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Dems Oppose Bill Alerting ICE To Illegal Immigrants Trying To Buy Guns 4 357blackhawk Yesterday
One Year Later, Parkland Remains a Stunning Example of Police Incompetence 0 357blackhawk Yesterday
California is a police state 17 357blackhawk Sunday
No knock warrants should be banned 11 357blackhawk Friday
Looks like chickens are coming home to roost: CA is recruiting hunters 2 Iron Condor Feb 10
How Gun Control Became An Instrument Of Tyranny In Venezuela 4 357blackhawk Feb 1
To antigunners, only suicide by firearms is bad 20 357blackhawk Feb 1
LOL... "It shows here your background check has been run 80x in the past 4 years." 2 Iron Condor Feb 1
Not Guilty Verdict in Illinois George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin 2.0 Murder Trial 4 357blackhawk Feb 1
Why The Second Amendment Should Be Considered A National Treasure 3 357blackhawk Jan 28
minnesotas red flag law (Poll) 3 rampartb Jan 25
Honest question to Think Progress readers and pro choice progressives, 9 357blackhawk Jan 20
IV8888: Barr no friend to gun owners 0 msv Jan 19
Kevin Limbaugh who killed an officer was not an illegal 19 LavenderGirl Jan 14
Civilian Gun Ownership Rates Rising Across Europe 2 357blackhawk Jan 9
Caldara: Why I won't comply with Boulder's gun ban 1 357blackhawk Jan 9
Amazing! The media acknowledged a Concealed Carrier defended themselves. 6 DP46 Jan 8
Red flag laws violate 27 357blackhawk Jan 6
Duckworths AR-15 Screed Merely Proves The Left Is Lying About Gun Control 6 357blackhawk Jan 1
The History of the Second Amendment 2 357blackhawk Jan 1
One reason of why I oppose "red flag" laws. 1 357blackhawk Dec 20
interesting read on views on guns 1 357blackhawk Dec 20
(The Real Gunsmith): Knowledge from an old timer 4 Iron Condor Dec 19
Top ten reasons to own an AR-15 [View all] 55 357blackhawk Dec 17
TSA seizes record number of guns but remains "troubled" by lapses 2 Agent_86 Dec 14
Gun-Grabbers Study Backfires as They Accidentally Suggest Gun Control Doesnt Work 3 357blackhawk Dec 9
Congress to Define ALMOST ALL Semi-Autos as ASSAULT WEAPONS 15 357blackhawk Dec 4
When Governments Restrict Guns, People Make Their Own By the Millions 5 357blackhawk Dec 3
Do Guns Make Good Christmas Presents? 9 357blackhawk Dec 3
School shootings are less common than 25 years ago, and very rare 1 357blackhawk Nov 29
The Truth About AR-15 Rifles 11 357blackhawk Nov 24
Smith & Wesson 360J Japanese Service Revolver 2 357blackhawk Nov 24
a subcategory of "the gun just went off by itself (Poll) 16 rampartb Nov 2018
If Democrats succeed in banning guns what should people do? (Poll) 18 Jack Burton Nov 2018
Gun control activists 3 357blackhawk Nov 2018
Defense Against the Zombie Apocalypse 3 357blackhawk Oct 2018
How the Gun Made America Great 1 357blackhawk Oct 2018
Of these four 308 caliber rifles which one would you choose if you could only choose one of them? (Poll) 19 Iron Condor Oct 2018
if your guns are stolen do you report (Poll) 10 rampartb Oct 2018
What don't they understand about the Second Amendment? 15 700WinMag Oct 2018
socialists fear armed Jews? 6 357blackhawk Oct 2018
Bolsonaro woos Brazil voters with simple recipe for ending violence 2 Jack Burton Oct 2018
FiveThirtyEight: The CDCs Non-Fatal Gun Injury Numbers Are Wrong 0 357blackhawk Oct 2018
Call to arms in Washington 0 357blackhawk Sep 2018
historical trends debunk gun control lowered European murder rates 1 357blackhawk Sep 2018
3D-Printed Gunmaker Cody Wilson Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl 6 TexMexNext Sep 2018
Here's a story that will disappear fast - CCW helps cops, shoots bad guy 6 DP46 Sep 2018
Washington Supreme Court ends rule of law. 11 357blackhawk Aug 2018
The Truth about the Second Amendment 5 357blackhawk Aug 2018
historical trends debunk gun control lowered European murder rates 16 357blackhawk Aug 2018
who is the Democrat guy? 4 357blackhawk Aug 2018
My favorite part of the 2nd amendment 41 LavenderGirl Aug 2018
Five-year-old boy in Alaska dies after finding a loaded gun in a cupboard and shooting himself 15 LavenderGirl Aug 2018
Defensive gun use 6 Jack Burton Aug 2018
NYPD officially phases out revolvers as 25-year vets transition to 9-mm. 11 Model10RB Jul 2018
6-year-old girl in southern Indiana dies after an accidental gunshot wound 24 Isidore Jul 2018
gun rights in Italy 1 357blackhawk Jul 2018
Surprised no one has posted this...or did I miss it. Big win for 1st and 2nd Amendment 17 His Daughter Jul 2018
Glock 26 for Independence Day 6 Smoke Jul 2018
Billionaire ELITISTS are STEALING our RIGHTS 0 357blackhawk Jun 2018
Gun control fails everywhere 5 357blackhawk Jun 2018
Man shoots himself in the stomach at Grand Junction's "Country Jam" musical festival — apparently by accident 2 Isidore Jun 2018
where have the pro-gun DUers gone? (Poll) 31 357blackhawk Jun 2018
Colion Noir goes to Chicago. 0 357blackhawk Jun 2018
the first school shooting of the trump era was on his inaugeration 5 rampartb Jun 2018
the truth about school shootings 4 357blackhawk Jun 2018
Bill Wittle: Gun prohibitionists explained 3 357blackhawk May 2018
the iver johnson .22 cadet-55 a 2 rampartb May 2018
Nobody wants to take away your guns 16 Jack Burton May 2018
FOIA finds Duncan and Emanuel dancing in blood 2 357blackhawk May 2018
Chicago and the Gun Control Act 5 357blackhawk May 2018
Things that make you go hmmmm? 1 Jack Burton May 2018
Twitter poster still thinks it is 1967 3 357blackhawk May 2018
NY pol wants to ban high school shooting sports 6 357blackhawk May 2018
Let's meet anti-gunners half way. 7 Jack Burton May 2018
real reason CDC doesn't do gun studies 2 357blackhawk May 2018
5 points to counter the NRA debunked 3 357blackhawk May 2018
shooting sports therapy for ADHD 0 357blackhawk Apr 2018
Gun industry worth $51.3 billion to US economy. 5 Lumster Apr 2018
I finally got triggered today. 7 foia Apr 2018
CDC buried gun research verifiying Kleck 4 357blackhawk Apr 2018
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