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One Strange Rock - National Geographic - Great series! 1 Micrometer Feb 26
What will humans look like in a million years? 5 Agent_86 Jul 2018
You know, you might be right. 4 Micrometer Jun 2018
How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of 'Race' 3 Agent_86 Mar 2018
TrumpHumping BernieBro Moles call on "science", "biology" and "genetics" to justify their racism. 7 BanachTarskiParadox Feb 2017
Ancient DNA shows European wipe-out of early Americans 13 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2016
Fascinating study: Inuit Study Adds Twist to Omega-3 Fatty Acids’ Health Story 11 Hypothesis Sep 2015
Rick asks Rachel if it should be legal to 40 island4diver Jul 2015
gay gene's advantage? 6 island4diver May 2015
Chinese scientists just admitted to tweaking the genes of human embryos for first time in history 6 Attila Gorilla Apr 2015
Y-chromosome descent clusters and male differential reproductive success: 0 Troll2 Jan 2015
The African Genome Variation Project shapes medical genetics in Africa 3 Troll2 Dec 2014
Hominid ancestors beat humans to the drinks cabinet, say boffins 5 Troll2 Dec 2014
First genetic-based tool to detect circulating cancer cells in blood 0 Phrontistes Nov 2014
Individual genetic differences may affect Ebola survival: study 7 Let it go Oct 2014
The real King Tut revealed 3 Agent_86 Oct 2014
It's In Our Blood? Political Polarization May Be Genetic 21 The Center Holds Sep 2014
"All men are created equal." 32 Honeywasp Aug 2014
Genome-wide analysis reveals genetic similarities among friends: Study finds truth to 'friends are 1 Emma Jul 2014
Inherited Intelligence 8 Troll2 Jul 2014
The correlation between reading and mathematics ability at age twelve has a substantial genetic comp 0 Troll2 Jul 2014
Altitude adaptation in Tibetans caused by introgression of Denisovan-like DNA 2 Troll2 Jul 2014
How our genes could make us gay or straight 2 Strange Luck Jun 2014
Three-Parent Babies in “Two Years” 1 Troll2 Jun 2014
A molecular basis for classic blond hair color in brunette Europeans 1 Zutak Jun 2014
A molecular basis for classic blond hair color in Europeans 3 Troll2 Jun 2014
Score! Bio-ethics 4 Barefoot Dancer May 2014
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