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The FBIs Briefing On The GOP Baseball Shooting Couldnt Have Been More Bizarre 7 Muddling Through 52 min ago
Who will go first? (Poll) 8 I814U2CY 2 hrs ago
Jesus: Does God not cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust? 9 I814U2CY 3 hrs ago
The mentally ill, a growing problem. 7 Jardinier 4 hrs ago
Audio from documentary about mentally ill children repurposed for Cuckistani SJW filth 1 I814U2CY 7 hrs ago
Why isn't Russia using its dirt on Trump to force the US out of Syria? 3 I814U2CY Tuesday
Building walls, not bridges 0 I814U2CY Tuesday
Protester disrupts "Trump" assassination in Julius Ceasar 26 I814U2CY Tuesday
"Republicans are terrorists" or "Muslims are terrorists" 0 I814U2CY Tuesday
Trump Administration Begins to Dismantle Obama Campus Rape Tribunals 0 Muddling Through Monday
Jeremy Corbyn urges people to 'occupy' empty homes as supporters plan 'Day of Rage' 0 Muddling Through Monday
ANTIFA girl: We lost the culture war 9 I814U2CY Saturday
How do you reason someone out of something they were never reasoned into? 11 I814U2CY Saturday
The Russians are Coming! And Other Violent Prog Fantasies. 3 Muddling Through Saturday
So Much DERP! 5 Muddling Through Friday
"Republicans are terrorists" 4 I814U2CY Thursday
What as-yet-not-enacted gun law, past or present, would have disarmed Hodgkinson? 12 I814U2CY Thursday
If Ossoff loses you can blame racism and Russia 6 I814U2CY Thursday
Apparently the Left is more worried about how we'll react than what made shooter act. 22 I814U2CY Jun 14
Did the constant refrains of "The election was stolen!" convince shooter voting was useless? 5 I814U2CY Jun 14
Moral Majority 7 FORD Feb 2017
As trump begins to speak the rain begins. 14 Slayer Jan 2017
Mary Magdalene: 1 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2016
does the right to bear arms originate with the constitution or with a divinity? 23 rampartb Aug 2016
Happy Sunday (and Bank Holiday Weekend) from the UK 6 Cold Warrior Aug 2016
Who slaughtered more humans, God or Satan? [View all] 64 SlayerNut Aug 2016
Apple replaces revolver emoji with water pistol amid gun control debate 10 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Midge Ure - Dear God 2 The Center Holds Jul 2016
Now THIS is an entrance: 9 ProLapse Jul 2016
Jury convicts Youtuber who offered to buy felons guns 8 Juan Rico Jul 2016
Uh-Oh ... apparently, God not a big Cleveland Fan: 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2016
Donald Trump Is God 12 City Kitty May 2016
An obnoxious atheist asked a pious Muslim man to explain to him why people suffered If God existed? 6 PrimeCustodian May 2016
Little Sisters of the Poor catch a break (thankfully) 7 Gunslinger201 May 2016
Texan who called Obama a gay prostitute might soon control textbooks 39 Attila Gorilla Mar 2016
The Homicidal Compulsive Tendencies of Historical Figures and Our Ancestors 2 TIMETOCHANGE Feb 2016
A Scientific Description of God 16 island4diver Feb 2016
Never heard it put better. 8 fncceo Jan 2016
Motörhead's Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister dies at age 70. 31 MrSlayer666 Dec 2015
God explains to Abraham that he is to be the father of the Chosen Race 3 Cold Warrior Dec 2015
Playboy Will No Longer Run Nude Photos Because ‘It’s Just Passé’ Now 16 Juan Rico Oct 2015
Obamas Navy Secretary slanders Marines as sexist 33 Gunslinger201 Sep 2015
Fashion police: Alabama town to ban saggy pants and too-short shorts after councilman ‘prayed 13 smokingman Sep 2015
Pope Francis: The rich should ‘avoid the sin of indifference’ and take care of the planet 8 smokingman Sep 2015
Anti-Gay Website 'Warnings of Wrath' Redirects To Gay Porn Thanks To A Lapsed Domain Name 3 smokingman Aug 2015
smokingman's easiest question for theists so far. (Poll) 8 smokingman Aug 2015
Bizarre undersea critter: What's a 'Flying spaghetti monster'? 3 smokingman Aug 2015
God using Donald Trump to wake up America, says Christian faith speaker (Poll) 13 smokingman Aug 2015
Texas public school district promotes Christianity with made up Ronald Reagan quote 3 smokingman Aug 2015
Three teens injured when one pickup waving the Confederate flag wrecks into another 26 smokingman Jul 2015
The Voice of God Is Government 1 FORD Jul 2015
Never in my lifetime 30 Attila Gorilla Jul 2015
Did you vote for a beliver in transracialism? (Poll) 3 smokingman Jun 2015
Faith Leaders Stand With Pope Francis on Climate Change 11 smokingman Jun 2015
Indiana pastor charged with sexually assaulting disabled woman but his church won’t ‘persecute’ him 4 smokingman Jun 2015
Ike interviews god. 1 smokingman Jun 2015
Hallucination, or Divine Revelation? 3 smokingman Jun 2015
Alberta 'creationist' finds 60m-year-old fish fossils 3 smokingman May 2015
Ah yes, God is benevolent. Pray every Sunday. Pay your tithes. 39 Andronikos May 2015
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 TexMex May 2015
Pope: God Will Judge Climate Denialists 16 Argentina May 2015
Woman's sign causes Garth Brooks to stop concert in middle of song... 24 joefriday6 Apr 2015
Portraits of Slayer Fans in Their Natural Habitat [View all] 62 Daves Not Here Man Apr 2015
The Devil shouldn't exist. 27 Hades Mar 2015
George Zimmerman: Killing Trayvon was God’s plan, and wishing he lived is ‘almost blasphemous’ [View all] 107 Shredded Hedly Mar 2015
"We believe in the power of an awesome God." (Poll) 16 The Center Holds Mar 2015
Christian Apologetics: Hitler can't help you. 7 smokingman Feb 2015
God Whispers 3 joefriday6 Feb 2015
Why there might or might not be a God and why it doesn't matter if you believe in Him or not. (Poll) 28 Dr. Funkenstein Feb 2015
Is the problem guns, or is the problem whiney ass gun victims who thank God to be alive? (Poll) 25 cilantro Feb 2015
OMG!!! MORE Patriots cheating!!??? 14 Squeek Feb 2015
Super Bowl Press Conference with God 2 R2D42 Jan 2015
God on the ropes: The brilliant new science that has creationists and the Christian right terrified [View all] 162 John Q Citizen Jan 2015
God Is Now The Owner Of A Town In Alabama And All Hell Is Breaking Loose 22 R2D42 Jan 2015
You and your wretched cartoon god 9 R2D42 Jan 2015
Do we actually need a God anymore? 25 Dr. Funkenstein Jan 2015
Does religion have anything useful left to say to us as a species...? 46 OTSmithers Dec 2014
Science has found "God", and calls Him/Her, Ouroboros! 2 PrimeCustodian Dec 2014
If You Could Be God For A Day, What Would You Do? [View all] 59 sabrina Dec 2014
God Please Help Me.. 8 mdmc1 Dec 2014
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