Sunday
Back Stabbers (1972) 0 Agent_86 Sunday
Good advice for parents. 0 fszwfnj Sunday
Prisoner Hat Riddle 2 Cold Warrior Sunday
I've noticed that the alerter(s)/are rather slow tonight. Who is missing I wonder? 8 RCW2014 Sunday
To all conservatives here... 2 wonderwarthog Feb 10
That's How Every Empire Falls 5 wonderwarthog Feb 10
Dirty, rotten, criminal, corrupt, treasonous, Crooked MeeMaw hacks up another lung 2 MumblyPeg Feb 10
TGIF: War Edition 02 09 18 1 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 10
Getting Old Sucks 14 wonderwarthog Feb 9
Warthog pulverizes Taliban truck - Drone footage 8 wonderwarthog Feb 9
My favorite ventriloquist (non political) 0 Da Mannn Feb 9
Have fun DIers. Heading away for a couple days. 4 Nostrings Feb 9
Best Valentines Day card EVER! 0 wonderwarthog Feb 9
Monkey Taunts Tigers 10 wonderwarthog Feb 9
John Prine Announces New Album 'The Tree of Forgiveness' 6 wonderwarthog Feb 9
I'm a total cun... 3 wonderwarthog Feb 9
Tom calls Hillary.. 2 Solesurvivor Feb 9
Some P*ssys are better left ungrabbed... 0 wonderwarthog Feb 8
"STAY ALERT, STAY ALIVE!" 0 wonderwarthog Feb 8
"What's the difference between a Koran and a Bible being dipped in a toilet? 8 Dumper Feb 8
COD WW2 , anyone here play the game? 11 DDKick Feb 8
Run for Cover (2017) 0 Agent_86 Feb 8
Adopt a nice kitty! 5 wonderwarthog Feb 7
"Put them in the Iron Maiden" 0 Nostrings Feb 7
Summer will be here before you know it! Have some warm music! 5 Nostrings Feb 7
Un-American? 2 myohmy Feb 6
Wait for it... 10 Qukid Feb 6
Wait for it..... 8 Iron Condor Feb 5
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