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Chuck Schumer Wrote Off $58,000 Last Year Using Tax Deduction Hes Trying To Save 1 MumblyPeg 2 min ago
We never imagined the left would sink to such depraved depths 0 MumblyPeg 4 min ago
Crooked Bill Clinton Sought Meeting with Russians Before Uranium Deal and $500K Speaking Gig 0 MumblyPeg 10 min ago
Racist dimocrats are teaching your kids 2 MumblyPeg 11 min ago
The simple mind of the modern dimocrat 0 MumblyPeg 13 min ago
Boston: Muslim convicted in plot to behead blogger Pamela Geller over cartoon contest 0 MumblyPeg 15 min ago
dimocrat Socialist group calls for 'extermination' of capitalists 2 MumblyPeg 16 min ago
RIP NFL: August 20th 1920 October 18th 2017 7 MumblyPeg 38 min ago
Fake saint, mass murderer, hero to dimocrats: Che Guevara honored in Ireland with a postage stamp 3 MumblyPeg 39 min ago
The face of mental illness takes many forms. Sadly, some are self-inflicted 2 MumblyPeg 1 hr ago
The face of the modern fascist dimocrat 19 MumblyPeg 2 hrs ago
DICKS IN SPACE? This Last Jedi Star Wants Gayest Storyline in the Galaxy 5 MumblyPeg 3 hrs ago
Comey doesn't want to say 32 I814U2CY 6 hrs ago
Drag Queen Demon Teaches Kids at Obama Library. Yes, Really 5 MumblyPeg 8 hrs ago
Steven the Lesser verklempt by jipper misogyny 32 I814U2CY 12 hrs ago
DU keepin' the dream alive 16 I814U2CY 13 hrs ago
Disabled, White Man Attacked on Maryland Bus by Attacker Screaming About Slavery 6 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
Sally Quinn: Wapo Writer, Mystical Assassin 1 I814U2CY 15 hrs ago
The Hodge twins don't like lefty 0 I814U2CY 17 hrs ago
Chelsea Handler's NetFlix show cancelled after 2 seasons 6 I814U2CY 17 hrs ago
Lefty can't even overcome the adversity of common language. 0 I814U2CY 21 hrs ago
Fire Mueller Campaign Picks Up Steam In Wake of Russian Bribery Scandal 2 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Squirrel !!! 2 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Man Kills Spider with Blowtorch. Burns House Down 6 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Tax-Dodging dimocrat nazi supporter Puts $18 Billion Into Radically Transforming America 8 MumblyPeg Wednesday
You Cant be Catholic and Support Abortion 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Massachusetts: Public high school had kids simulate Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca 5 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Clinton Foundations Own Internal Audit Admits They Lied To The IRS 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
ICE to Increase Worksite Immigration Enforcement 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
In This War Minnesotas Twin Cities Are Lost 1 MumblyPeg Wednesday
DOJ Blocked Witness From Telling Congress Of Russian Efforts To Bribe Clintons 1 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Russiagate- dimocrat bribery goes nuclear 2 MumblyPeg Wednesday
California State University-Fullerton staffed by members of the fascist dimocrat party 0 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Bathhouse Barrys hero murdered 8 American Soldiers - and the left champions HIM 11 MumblyPeg Wednesday
You lose, lefty. Even batshit crazy fascist dimocrat Moonbean disagrees with you. Sides with Trump 5 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Crooked, Drunk MeeMaw falls down the stairs. Again 11 MumblyPeg Monday
De Niro - yet another filthy Hollywood dimocrat and political hack 8 MumblyPeg Monday
What do the creation and dismantling of ObamaCare have in common? 8 I814U2CY Monday
Hillary slams Obama for systemic racism in criminal justice system 1 I814U2CY Monday
How much do we owe them? Since there are no appropriations for insurance company subsidies (Poll) 2 I814U2CY Monday
Observing the latest battle between the Bern-Outs and Hillions. 16 I814U2CY Monday
Civil War reenactors received threats, performed anyways 3 I814U2CY Monday
Garden variety dimocrat destroys her professional carrer 3 MumblyPeg Sunday
It's kinda weird watching Lefty demand Trump defy the courts. 4 I814U2CY Sunday
Illegal Dreamer MURDERED 18-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN SOUTH CAROLINA 2 MumblyPeg Sunday
Blinky the dimocrat icon, tourettes sufferer and textbook moron, gets agitated 0 MumblyPeg Sunday
Which is a greater threat to national security? 39 I814U2CY Sunday
Collapse of Global Warming Deception Triggers Variety of Bailouts and Revisionism 0 MumblyPeg Sunday
Ex-Apprentice Summer Zervos Paid $500,000 By @GloriaAllred To Accuse Trump 2 MumblyPeg Sunday
Hillary now blames the British 5 I814U2CY Sunday
DU comes out in favor of a 10 percent flat tax 9 I814U2CY Sunday
Hateful Dimocrats stand with Iran against Trump and America 10 MumblyPeg Sunday
With all these leftists taking a knee to protest the US as a nation 5 I814U2CY Sunday
When Lefty says they only want what's best for you and me remember this thread -- 7 I814U2CY Saturday
George Lpez booed off stage for anti Trump jokes 9 I814U2CY Saturday
In SPITE of dimocrats and RINOS, Trump keeps campaign promise. The Death of commiecare [View all] 119 MumblyPeg Saturday
PROPOSED: All the money that would be spent subsidizing health insurance companies 7 I814U2CY Saturday
Should the ACA's 80-20 spending rule be ended to compensate for the end of the subsidies? 3 I814U2CY Saturday
National anthem controversy starting to affect NFL business 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
PA Secretary Of State Abruptly Resigns After Glitch Allowed Illegals To Vote 8 MumblyPeg Saturday
Calif. Dimocrat Tells HUD Secretary to Get Familiar With Procedure for Removing Trump HAHAHAHAH!! 5 MumblyPeg Saturday
Shut up and take your fight to congress. Trump corrected illegal appropriation of monies 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
I'm of the opinion this whole Hollywood sexual harassment scandal is rooted in power politics 4 I814U2CY Saturday
Vegas Gunman's Use of Bump Stock Reduced Casualties 4 MumblyPeg Saturday
Trump wins AGAIN - NFL Players Threaten to Quit if League Makes Them Stand for Anthem 5 MumblyPeg Saturday
Why They Won't Make Jokes About Hillary Clinton 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
Bump Stock Ban Retroactively Criminalizes Possession of Legally Acquired Products 10 MumblyPeg Saturday
New Bipartisan Bump Stock Bill Would Actually Ban All Semi-Automatic Rifles 28 MumblyPeg Saturday
So Youre Still Blaming Others More Than Yourself? 1 MumblyPeg Friday
Muslim wanted to bomb San Fran gay club; set fires, goal to kill 10,000 3 MumblyPeg Friday
Eroding orbit: Chinese space station set to crash-land on Earth's surface within months 3 MumblyPeg Friday
another perverted dimocrat thrown in jail for groping women 6 MumblyPeg Friday
Schumer Vows To Work With GOP 10 MumblyPeg Friday
Crowder does lefty 1 MumblyPeg Friday
If lefty wants Trump to spend billions on the ACA without appropriation by Congress 24 I814U2CY Friday
Leaked FBI Report Lists BLM as Major Threat 2 MumblyPeg Friday
Keep trying lefty... but it's not gonna work 5 MumblyPeg Friday
FBI Finds New Documents About Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting 5 MumblyPeg Friday
Rand Paul Squashes The Idea That Trumps New Healthcare Order Will Hurt The Poor 0 MumblyPeg Friday
Whoever picked Oliver Stone in the "Which lefty elitist is next in the Hollywood sex scandal" 5 I814U2CY Friday
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