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Police knew 'madman' had guns before killing rampage 15 rampartb Yesterday
why I question polls 25 357blackhawk Friday
If mental health problems are behind all these shootings...... 31 southernwriter Nov 9
Pro- or anti-gun, you should watch this interview. 3 DocDocGoose Nov 7
Man who opened fire in Sutherland Springs church now dead, police say 5 Isidore Nov 5
Two men killed in shooting at Walmart in Thornton (Colorado) 10 Isidore Nov 3
Comparing Murder Rates Around the World 1 357blackhawk Oct 24
A woman and her children are threatened with murder and rape. DU's response? She has it coming. 32 Juan Rico Oct 22
I'm pro gun, change my mind 3 357blackhawk Oct 21
If liberals treated the first amendment like they do the second. 8 Jack Burton Oct 20
weapons as a protest 0 357blackhawk Oct 19
Australian gun advocates raise $21K to help farmer in self-defense fight 0 Juan Rico Oct 18
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Juan Rico Oct 18
All that kneeling ignores the real cause of soaring black homicides 13 Juan Rico Oct 16
A Texas Fudd Pleads for Federal Gun Control: "Ban My AR-15...Tell Me Where To Drop Mine Off!" 20 Juan Rico Oct 16
Gun Grabber Quote of the Day: No One Needs More Than Two Guns 33 Juan Rico Oct 16
the real reason Weinstein and Hollywood hates the NRA 8 357blackhawk Oct 15
Harvey Weinstein vs. The NRA 3 Juan Rico Oct 15
out of curiosity 5 357blackhawk Oct 15
Democrats Introduce Bill To Ban Sale, Transfer, And Even Possesion Of "High" Capacity Magazines 21 Juan Rico Oct 13
Tucker Carlson Destroys Law Professor On Gun Control (video) 6 Juan Rico Oct 13
Red faces as Russian monument to creator of Kalashnikov depicts German rifle 5 Juan Rico Oct 13
cognitive dissonance when it comes to guns and abortion 5 357blackhawk Oct 11
ATF Senior Technical Expert: "We Couldnt Find a Way to Classify Bump Fire Stock as a Machine Gun" 1 Juan Rico Oct 11
Harvey Weinstein to 'Channel Anger' Against NRA after Sexual Harassment Allegations 17 Juan Rico Oct 11
Quote of the Day: Prepare for a Throat Punch, 2A Supporters 6 Juan Rico Oct 10
Atlantic Editor: You're A Bad Parent If You Own A Gun 8 Juan Rico Oct 10
Moose hunter blasts critics on Facebook for calling her disgusting 18 Juan Rico Oct 9
Las Vegas Concertgoers Sue Bump Fire Stock Maker Slide Fire Solutions 17 Juan Rico Oct 9
Dana Loesch Punches Back Twice As Hard Against SNL Pro-Gun Control Sketch 1 Juan Rico Oct 9
If Trump is Hitler then why wouldn't the left want guns to stop the tyranny of Hitler. 21 Jack Burton Oct 9
After Being Shot, Rep. Steve Scalise Still Opposes More Gun Control 12 Juan Rico Oct 8
Forget banning just bump stocks or "assault" weapons. This is the goal of the gun grabbers: 5 Juan Rico Oct 8
Don't be a Fudd. 6 Juan Rico Oct 8
Feinstein: ATF Can't Regulate Bump Fire Stocks We Need a Law 9 Juan Rico Oct 7
Gunbroker Bans Sale of Bump Fire Stocks 11 Juan Rico Oct 7
New Republic: All Guns Should Be Banned Immediately for Good Guys and Bad Guys Alike 4 Juan Rico Oct 7
Michael Moore Calls for Repeal of 'Ancient & Outdated' 2nd Amendment 14 Juan Rico Oct 7
YouTube Bump Fire Stock Video Producers Face Permanent Ban 0 Juan Rico Oct 7
Quote of the Day: Nancy Pelosi's Gun Control Slippery Slope 5 Juan Rico Oct 7
NAGR Slams NRA Over Its Call for ATF Bump Fire Stock Regulation 5 Juan Rico Oct 6
Bump Fire Stock Sold for $1250 on 7 Juan Rico Oct 6
DUers discuss self defense. Poster recommends wasp spray. 1 Juan Rico Oct 6
Any semiauto rifle can be bump fired without any modification. Now what, Sen. Feinstein? 43 Juan Rico Oct 5
BREAKING: NRA Announces Support for Regulating Bump Fire Stocks 16 Juan Rico Oct 5
If bump stocks are outlawed, the net result will be that far more people have them. 13 Juan Rico Oct 5
Should bump fire stocks be banned? (Poll) [View all] 67 Juan Rico Oct 5
Sen. Feinstein introducing bill to ban bump stocks after Vegas shooting 32 Juan Rico Oct 5
if your gun is only for use in legutimate purposes 23 rampartb Oct 4
I have a question for those who are for gun control. [View all] 78 LexTalionis Oct 4
7 Deceptive Claims Jimmy Kimmel Made About Guns in One Monologue 7 Dexter Morgan Oct 4
Quote of the Day: Please Don't Confuse the Left With the Reality of Gun Control 16 Juan Rico Oct 4
The most effective tactic gun grabbers could have used for the last 30 years is..... 3 Juan Rico Oct 4
If Guns Are Outlawed, 20 JohnPoet Oct 4
Former NYPD Commissioner Safir: Time to Give Up Some of Our Freedoms 7 Juan Rico Oct 4
Speaker Paul Ryan Pulls SHARE Act From Consideration 4 Juan Rico Oct 4
Keith Olbermann Says Its Time To Treat The NRA As A Terrorist Organization And "End" It. 25 Juan Rico Oct 3
BREAKING: President Trump Hints At New Gun Control Laws [View all] 54 Juan Rico Oct 3
It appears he was using bump fire stocks. Look for calls for them to be outlawed. 22 Juan Rico Oct 3
In the Old West, vegetarians were often shot with little provocation. 0 Duke Lacrosse Oct 3
A thread on DU is speculating that the way to get gun control is to kill political leaders 10 Juan Rico Oct 2
Will Gun Laws Change Following the Mandalay Bay Shooting? (Short Answer: Not At Federal Level) 6 Juan Rico Oct 2
Democrats Immediately Call For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting 8 Juan Rico Oct 2
What Can The People of the Gun Learn from Puerto Rico? 4 Juan Rico Oct 1
Puerto Rico gun laws. Extraordinarily restrictive. 3 Juan Rico Oct 1
O.J. Simpson walks out of Nevada prison after 9 years 4 Juan Rico Oct 1
NRA, Others Urge Supreme Court to Review "Assault Weapon", Magazine Ban 2 Juan Rico Oct 1
D.C. Circuit lets stand concealed-carry ruling, cheering gun-rights activists 28 Juan Rico Sep 29
SCOTUS halts convicted killers execution over racist juror claim 11 Juan Rico Sep 28
Quote of the Day: Brady Campaign Highlights the Danger of Criminals With Black Powder Rifles 7 Juan Rico Sep 28
NYT: Pathetic That Congress Won't Pass California-Style Gun Control 0 Juan Rico Sep 28
UK: Weapons fanatic had HUGE arsenal of guns and ammunition at home (HUGE!) 13 Juan Rico Sep 27
Royal Marines banned from showing unloaded guns to kids at Scottish schools 8 Juan Rico Sep 27
This Venezuelan immigrant loves the 2nd Amendment 6 Juan Rico Sep 27
Teen arrested for selling stolen gun after posting social media pics 0 Juan Rico Sep 27
Farmer protecting family has guns confiscated (Australia) 2 Juan Rico Sep 26
Man on Trial for Gun Thefts Wishes He Had Died in Shootout 0 Juan Rico Sep 26
There's a new rifle you can order by mail with an integral silencer without paperwork....really. 4 Juan Rico Sep 25
(UK) More police want to be armed with guns than ever before amid rise in terror attacks 2 Juan Rico Sep 25
Brisbane, Australia Cops Put Out an APB for Four Lost Training Rounds 6 Juan Rico Sep 24
Man charged with murder at 12 years old released on 21st birthday (Poll) 9 Juan Rico Sep 24
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