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Mark Levin is especially delightful tonight if you can pick it up or find the podcast. 0 RCW2014 13 hrs ago
Week 3 of the incoming pup 11 Currentsitguy Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Monday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Monday
Fuel is Nazi filth 49 Grebbid Monday
FYI KittyCatIdiots... 4 jimiray Monday
Tie Rone is trying to fly again 0 Qukid Sunday
Post Dated RIP 1 Gunslinger201 Sunday
Lil fuel dude/ette....before the delete....what a waste of the fellow deleters.. 9 Oldgeezer Saturday
Markus King Band live stream! 1 TheShoe Saturday
A rapturous moment at red rocks this summer. 0 TheShoe Saturday
What dogs do when you're not home 6 Currentsitguy Friday
The most historic hotel in every state.. 0 JanetS Friday
just read on the internet that cell phones cause cancer in mice... 3 jimiray Thursday
Understanding the difference between Men and Women . . . 3 akaConcernedCanuk Thursday
Lessons learned 11 orson Thursday
My Favorite Confederate Railroad song 3 Gunslinger201 Wednesday
Evel Knievel - True Grit 0 Nostrings Wednesday
From Clamshacks to the Boston Brahmin sector 5 Gunslinger201 Jul 9
Does anybody remember "UnSkewed Polls" from 2012? 0 Isidore Jul 9
I'll take Barney in the 3rd to show 0 oflguy Jul 9
I was devastated to learn 4 Solesurvivor Jul 8
Hey "Uncle Sal", why did you slither away? 2 D26-15 Jul 8
This has got to be one of the creepiest products ever invented 2 Currentsitguy Jul 8
Week 2 of our future puppy 2 Currentsitguy Jul 8
Just Let Me Sleep! Playful Dog Annoys Tired Shiba Inu 0 RCW2014 Jul 7
Neil Diamond used to be... 5 wonderwarthog Jul 7
Anybody else watch the series on the Paramount network, Yellowstone with Costner? 4 RCW2014 Jul 7
How to make breakfast like a MAN! 4 Currentsitguy Jul 7
I didn't know that... 0 myohmy Jul 6
Ghost Guitar in "Let It Be" 0 wonderwarthog Jul 6
On Vacation in New England (my original home) 10 Gunslinger201 Jul 6
Army Of Drag Queens Use Hand Fans To Drown Out Poorly Attended Alt-Right Hate Rally 1 RCW2014 Jul 6
I can't do it 12 def_con5 Jul 6
The back porch gang 0 wonderwarthog Jul 6
How hot is it? 1 orson Jul 6
Uncle Sam Blues 4 wonderwarthog Jul 6
Is there anything wrong with feeling on 10yo girls? (Poll) 10 drunk_teddy Jul 5
Why was AOC really crying? The memes 6 Da Mannn Jul 5
Bloodywood: Indian Metal Band 2 Steelydamned Jul 5
Alabama man chared with illegally owning an 'attack squirrel' he fed meth and called Deez Nutz 8 TendiesForBreakfast Jul 4
AOC visits a detention center 1 Gunslinger201 Jul 4
Barbecue Pit Boys 11 Gunslinger201 Jul 4
Metal Trump. 0 Nostrings Jul 4
Stop making fun of Democrats in Congress! 5 Gunslinger201 Jul 3
Jay Leno asks questions about geography. 0 D26-15 Jul 2
HOLY MELTDOWN, BATMAN! 6 Nostrings Jul 2
Hey Fred Sanford..... 2 imwithfred Jul 2
The Brits Aren't Handling the Heat Wave Well 6 Steelydamned Jul 1
Cats are Assholes 8 wonderwarthog Jun 30
Official 2020 Trump vs Democrat Poll 3 Isidore Jun 30
Amanita Muscaria Shrooms 2 wonderwarthog Jun 30
Don't know which one yet but one of these guys is our new puppy 10 Currentsitguy Jun 28
Highlights from the Democrats Debate (parody) 2 Gunslinger201 Jun 28
Dodge Launches the 2020 Charger SRT Hellcat: The Worlds Most Powerful and Fastest Mass-Produced C 6 RCW2014 Jun 28
saving a baby Racoon 0 Da Mannn Jun 28
I foresee a lot of time spent in correctional institutions for this kid as a adult. 6 Solesurvivor Jun 28
Here around mid-Michigan, we don't have any fireflies yet. Normally by the 4th of July, 5 RCW2014 Jun 27
Recipes...Milkshakes :) 0 Iron Condor Jun 27
"You bad, you bad, you bad... " 2 wonderwarthog Jun 26
I am 4-F 0 wonderwarthog Jun 26
Christopher Lee was the real Most Interesting Man In The World 2 Currentsitguy Jun 26
Relaxing to a little music tonight... 2 wonderwarthog Jun 23
RHINO!!! 3 akaConcernedCanuk Jun 23
Going to a Maryland Blue Crabs Game tonight! 11 Gunslinger201 Jun 23
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 wonderwarthog Jun 23
Tie Rone took the wife and kid down to the Walmart. 15 Qukid Jun 23
Tie Rone's having a pool party. 2 Qukid Jun 21
Early Morn Tequila break ! Mom & Daughter Edition 5 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 21
AOC Gets Head Stuck In Bucket, Journalists Rush To Explain Why It Was Actually A Genius Move 0 Gunslinger201 Jun 21
Trump demands Iran return drone pilot unharmed 7 Isidore Jun 20
I think a shotgun wouldve worked better though... 5 Solesurvivor Jun 20
The "trending" list in politics forum is comical, indeed.... 4 RCW2014 Jun 20
i feel as if today i earned my wings on the board... 14 jimiray Jun 18
Remembering Dr. John the Night Tripper 4 wonderwarthog Jun 18
CROWNED BY FIRE 0 wonderwarthog Jun 17
PPP by Tie Rone 14 Qukid Jun 17
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