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What kind of person wears a knitted "pu$$y" hat these days? (Poll) 10 Duke Lacrosse Nov 30
Happy Birthday Engelbert Humperdinck - 83 years old today! 4 Duke Lacrosse May 2019
Affluent California homeowner crashes head-on into one of my favorite sayings (Poll) 9 Duke Lacrosse Mar 2019
Behold a CPA who does tax preparation but doesn't understand withholding or estimated tax payments 5 Duke Lacrosse Feb 2019
Morning Train 0 Duke Lacrosse Sep 2018
IT'S OFFICIAL - THE PEE TAPE IS REAL!!! 11 Duke Lacrosse Sep 2018
Sad news from San Diego - The beloved Monkey Paw brewery is shutting down. 2 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2018
Who would have imagined that Ben & Jerry's makes RACIST ice cream? 3 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2018
Monkey Man 0 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2018
There's a bit too much monkey business going on in DI today. 2 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2018
California advances bills to raise smoking age, regulate vaping 26 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2018
Are You Drinkin' With Me, Jesus? 7 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2018
Out driving around at 3:00 AM. Drunk, probably. 0 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2018
Human nature dictates that the ongoing talk about banning some types of firearms... 9 Duke Lacrosse Feb 2018
State Department struggles to clear interns 2 Duke Lacrosse Feb 2018
Dick Painter Says Hillary Can Still Become President 22 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2017
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." 9 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2017
In the Old West, vegetarians were often shot with little provocation. 0 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2017
Enola Gay - August 6, 1945 2 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2017
The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me 2 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2017
Opinion - They Brushed Off Kamala Harris. Then She Brushed Us Off. 7 Duke Lacrosse Jun 2017
Judge Unlikely to Dismiss Hospitals Claim Against Kamala Harris 5 Duke Lacrosse May 2017
Today's the day! The smoking gun has been found along with the smoldering cigarette butt! 13 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2017
With all the new information that just came out, it's all going to collapse any minute now! 1 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2017
Classic United Airlines ad from the past 1 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2017
Maxine Waters says the Golden Showers videos will be released ANY DAY NOW! 24 Duke Lacrosse Mar 2017
Gender Ideology Harms Children, says the American College of Pediatricians 27 Duke Lacrosse Feb 2017
Some of you will know what to do! 2 Duke Lacrosse Feb 2017
Uber driver Muhammad Naveed found guilty of raping a passenger 9 Duke Lacrosse Feb 2017
Confrontation over attempted theft of Trump sign turns physical 13 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2016
I'm going to vote twice in next week's election, it's perfectly legal, and you can't stop me. 1 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2016
NC parents of dead wannabe Pizza Hut robber upset that employee, not cops, shot their son 14 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2016
Theodoric of York: Medieval Barber 0 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2016
Flame Warriors: Evil Clown 2 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2016
Texas concealed firearm permit holders commit only a TINY fraction of crimes in Texas. 45 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2016
In honor of the 48% of Britons who voted to Remain, I present The Remains. 0 Duke Lacrosse Jun 2016
How to say "My hovercraft is full of eels" in many languages 0 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2016
Do Jury Blacklist entries work both ways? [View all] 54 Duke Lacrosse Mar 2016
Vanity Fare - Hitchin' a Ride 2 Duke Lacrosse Mar 2016
999 - Homicide 1 Duke Lacrosse Mar 2016
The Sacred Cows - Kill Kill Kill! 2 Duke Lacrosse Mar 2016
When I Win The Lottery by Camper Van Beethoven! I love this song and hope you all enjoy it too. 1 Duke Lacrosse Jan 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Duke Lacrosse Dec 2015
Obama's remarks about the Planned Parenthood shooting, in Paris... 14 Duke Lacrosse Dec 2015
The 60-day grace period for Los Angeles residents to turn in ammunition magazines that hold > 10... (Poll) 14 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2015
Maryland scraps gun "fingerprint" database after 15 failed years 21 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2015
Barbara LeSavoy says "Obama’s legacy on guns should be to ban them" 48 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2015
Watch Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse A SPECIAL TAX ON WHITE PEOPLE (VIDEO) 6 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2015
They're made out of meat 3 Duke Lacrosse Sep 2015
Perceptions Haven’t Caught Up to Decline in Crime 6 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2015
Enola Gay (Poll) 2 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2015
As of this morning, my profile says my chance of serving on juries is now "100%." But I've served... 11 Duke Lacrosse Dec 2014
California is one step closer to getting "shall-issue" concealed weapons permits 11 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2014
Candidate for California's 50th Congressional district wore unearned SEAL Trident 17 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2014
Durham, NC Clerk of Court Literally Shreds Gun Registry 38 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2014
Jim Traficant, former congressman dies at 73 13 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2014
Crazed Ohio feminist abortion activist and Burger King employee assaults pro-lifers (Poll) [View all] 205 Duke Lacrosse Sep 2014
Georgia Legalizes Handgun Vending Machines [View all] 51 Duke Lacrosse Sep 2014
How the Sun sees you - People as seen through an ultraviolet camera 1 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2014
HuffPo journalist Ryan J. Reilly thinks he found rubber bullets lying on the ground in Ferguson, MO (Poll) 16 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2014
UN Panel Warns To Stop the Emissions in the World By 2050 1 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2014
Tragic But Not Random: Using Network Analysis To Understand Gun Violence 0 Duke Lacrosse Jul 2014
Obama trades Seoul to North Korea for return of USS Pueblo 28 Duke Lacrosse Jun 2014
Should the law prohibit discriminating against people who have funny names? (Poll) 11 Duke Lacrosse Jun 2014
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