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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Under Fire For Lying About Her Wealthy Background 5 Gunslinger201 Feb 2019
Diane Jennings, Irish Girl, finds out if things are really bigger in Texas. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2019
Heard This Song On The Radio Today. 0 Bubba Oct 2018
One of the greats has passed. RIP Neil Simon, 91. 6 cologeek Aug 2018
Get back! Shes Mine! 1 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
Girl Scout cookie week! I'll take one of those, and I'll take.. Samoa... 9 Gamle-ged Feb 2018
This looks like a job for TIER ONE! 15 Daves Not Here Man Nov 2017
Little Girl 7 Immacolata Aug 2017
See you fools later! 7 Stars Jul 2017
So why did the nazis choose to have their "Freedom of Speech" rally in Berkeley? [View all] 81 Carlos W Bush Apr 2017
Warren: Trump Makes 'Death Threats' Cuz He's 'Losing To A Girl' 37 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2016
Trump raped a 13 year old girl and none on the right want to talk about 40 muon Jul 2016
Transgender people can now openly serve in the military, per Pentagon 17 Dexter Morgan Jul 2016
Transgender Ideology: Obama Bans Single-Sex Bathrooms at National Parks 28 Dexter Morgan Jun 2016
Mental illness alert..Sex Change Bombshell: Richard Simmons Is Secretly Living As A Woman! 48 Dexter Morgan Jun 2016
Transgender track athlete makes history as controversy swirls around her. 34 Dexter Morgan Jun 2016
Mom says her transgender 7 year old daughter is making her way.. 30 Dexter Morgan Jun 2016
Transgender Issue Strikes Oregon Women’s Shelter 16 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Transgender Teacher Gets $60k After Co-Workers Won’t Call Her ‘They’ [View all] 70 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Does Obama's Troubled Childhood Explain His Bathroom Weirdness? 18 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Man Exposes Himself In Moorpark High School Girls Locker Room [View all] 108 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Immigration officials to start sending transgender women to the middle of Texas 8 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Sorry, Liberals, But Gender Is Not a “Social Construct” 38 Dexter Morgan May 2016
‘Bathroom Barry’s’ Real Legacy.."It's a girl!" "It's a Boy!" will be replaced by "It's a transgender 12 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Not from the onion.Transgender legal dispute boils down to how a person’s sex is defined 15 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Obama’s ‘Transgender’ Plan: Exclude Parents, Let Officials Handle Childrens’ Sexual Problems 13 Dexter Morgan May 2016
I am the God of Hellfire, and I bring you......Trump! 4 Appalachian Man May 2016
The look on your face that says, "Yeah, I just used a chemical weapon on a teenaged girl." [View all] 109 The Center Holds Mar 2016
Will this weekend see the return of library girl? 25 Boadicea Dec 2015
Oklahoma girl takes shot at the record books with 16-point buck 14 Juan Rico Oct 2015
Japanese GRRL Ska Band: 1 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2015
LMAO 0 R2D42 Oct 2015
State Chair for Martin O'Malleys campaign busted for Child Porn 0 Gunslinger201 Oct 2015
I'd say this racist just came out of the closet. 46 oldenuff35 Oct 2015
Only in Alaska: Girl Shoots Grizzly Bear Before Prom [View all] 109 Juan Rico May 2015
Rapper Arrested After Brutally Punching Female Fan on Stage 42 Tin Ear Feb 2015
7-year-old survives plane crash that kills 4 in Kentucky [child walks 3/4 mile in dark for help] 1 MedusasRage Jan 2015
Hunting Girl: 12 years old, 1/2 hour, 2 deer 10 Cliqueclaque Nov 2014
Katy Perry Will Headline Super Bowl’s 2015 Halftime Show 3 Daves Not Here Man Nov 2014
Black Gunmen Kill 5-Year-Old White Girl After Opening Fire On Her Home In Milwaukee [View all] 66 Tin Ear Nov 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 12 Floyd R. Turbo Nov 2014
DI Liberals, Do You Consider This Video Racist? (poll) (Poll) 16 sungauge Sep 2014
Little boy gives unknown girl foul ball during Red Sox game 4 Thorson Sep 2014
DU has a taterguy exception. Should DI have a Library Girl exception? (Poll) [View all] 53 Floyd R. Turbo Sep 2014
Someone Tried To Shame Her Body With Graffiti, But This Teen Took An Awesome Photo Instead 5 R2D42 Jul 2014
Is there a way to put user name "Name removed" on ignore? 7 R2D42 Jun 2014
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