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Pictures tell the story, fans are not going to football games. 23 Butchie_T Dec 2018
Reindeer Boobs 3 Hades Dec 2018
DiFi going to be investigated for leaking Ford Letter 5 Gunslinger201 Oct 2018
Christine Blasey Ford believes an untruth (Some good Legal Anaysis) 4 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
Not Only should the Committee stick with Mondays Deadline, Trump should announce 1 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
Occulus Go VR headset 1 Hades Jul 2018
Well, they finally did it. A first person shooter school shooting simulator. 20 Hades Jun 2018
Dumbass points Gun at Officer, Gets Dumbass Reward 10 Gunslinger201 Apr 2018
9 sec teams will play in bowl games over the next weeks 0 rampartb Dec 2017
Veloce, barkeeper. More wine! 4 Agent_86 Mar 2017
Teen robber with BB gun shot by armed victim with concealed carry license 2 Juan Rico May 2016
Two ‘kids’ shot after breaking into Louisville home 12 Juan Rico Apr 2016
80 year old man thwarts robbery; kills a suspect, wounds another 13 Juan Rico Apr 2016
any DIers play in multiplayer-internet-games. please check in!!! 17 M41 Apr 2016
Florida teen faces murder charges after pellet gun attack 15 Juan Rico Mar 2016
Teen burglars greeted by gunfire 18 Juan Rico Mar 2016
If you fail to reach X number of points before time runs out do you win the game? 11 Phlegm Monger Mar 2016
Homeowner Shoots, Kills Teen Burglary Suspect [View all] 53 Juan Rico Mar 2016
What happens when a Protestor get himself shot by the Secret Service? 21 Da Mannn Mar 2016
Teen with BB gun fatally shot by police after refusing to comply [View all] 73 Juan Rico Mar 2016
13-year-old carjacker shot by would-be victim 22 Juan Rico Mar 2016
I love Fallout 4! 6 Hades Jan 2016
REPORTER: DOJ, FBI “SUPER PISSED OFF” at Obama White House Over Clinton Investigation (Video) 5 Gunslinger201 Jan 2016
Lawsuit Says Probationers Sold Blood Plasma To Pay Debts To Private Company That Extorted Them 30 smokingman Oct 2015
14-year-old in critical condition after breaking into ‘wrong house’ 13 Juan Rico Sep 2015
Anyone know where to find games for ur computer? 10 akaConcernedCanuk Mar 2015
The Entirety Of Westeros Is 70% Complete In Minecraft 13 Strange Luck Jan 2015
Mocking Jay Part 1 5 Hades Jan 2015
Jennifer Shahade: From Chess Queen to Poker Star - Part 1 5 Strange Luck Dec 2014
Russian Surveillance Plane in "Near Miss" With Swedish Airliner 8 JacoBukowski Dec 2014
11 Scrabble Words You've Never Heard Of 0 sargentodiaz Nov 2014
Virtual Rape or Thoughtcrime? 5 Frostlight Nov 2014
The motto of the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, is "Diversity Shines Here," but 0 Xray Sep 2014
Dungeons & Dragons Saved My Life 11 Duncus Jul 2014
So we sit here and play political word games back and forth 9 padiae Jul 2014
Can I buy a scorecard to keep track? Do they still make scorecards? Isn't that... 7 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 2014
Blizzard sues Starcraft II cheat hackers 3 Strange Luck May 2014
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