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The Rightand Dutyto Be At All Times Armed. 4 357blackhawk Oct 6
cop claims castle doctrine after shooting man in his own home 14 rampartb Oct 1
3 gun contol bills up for vote in PA next week, Sept 25. 3 Lumster Sep 25
If you see a bulge in a conservative womans pants... 2 Hades Sep 19
Nightmares about mass shootings. 49 southernwriter Sep 18
Following Twitter spat, Ted Cruz and Alyssa Milano will meet next week to discuss gun violence 24 DocDocGoose Sep 8
Dem-lefty hypocrisy at its finest... 0 quad489 Sep 7
White supremacist arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center 11 LavenderGirl Aug 19
Tulsi Gabbard: It's up to Walmart to stop selling guns. 5 Aquila Aug 11
Kamala Harris: 'I am a gun owner' for personal protection 6 Aquila Aug 7
Why nobody remembers Julio Gonzílez 13 357blackhawk Aug 6
Will The Pussy Grabber Turn Into a Gun Grabber? Mass Shootings: Full Speech on August 5, 2019 4 Aquila Aug 6
El Paso Witness Confused? 1 Aquila Aug 4
Michael Moore on mass shootings 3 Aquila Aug 4
Dicks to Remove Hunting Rifles from 125 Stores 13 Lumster Jul 30
Lets Call The Liberals Second Amendment Militia Bluff 11 357blackhawk Jul 29
Falkor Petra 0 Iron Condor Jul 25
Woman accused of shooting husband while trying to shoot someone else in road rage incident 6 Isidore Jul 23
Gun Control: Is It Really About The Children? 5 357blackhawk Jul 2019
Kamala Harris LOUDLY Pushes Trump To War 3 Aquila Jul 2019
ford inc is grabbin' our guns (Poll) 16 rampartb Jun 2019
Free shotgun, Bible and the American flag with every new car purchase. 8 Iron Condor Jun 2019
It's settled .45 ACP is superior 32 TexMexNext Jun 2019
Gun control 4 Iron Condor Jun 2019
Everybody wants to be Europe 0 357blackhawk May 2019
And lefty says a gun will do you no good.... 25 Iron Condor May 2019
washington state passes common sense gun law 10 rampartb May 2019
Oh hell yes!!! 0 TM999 May 2019
Bernie Sanders Makes Perfect Pro-2A Argument 0 357blackhawk Apr 2019
most BSC antigun argument yet 4 357blackhawk Apr 2019
Nice 45-70 4 Iron Condor Apr 2019
WATCH: No One Had a Problem Watching a Man Get Beaten Up Until He Pulled Out His Gun 1 357blackhawk Apr 2019
Florida Enacted Gun Control Laws After Parkland Because the Legislature Was In Session 0 357blackhawk Apr 2019
How Americas Gun Culture Cultivates Civic Virtue 3 357blackhawk Apr 2019
NO COMPROMISE on Gun Rights!!! (4D Chess Bulls#!t) 3 357blackhawk Apr 2019
Fremont County Colorado becomes Second Amendment sanctuary 12 Jack Burton Apr 2019
Musgrave 9mm: A Gun for the Black Market 1 357blackhawk Mar 2019
New Zealand Police Forced to Shut Down Gun Confiscation Website Due to DoS Attack 2 357blackhawk Mar 2019
Seems lefty news about New Zealand has been misleading 7 Iron Condor Mar 2019
Affluent California homeowner crashes head-on into one of my favorite sayings (Poll) 9 Duke Lacrosse Mar 2019
Any Floridians have this problem? 4 357blackhawk Mar 2019
When the killer is White vs when the killer is Muslim 22 Aquila Mar 2019
What will NZ parliment do, (Poll) 1 357blackhawk Mar 2019
Democrat legislator calmly and rationally discusses gun policy. 3 Jack Burton Mar 2019
Warrant Issued for St. Louis Anti-Violence Activist & Police Chaplain 1 357blackhawk Mar 2019
Maj Toure at CPAC, 0 357blackhawk Mar 2019
Maryland Gun Owners Vow They Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers and Legislators Freak Out 9 357blackhawk Mar 2019
650yrds on a Marlin 1895 offhanded 1 Iron Condor Feb 2019
Maw, take these guns off of me ... 2 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2019
CEO Of U.S. Gun-Maker Faces Jail In Germany 12 TexMexNext Feb 2019
Dems Oppose Bill Alerting ICE To Illegal Immigrants Trying To Buy Guns 4 357blackhawk Feb 2019
One Year Later, Parkland Remains a Stunning Example of Police Incompetence 0 357blackhawk Feb 2019
California is a police state 17 357blackhawk Feb 2019
No knock warrants should be banned 11 357blackhawk Feb 2019
Looks like chickens are coming home to roost: CA is recruiting hunters 2 Iron Condor Feb 2019
How Gun Control Became An Instrument Of Tyranny In Venezuela 4 357blackhawk Feb 2019
To antigunners, only suicide by firearms is bad 20 357blackhawk Feb 2019
LOL... "It shows here your background check has been run 80x in the past 4 years." 2 Iron Condor Feb 2019
Not Guilty Verdict in Illinois George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin 2.0 Murder Trial 4 357blackhawk Feb 2019
Why The Second Amendment Should Be Considered A National Treasure 3 357blackhawk Jan 2019
minnesotas red flag law (Poll) 3 rampartb Jan 2019
Honest question to Think Progress readers and pro choice progressives, 9 357blackhawk Jan 2019
IV8888: Barr no friend to gun owners 0 msv Jan 2019
Kevin Limbaugh who killed an officer was not an illegal 19 LavenderGirl Jan 2019
Civilian Gun Ownership Rates Rising Across Europe 2 357blackhawk Jan 2019
Caldara: Why I won't comply with Boulder's gun ban 1 357blackhawk Jan 2019
Amazing! The media acknowledged a Concealed Carrier defended themselves. 6 DP46 Jan 2019
Red flag laws violate 27 357blackhawk Jan 2019
Duckworths AR-15 Screed Merely Proves The Left Is Lying About Gun Control 6 357blackhawk Jan 2019
The History of the Second Amendment 2 357blackhawk Jan 2019
One reason of why I oppose "red flag" laws. 1 357blackhawk Dec 2018
interesting read on views on guns 1 357blackhawk Dec 2018
(The Real Gunsmith): Knowledge from an old timer 4 Iron Condor Dec 2018
Top ten reasons to own an AR-15 [View all] 55 357blackhawk Dec 2018
TSA seizes record number of guns but remains "troubled" by lapses 2 Agent_86 Dec 2018
Gun-Grabbers Study Backfires as They Accidentally Suggest Gun Control Doesnt Work 3 357blackhawk Dec 2018
Congress to Define ALMOST ALL Semi-Autos as ASSAULT WEAPONS 15 357blackhawk Dec 2018
When Governments Restrict Guns, People Make Their Own By the Millions 5 357blackhawk Dec 2018
Do Guns Make Good Christmas Presents? 9 357blackhawk Dec 2018
School shootings are less common than 25 years ago, and very rare 1 357blackhawk Nov 2018
The Truth About AR-15 Rifles 11 357blackhawk Nov 2018
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