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The U.S. Army Is about to Receive Beefed up M1A2 Abrams Battle Tanks 2 Juan Rico Sep 30
First Video Shows Extensive Damage To USS John McCain After Collision With Tanker 7 Juan Rico Aug 21
US Military Issues New Contract for 7.62 NATO Battle Rifles 5 Juan Rico Aug 2017
Navy planning to bring back at-sea missile reload capability 7 Juan Rico Aug 2017
Italy's Worst Machine Gun: The Breda Modello 30 3 Juan Rico Aug 2017
Navy Warships Get New Heavy Missile: 2,500-Lb LRASM 0 Juan Rico Jul 2017
U.S. Navy Opens New Era With Commissioning of USS Gerald R. Ford 45 Juan Rico Jul 2017
The U.S. Navy Wants 20 New Guided-Missile Frigates 2 Juan Rico Jul 2017
Report: U.S. Air Force Needs AT LEAST 164 B-21 Raider Stealth Bombers 26 Juan Rico Jul 2017
Army tests high energy laser mounted on AH-64 Apache gunship 5 Juan Rico Jun 2017
Watch an Israeli airstrike take out a Syrian machine gun and 2 tanks 2 Juan Rico Jun 2017
Downed Syrian Fighter was Pentagons First Air-To-Air Kill In 18 Years 19 Juan Rico Jun 2017
The F-108 Could Have Been America's Mach 3 Cold War Super-Interceptor 2 Juan Rico Jun 2017
U.S. Air Force: We Need 165 New B-21 Stealth Bombers 5 Juan Rico May 2017
SOCOM looks to buy 5,000 lightweight machine guns in .338 6 Juan Rico May 2017
These are the soldiers who will get the Army's new handgun first 7 Juan Rico May 2017
US Army to Search for New 7.62mm Rifle 14 Juan Rico Apr 2017
China launches its first domestically-made aircraft carrier 0 Juan Rico Apr 2017
Air Weapons: MOAB Leaves An Impact 3 Juan Rico Apr 2017
U.S. Marines Want to Pack 20 Stealth Fighters on One Assault Ship 3 Juan Rico Apr 2017
MOAB strike: US bombing of IS in Afghanistan 'killed dozens' 1 Juan Rico Apr 2017
U.S Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Begins Sea Trials 2 Juan Rico Apr 2017
Why the Navy's Tomahawk missiles were the weapon of choice in strikes in Syria 9 Juan Rico Apr 2017
Get your fresh hot Messerschmitt for sale right here 11 Juan Rico Apr 2017
Russia Regains Its Sniper Mojo 1 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Army Could Field Motorcycle-Style, Ballistic Helmet by 2020 4 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Worlds Most Advanced US Military Rail gun in Final Testing 2 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Japan plans to send largest warship to South China Sea, sources say 12 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Army concerned over shrinking munitions stockpile 16 Juan Rico Mar 2017
The Army has 3D printed a working 40mm grenade launcher they call Rambo 3 Juan Rico Mar 2017
T12/M3 Gun Motor Carriage Tank Destroyer 3 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Study: 175 million military self-loading rifles produced since 1896 4 Juan Rico Mar 2017
America Needs Its Underwater Nukes. Delaying New Subs Would Be a Disaster. 2 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Armys new guided mortar round strives to be accurate within a meter 5 Juan Rico Mar 2017
GLOCK Protests SIG P320 Win of Armys MHS Contract 5 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Trump to Ask for Sharp Increases in Military Spending, Officials Say 48 Juan Rico Feb 2017
The U.S. Navy Will Add Nine New Ships in 2017 12 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Future US Navy plans: Double or triple the missiles they can shoot, how many they can defend against 5 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Ballistic Missile Submarines: Rue Britannia 17 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Dawn eagle 0 Juan Rico Feb 2017
The Sterling S11 Was a Submachine Gun With a Bayonet 3 Juan Rico Jan 2017
Huntington Ingalls Has a New Frigate that Could Give the U.S. Navy Some Impressive Capabilities 2 Juan Rico Jan 2017
In 1940, Two of Nazi Germany's Battleships Shocked the World: They Sank an Aircraft Carrier 1 Juan Rico Jan 2017
Anti-Aircraft Guns, Aimed Forward, Duel on Iraq’s Northern Front 1 Juan Rico Nov 2016
Check Out North Korea’s Light Machine Gun (‘Light,’ my ass — the Type 73 is heavy and complicated) 8 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Army recon targets Apache helicopter cannon for Humvee replacemen 21 Juan Rico Sep 2016
1942 Disney Cartoon: Stop That Tank! (Boys Anti-Tank Rifle) 14 Juan Rico Jul 2016
The British Royal Navy Is Down to 17 Frigates and Destroyers 30 Juan Rico Jun 2016
Military’s handgun competition down to 3, report says 39 Juan Rico Jun 2016
Submarines: Context For The Russian Threat 4 Juan Rico May 2016
The U.S. Army Is About to Double Its Howitzer Range 11 Juan Rico Mar 2016
Warplanes: The B-21 Blues 8 Juan Rico Mar 2016
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